Winter camping guide

We have listed the necessary equipment for the winter camp, the activities you can do and the right routes for you in our guide.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-10-24
Winter camping guide

Every time spent in nature is an occasion for us to feel good. The atmosphere of nature equipped with a clean oxygen and fascinating viewpoints come together, allowing you to spend unforgettable times. Camping is one of the methods where you can enjoy the unique nature, where the human being has reached the mother earth. While camping on quiet and calm routes, where nature embraces the world, you can have the chance to isolate from worldly routines. Moreover, thanks to the experience you have gained during camping, you have the chance to stay anywhere in the country. Today, when "camping" is mentioned, the sun-sand-sea trio comes to life in almost every idea. However, the routine we call camping is not just a holiday expectation that covers the summer season. You have the opportunity to camp in every season and even every day of the year. You can have the seclusion times that you have needed for a long time, in the summer when the lush nature comes to life and you embrace a free sea, or you can choose the winter season when the white snow is a cover to the majestic mountains.

In a winter camp, you may encounter a natural wonder that exceeds your expectations. Every wind blowing from the snow-covered mountains will bring you a fresh atmosphere. In addition, you have the opportunity to try many different nature sports while camping in the winter, as in the summer season. Thanks to its hosting of nature sports, the winter camp manages to attract the attention of adventurous campers or those interested in mountaineering. If you have a dream of a white camp in your dream, you can choose winter camping. When winter comes, campers often ask, “What is a winter camp?”, “How to heat a tent in winter?” or “How to camp in the snow?” It seeks answers to fundamental questions such as In the winter camping guide we have prepared in order to eliminate the question marks about the winter camp; We have organized a content about the meaning of winter camping, how to do it, winter camping materials, important reasons for winter camping, activities you can do and comfortable camping routes for winter camping. If you want to go to the winter camp and are looking for answers to your questions, let's evaluate together.


What is Winter Camp?

Winter Camp

We can first turn the concept we call “winter camp” into a theme with a snow-white snow cover or a rainy weather silhouette. The aforementioned winter camp is called winter routines, where the weather is a little harsher than the summer season, and your choice of thick clothes and extensive equipment is now a necessity rather than a request. In short, we can say that the season you prefer for a camping experience you dream of is “winter”. Although winter camping may seem like a scary experience for campers with its harsh cold and extensive equipment, it has many lovers. In fact, there are also those who prefer the winter season instead of summer for the camping experience. In the winter camp, which we think will become a habit after an experience, you can have a night of conversation with your loved ones by lighting a careful campfire. You can also climb to the top of the mountains that fascinate at first sight with their majesty and have the opportunity to examine the white-clad landscape of the earth.


How to Make a Winter Camp?

Winter Camp 2

While making the winter camp, which adorns dreams with its charming atmosphere like a white dream, come true, you should first pay attention to your preparations before you set off. In a winter camp, the more complete your preparation and your backpack are, the more comfortable and peaceful you can spend a winter camp. Before you go to the winter camp, you should definitely decide on the route you will go. After determining a paid or free camping area for winter camping, you should note the deficiencies you may need on the route. For example, on a paid camping route, you may not have any difficulties in terms of food and beverage or market, but you may not find any paid facilities in the free camping areas. Therefore, you should determine and supply the equipment selection as a list according to the route you will go for the winter camp. After you complete your preparation and set off, you should drive the vehicle carefully in snowy areas. After arriving at the campsite, you should determine the point where you will stay with your tent or caravan. Finally, after installing the equipment you brought, you can go on an unforgettable winter camping experience.


What are Winter Camp Supplies?

Winter Camp Equipment

In a summer camp where you wait for the time to come throughout the year, your basic needs will usually be materials such as fly spray, a hat or a cooler. However, when it comes to winter camp, you should know that the most basic need is comprehensive equipment. If you are going to a camp when the winter season arrives, your primary goal will be to "stay warm". For this reason, before you go to the winter camp, you should definitely focus on materials that can keep you warm inside and outside the tent. Especially if you stay warm in the tent and have a quality sleep, you can start the next day so energetic and fit. In the winter camp, where the cooling equipment is replaced by the heating appliances, you may be exposed to heavy rain as well as snowfall. For this reason, you should choose the equipment that will keep you comfortable, taking into account all weather conditions of the winter season. As Campalow, we have previously discussed an article called "Necessary materials for winter camp" on the Blog, where you prepare a seasonal camping guide. We have done a detailed research for you on the winter camp equipment that we have discussed before, and you will need tents, sleeping bags, mats, pocket stoves, tent pads, high-calorie foods, lozenges and medicines, thermos, thermal clothing, We have listed equipment such as head lamp, backpack, raincoat, stove, powerbank, kitchen supplies and fire starter.




