Akyaka İzci Kampı

Akyaka İzci Kampı



Kuyucak, Menteşe/Muğla


Akyaka Scout Camp is one of the places you should definitely stop by while passing through the borders of Akyaka. In Akyaka Scout Camp, located in the Menteşe region of Muğla, you will be able to stay alone with a magnificent nature where you will be refreshed with its atmosphere. You can also find a refreshing opportunity to escape the summer heat in a clear sea stretching to the shores. It is possible to set up tents and caravan camps for free in one part of the Akyaka Scout Camp. Therefore, by following the map location accurately, you can continue your camping holiday without paying any fees. Akyaka Scout Camp is located in the middle of Valentine Bay Beach and Fundabükü Beach. Therefore, you can reach the region by both private and public transportation vehicles. You can reach Akyaka Scout Camp in 45 minutes from Menteşe district center and in approximately 5 minutes from Akyaka by private car. You can also choose the bus services operating in Akyaka for transportation.

Akyaka Scout Camp, where you can collect peaceful camping memories accompanied by the sea and forest, is also located close to the city center. Therefore, as long as you have a private vehicle, you can reach the city center in a short time and meet your needs. If you do not have a private vehicle, you can also benefit from the kiosks and markets located a short distance away. The fact that Akyaka Scout Camp is a free camping area requires you to come prepared for your shower, WC and food and beverage needs. Due to the limited facilities such as showers and WCs in the region, you can apply for your professional camping experience or benefit from nearby businesses for a certain fee. As long as you can meet your needs, we can say that you can create peaceful camping memories that you will not forget for a long time at Akyaka Scout Camp.

You can swim and dive in Akyaka Scout Camp, which is equipped with the lush atmosphere of nature. You can also try angling, taking advantage of the region's natural fish diversity such as coral and purr. If you want to make your holiday memories intertwined with nature, you can do trekking where you will discover the depths of a lush forest. We also recommend a bike tour to explore the city. There are sea urchins in the sea of ​​Akyaka Scout Camp, which you can feel uncomfortable while swimming and diving. For this reason, you should definitely bring sea shoes with you when you come to the region. You should not forget that you should come prepared for your needs before you set off for Akyaka Scout Camp, where you can camp for free tents and caravans.


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Swimming (Sea)


Accessible by motorcycle

Accessible by public transport

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Dogs welcome

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent


Caravan park area


Wooded Area