Aygır Gölü Kamp Alanı

Aygır Gölü Kamp Alanı





One of the camping routes where you can be fascinated by the peace of nature is Aygır Lake. Aygır Lake, which is located very close to the Susuz district of Kars and Gölbaşı Village, is frequently visited by a minority every season of the year, although it is not known by many people. During the summer season, Aygır Lake Campground is used by visitors with sunset watching activities and camping activities. When winter comes, you can set up your tent in the middle of a white snow cover and watch the enchanting show of the majestic mountains. Private vehicles and public transportation can be preferred at the point of transportation to Aygır Lake Campground. You can come to the lake by a private vehicle from the Artvin highway. You can also come to the district center by using the vehicles going from Kars to the Susuz direction, and then take the Gölbaşı village minibuses to reach the Aygır Lake Camping Area.

Aygır Lake, which has become an indispensable camping and excursion route for a nature-loving minority, is located at a very high altitude. In addition, there are many large and small protruding regions around the lake. Therefore, while photographing against the landscapes you see, you can also make a winter camp by taking advantage of the high altitude as an opportunity. There are no other businesses in Aygır Lake Camping Area other than fishermen's shelters that sell ready-made fish from the lake. Therefore, in order not to be deprived of food during the camping period, you can do a detailed shopping at the grocery store in Gölbaşı Village. In addition, in order to set up a comfortable tent camp at the very high altitude of Aygır Lake Campground, you should come prepared for equipment such as tents, sleeping bags, fleece clothes, pocket stove and lighting.

In Aygır Lake, where you can feel an immaculate atmosphere, you can find times to satisfy your longing for a plateau and village. Moreover, you can also practice yoga and meditation on the slopes of the majestic mountains, taking advantage of the silence in the undiscovered nature of Aygır Lake. Although Aygır Lake is preferred in the summer season as well as in the winter, you should take into account that the lake surroundings will be quite cold in the summer season when the sun warms the cities quite a lot. For this reason, you should acquire equipment that will keep your body warm at night while doing summer camp as well as winter camp at Aygır Lake Campground.


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