Today, in the minds of campers regarding winter camping, “How to heat a tent in winter?” or “How should a winter tent be?” such as question marks. At this point, we can say that the most important equipment you should pay attention to when setting out for a winter camp is choosing a tent. We mentioned earlier that the warmer you stay in a winter camp, the more comfort you can find. For this reason, if you choose a tent in which you will stay warm, you can have a comfortable sleep and meet every day energetically during the camp. Tent models developed by various brands are called two, three, four and five season tents according to their seasonal suitability. While you get high performance from tents for two seasons in the summer season, when it comes to autumn, tents for three or four seasons will meet your expectations to a large extent. However, when it comes to winter camping, we recommend you to choose a tent for five seasons in order to stay warm at all times in case of severe cold and sudden snowfall. In this way, thanks to the protection technology in the inner compartment of the tent, you can stay warm in the tent by being protected from the harsh cold.

The double awning feature used in various tent models helps to keep the inside of the tent warm through the isolation it provides with two awnings. Therefore, you can evaluate the double awning models against the possibility of sudden rain that you may encounter in the winter camp. You can find a way to stay warm even if you are in a high altitude region, when you pay attention to features such as the season and awning when choosing a tent when going to a winter camp. In addition, if you need an idea about staying warm in the tent, you can evaluate the article titled "Advice to keep warm in the camping tent".


Sleeping bag

Sleeping Bag

You definitely need a well-chosen sleeping bag in order to have a warm and therefore comfortable sleep time in the winter camp where you will have a dreamlike experience. Indispensable for every camp, sleeping bags not only keep the body comfortable, but also preserve the hot air produced by our bodies. In this way, we can experience an uninterrupted sleep. There are two types of sleeping bags, as goose down and fiber filled, according to the filling material during the production phase. Goose down overalls will keep your body much warmer and more comfortable than fiber models. However, if the high prices of goose down filled sleeping bag models are not suitable for you, you can get a reasonable temperature efficiency in fiber filled models. The other, especially rectangular and mummy-type models that distinguish sleeping bags from each other. Since mummy-type models can grasp body curves more clearly, they are more likely to maintain warmth. For this reason, you can choose the mummy type to stay warm while sleeping, especially on high-altitude winter routes. Finally, you must pay attention to the temperature value in the sleeping bag. When choosing the most suitable sleeping bag for your winter camp, you should definitely choose models that are resistant to negative degrees according to the region you will go to. At this point, you can evaluate our article named “Sleeping bag selection guide” for the most accurate sleeping bag selection. Likewise, if you need advice on staying warm in a sleeping bag, the guide "How to stay warm in a sleeping bag" will meet your expectations.




In the selection of equipment suitable for winter camping, you should definitely pay attention to the mat features after the sleeping bag and tent. Mats produced for camping form a protective barrier in front of the harsh cold rising from the ground and contacting the body. In this way, it helps you to stay warm and comfortable during sleep time. You can choose inflatable mats as there is no possibility of explosion in flatter areas where snow and ice levels are high and you will not have much contact with the ground. Likewise, sponge mats will also meet your needs to keep comfort and insulation at a high level. When choosing the most suitable mat model for your winter camp, you should definitely look at the insulation (R-Value) level of the product. Mats with an R value higher than 5 are used to minimize the effect of harsh cold on snow and icy surfaces. You can choose models with an R value less than 5 when winter camping at a more reasonable altitude without snow and icing.


Pocket Stove

Pocket Stove

Especially in the winter season, when cold weather prevails, we first start to feel cold from our hands and feet. Over time, the cold air that comes into contact with our body by groping spreads throughout the body and causes our movements to be restricted. For this reason, you can protect yourself against cold by including the pocket stove in the bag you prepared for the winter camp. When you crack the metal apparatus in the pocket stove, which is produced in a gel form, and solidify it, you can see that it stays hot for about 40-45 minutes. The activated pocket stove will start to warm your whole body over time, starting from your hand area. Therefore, by taking a pocket stove with you, you can relax your joint movements and spend an energetic winter camp. To restore the pocket stove and leave it reusable, you can boil it in water.


