Aynstayn Chalet Dağ Evleri

Aynstayn Chalet Dağ Evleri


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Hacıosman, İznik/Bursa

Private enterprise


At Aynstayn Chalet Mountain Houses, you can take a step towards a holiday where you will integrate with the unique nature of Iznik district. In Aynstayn Chalet Mountain Houses, which offers accommodation in the middle of the fascinating breeze of the mountains, you can get rid of the wearing city life and enjoy an isolated holiday. The facility provides service in Bursa's Iznik district and Hacıosman region. In this way, when you set off from Bursa city center, you can arrive at the Aynstayn Chalet Mountain Houses facility in approximately 1 hour and 40 minutes with your private vehicle. From the moment you enter the borders of the facility, you can feel refreshed and free from the tiring city routines thanks to the fascinating atmosphere surrounded by the mountains.

At the Aynstayn Chalet Mountain Houses facility, bungalow houses were designed to provide the comfort of home for the guests. Inspired by the comfort of home, you can enjoy a long relaxing holiday in the private wooden and stone bungalow houses of the property. Standard Bungalow, Garden Suite Bungalow with Jacuzzi and Stone House concepts were designed for the guests to stay in the facility. In this way, you can start your stay by choosing the most suitable house concept for you. Many services, from kitchen to bathroom, are considered in the bungalow houses of the facility called Aynstayn Chalet Mountain Houses. You can stay with peace of mind without being exposed to question marks, especially in houses where hygiene criteria are kept at a high level. There is no restaurant service in Aynstayn Chalet Mountain Houses. Therefore, you can meet your daily eating and drinking needs in the kitchens with your own means.

The unique location of Aynstayn Chalet Mountain Houses, integrated with nature, promises convenient opportunities for various activities. Therefore, you can enjoy trekking in the charming atmosphere of the facility surrounded by mountains. You can also take nature photography to discover hidden heritages in a lush nature. Likewise, you can go on a bicycle tour to explore the Iznik region and find peace among the fascinating trees. Before you set off for Aynstayn Chalet Chalet, you can contact us for information about its comprehensive services and accommodation alternatives.


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Cell phone can pick up

Disabled friendly

In the mountains

Permanent camping

Private enterprise

Family campground

Winter camp possible


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TV hook-up

Water hook-up


Wooded Area

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Car park