Akçakale Köyü Kamp Alanı

Akçakale Köyü Kamp Alanı





One of the points where you can discover the ruins of a city while discovering a natural beauty is the Akçakale Village Campground. Akçakale Village Camping Area, located in the city of Ardahan, has a distance of approximately 62 km from the city center. Akçakale Village, located right next to Çıldır Lake, becomes a frequent destination for both travelers and campers with its green nature and untouched texture. Transportation to Akçakale Village Camping Area is provided only by private vehicles. Therefore, you can come to the region with your tent or you can choose your personal caravan for small getaways.

The cultural heritage of Akçakale Village, which has witnessed a history, and the beauties that have managed to preserve its naturalness, make many local and foreign visitors flock to it. Moreover, the beauty of the region covers not only the summer season, but also the winter season when the white snow starts to cover the mountains. There is a small islet that can be seen in the Akçakale Village Camping Area, which is approximately 20 km from Çıldır town center. Various festivals and festivals are held on this island every year. We can say that camping will be invaluable, accompanied by songs and conversations against the enchanting view of Lake Çıldır that invites seclusion. There is a facility that serves fresh fish within the borders of Akçakale Village. Therefore, the delicious food of the facility can be preferred for morning-lunch and evening meals. If you do not want to pay for meals such as accommodation, you can come prepared to the Akçakale Village Campground.

Akçakale Village Campground is a good host for activities as well as the natural beauties it offers to its guests. You can take a nature walk or do photography to witness the fascinating natural beauties of the region. Moreover, fishing is also done intensively in Akçakale Village. In addition to the summer and spring seasons, you can fish by breaking the ice spots of the lake in winter and include it in a delicious meal. If you are going to the Akçakale Village Camping Area during the winter season, we recommend that you prepare by taking into account the cold temperatures of the city of Ardahan.


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Accessible by motorcycle

Campfire permitted

Car permitted on pitch

Cell phone can pick up

Free camp

In the mountains

Permanent camping


Can pitch a tent

Winter camp possible


Caravan park area

Firewood available


Wooded Area