Tent Base

Tent Base

One of the biggest mistakes campers make when going to a camp is to give importance only to choosing a tent. At this point, in order to minimize the error, it is necessary to pay attention to the selection of equipment that allows the tent to fully fulfill its task, as well as the selection of the tent. When you set up the tent in direct contact with the ground, the hard cold is transferred directly to the tent floor. For this reason, there is a high probability of being exposed to cold air in the tent and getting cold. In addition, we can say that the tent, which is in full contact with the ground, is faced with the possibility of rupture with harmful objects such as pebbles and stones. Therefore, you can be protected from the cold, where the snow-covered ground is the beach, thanks to the tent mat that acts as a barrier between your tent and the ground. In addition, when you buy the tent mat in exactly the same dimensions as the tent, you will eliminate the possibility of melting snow waters.


High-calorie foods


We can say that the body needs more energy in a winter camp where you will be constantly on the move in order not to get cold. For this reason, you may need high-calorie foods that will keep the body's energy high during the winter camp. Snack foods such as almonds and chocolate help to increase blood sugar while calming your hunger thanks to their high calorie content. In this way, the possibility of getting cold will be easily eliminated. In addition, if you are taking a comprehensive kitchen equipment for camping, we recommend that you carry foods such as eggs, bread or potatoes that will help you stay full for a long time. For high-calorie food preferences that will keep you full and therefore warm during the winter camp, “What to eat in the camp? You can evaluate our article titled “Foods to be taken to the camp”.


Lozenges and Medicines


Regardless of the route we go to the winter camp, we may be exposed to minor colds due to the weather change. Especially when our body is cold, we can be exposed to various injuries and sensitivities. Therefore, the resistance of our body decreases and a direct invitation to the disease occurs. For this reason, you should first have a thermal blanket as a basic way to protect yourself from the cold weather. The thermal blanket maintains the body's normal temperature, protecting us against the possibility of hypothermia. Even when you take a thermal blanket with you, you should consume a flu medicine or lozenge before the disease progresses too much when you feel malaise or fatigue due to the weather change. In this way, you can protect yourself against various inconveniences during camping. Finally, you can apply immediate first aid in case of minor scratches or injuries by carrying products such as bandages, creams or lotions that we mentioned in our article "First aid supplies".




Who wouldn't want to sip a hot tea or coffee accompanied by a unique view when the weather is down to minus degrees in a winter camp? Our focus on cooling in summer camp is usually based on warming when it comes to winter camp. For this reason, you should definitely add a thermos to the equipment list while preparing for the winter camp. The thermos helps you to take a warm sip whenever you want by keeping your drink hot for a very long time, depending on the model options. In this way, you can have a drink that will warm you up even in harsh cold. For this, you can take a look at the advanced thermos models made of steel and insulated for 24 hours.


Thermal Clothing

Thermal Clothing

When the word “winter camp” is mentioned, an image of clothes like a cabbage, often worn on top of each other, may come to mind. However, the method you need to apply in the winter camp to protect yourself from the harsh cold is a little different. In a camping experience in winter, instead of dressing in layers, you can dress in a quality and conscious way. For this, first of all, you should stay away from clothes made of cotton fabric, which has a lot of water retention. Instead, you can choose synthetic fabrics that contain a fabric called polyamide, which undertakes the task of keeping warm and insulating. In the same way, you can choose clothes such as thermal jackets and thermal socks that are produced with a high technology and keep a large proportion of body temperature inside, in case you may be exposed to harsh cold in high altitude regions.


Head Lamp

Head Lamp

If you are doing the winter camp in a free and untouched natural area, you should be ready for seclusion, especially at night. In addition, you are more likely to encounter wildlife on routes such as untouched mountains, forests or plateaus. In winter camping, you can get a head lamp to illuminate the inside of the tent without being exposed to darkness at night and to take precautions against all kinds of negativities. You can also provide a light with a phone light or a searchlight. But you need one hand to use these items. Therefore, when you put the head lamp on your head, you can comfortably use both hands to provide light comfortably.




Winter camp requires more equipment preparation than summer camp due to its features and requirements. For this reason, you may need a comprehensive backpack to fully take your equipment at the winter camp preparation point. When choosing a suitable backpack for your winter camp, you should definitely evaluate its suitability for body structure and seasonal characteristics. Also, considering the abundance of winter camping equipment, you can take a look at models with more pockets. Earlier, we talked about a topic called “Tips about the camping bag”. By browsing the content in question, you can learn about choosing the right backpack, and you can also look at backpack placement methods to store excess items in a reasonable environment.




