Aşıklar Şelalesi (Nebiler) Kamp Alanı

Aşıklar Şelalesi (Nebiler) Kamp Alanı


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Nebiler, Nebiler Şelale Sk No:18, Dikili/İzmir

Private enterprise


You can go to Nebiler Campground to camp with the sound of a peaceful waterfall. Lovers Waterfall Campground, located in Nebiler Village of Dikili, is approximately 128 km away from Izmir city center. Lovers Waterfall, which has become a frequent destination for holidaymakers, is built on a lush green forest area. Therefore, when you come to the waterfall, you have the opportunity to witness the beautiful miracles of nature. Lovers Waterfall is especially preferred by picnickers and campers. If you are going to set up your tent, our advice to you is to choose a route away from picnickers. In this way, you can make a quiet and calm tent camp. Lovers Waterfall, located in Nebiler Village, is in a central location. In this way, you can use public transport or your private vehicle. To come to Lovers Waterfall via Dikili district center, you must first proceed in the northeast direction towards Martyr Sami Akbulut location. Then, take the roundabout to Atatürk Street and turn right in the direction of İzmir-Çanakkale Road. Then, after going towards Nebiler Village, you will see the Lovers Waterfall in a short time. To come to the region by public transport, you can choose the vehicles going from Dikili to Nebiler. There is also a zone at the entrance of the waterfall where you can leave your private car.

When entering the Lovers Waterfall, a fee is charged according to your entry purpose. As of July 2022, the entrance fee for picnickers has been updated to 20 TL and the tent setting fee to 50 TL. If you are going to set up a tent in the region, there is no entry fee request from you. After entering the Lovers Waterfall, you take long steps to reach the top of the Waterfall. However, we can say that the long road you will take will definitely be worth the view you will see. There are also routes such as Ece Waterfall, Sümeyra Waterfall and Crying Cave that you can explore after coming to Lovers Waterfall. As you continue your exploration by visiting these routes, you can save many precious memories. There is also a cave you can explore under the Lovers Waterfall. By carefully entering this cave, you can find the opportunity to observe many historical ruins. After exploring the Lovers Waterfall as you wish, you can find suitable areas where you can set up your tent at the foot of the water in the very near Nebiler region. There is also a pond near the area where you set up your tent, which you can enter before climbing the waterfall. Here you can enjoy the ice-clear water. Moreover, while camping in Lovers Waterfall, you can find services such as sink, table and chair, WC, restaurant and fire area. However, you should know that there is no electricity source in the area. Telephone signals at Lovers Waterfall will not cause any problems in reaching you.

At the Lovers Waterfall Campground, you can also light a fire for foods that will make the meal of the day valuable. However, it is useful to be careful when lighting a fire in the forest area. In this way, you can enjoy a picnic and barbecue while making a quiet tent camp. There are also many activities you can experience in the region, which is 10 km from the sea. First of all, you can take a trip and bike ride where you will discover a historical texture. We also recommend you to discover natural oxygen by trekking deep in the forest. We recommend you to carry a camera to immortalize the many memories you have saved when you come to Lovers Waterfall. However, you should come prepared knowing that there is no electricity supply in the area.


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