Berit Dağı Kamp Alanı

Berit Dağı Kamp Alanı



Ericek, Göksun/Kahramanmaraş


You can spend unforgettable times on Mount Berit, the second highest mountain of Kahramanmaraş. Berit Mountain, where you can meet with a clean atmosphere during the climb with an altitude of approximately 3014 meters, is located near the Göksun district of Kahramanmaraş. In addition, transportation is provided from the region to the city center at the end of a period of approximately 110 km. Berit Mountain, which consists of Paleozoic aged layers, also has the feature of being a part of the Taurus fold mountains. You can also see the ice troughs from the glacial period at the north-facing point of the mountain. You can reach Berit Mountain, where you will discover both historical and natural beauties, by private vehicles.

You can set up a tent camp for free on Mount Berit, which is a candidate to fascinate those who see it with its majesty. We can say that you will be fascinated by the magnificent views while you stay with your tent at the foot of Berit Mountain. Moreover, you can do snow climbing as long as you stay at the Berit Mountain Campground. When you reach the summit of the magnificent mountain, you will have the chance to see a fascinating beauty stretching all the way to Çukurova. Although the Berit Mountain Campground is mostly preferred for winter climbing, the majority of those who explore the region for picnics and excursions during summer and spring. While doing an unforgettable winter climbing in winter, you can find the opportunity to discover the natural beauties of Berit Mountain and its surroundings in summer.

The operation of Berit Mountain Campground is not provided by the private facility. For this reason, you can get the materials you need during camping and climbing on the way. Although there are facilities you can go to in Kınıkkoz Village, which is located near the mountain, it may not be enough for you. Therefore, you can get your needs on the way. Since you will spare time for strenuous sports such as climbing and mountaineering at the Berit Mountain Camping Area, you should definitely have a glass of water with you. In addition, if you are going to the foot of the mountain for winter climbing or winter camping, you should definitely take into account the cold weather.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Firewood available

Wooded Area