In a camping event that you go out in winter, you can come across a rainy process as well as cold weather and snowfall. Although watching the raindrops evokes a romantic situation at first, the raindrops that come into contact with the clothes do not dry out quickly in the first place and cause us to stay wet. So in the long run we can catch a cold and get sick. That's why you can get a raincoat to protect yourself from wetness caused by raindrops or snowfall. You can also take a look at our article titled “Golden Tips for Camping in the Rain” in order not to compromise on your camping comfort in rainy times.




In the winter camp, where you have to make an extra effort to keep your body warm, first of all, you should not be hungry in order not to feel cold. The hungry body loses its energy in a short time and starts to feel cold. Therefore, in order to suppress your hunger in a short time in the winter camp, you can get a camping stove where you can prepare delicious meals. You can get the most efficiency from liquid fuel stoves in stove models that are separated from each other according to their models as LPG cylinder, gasoline and spirit. LPG gas stove models may be exposed to the possibility of freezing and not working due to harsh cold, especially at high altitudes. For this reason, you can choose gasoline, that is, liquid fuel stoves, to prepare trouble-free meals in a short time in the winter camp.


Power bank

Power bank

If you prefer free secluded routes such as mountaineering, forestry or plateau, where you will stay away from the eyes during the camping holiday of your dreams, you must ensure security. For this, you definitely need a charge at the points where the phone draws. As long as your phone charge is high, you can get rid of negativities by notifying your loved ones in sudden situations. However, it will be difficult to find an electricity source, namely a charging point, at these points where you can be alone with nature. For this reason, you can always keep the phone charge high by having a powerbank with you.


Fire Starter

Fire Starter

Who wouldn't want a campfire that offers a visual feast where you can feel warm in a white dream? In winter camp, you may need products such as lighters or matches to light a campfire on which you can cook while keeping you warm. However, these products may cause the fire to spread to nature on days when wind and rain are heavy. To avoid such problems, you can do your fire start routines with a magnesium bar. You can also get inspired by our article titled “Things to be careful about when lighting a campfire” to light your fire smoothly and easily in the winter camp.


Kitchen stuff

Kitchen Stuff

In the winter camp, which is almost like a dream among the snow, you should take care not to starve to keep your body temperature high. Of course, while there is a fascinating winter view, you want to consume the steaming food in a delicious way. At this point, you can take kitchen supplies such as pots, pans, spices and food to the winter camp to prepare delicious meals. If you need an idea about kitchen equipment in a winter camp you go with your private vehicle, you can take a look at the content named "Kitchen materials needed for camping".


Important Reasons to Make a Winter Camp

Winter Camp - 4

You can collect precious memories in a camping experience that you will enjoy in every season. However, the memories you will save, especially when you go to a winter camp, go far beyond a sight or an experience. You can feel very special and energetic by trying various nature sports while meeting a completely different face of nature at the winter camp. In addition, at every point you turn your face, you can see yourself in a dream with a white snow cover clung to the skirts of nature. You will be able to make a much more productive winter camp than you think if you combine many different reasons and set out.

  • Energetic Activities: A sweltering hot atmosphere may be the point where you suffer the most while doing fun activities at the summer camp. Due to the hot air combined with the high humidity of the air, you may feel that the body is dehydrated in a short time and consumes energy instantly. At this point, one of the seasons that allows you to get rid of the hot atmosphere and do sports with plenty of oxygen is the winter camp. Thanks to the high oxygen level of the air in winter, you can feel more energetic and vigorous while walking, jogging or climbing.
  • Reasonable Prices: When the summer comes, the prices of the routes where you can camp with tents and caravans, especially the holiday villages, increase. Likewise, when the autumn and winter seasons come, the low season period begins for many campgrounds or holiday centers. In this way, you can benefit from more reasonable and budget-friendly prices while using paid facilities for a winter camp.
  • Immaculate Atmosphere: When winter comes and a white blanket covers the top of the mountains, an oxygen-rich atmosphere surrounds the environment with every wind blowing. Therefore, when you choose the winter season while camping, you can find the opportunity to breathe in plenty of oxygen. We can say that the winter camp atmosphere will be very healing especially for people who live in big cities and have to breathe the city's additive air all the time.
  • Cool Weather: You can witness a very high temperature and humidity while camping, especially in the Mediterranean and its surroundings during the summer season. However, if you choose winter as a season instead of summer, you can stay away from the high temperature and sweltering humidity of the air. In this way, you can breathe comfortably as well as have a comfortable sleep in the tent.
  • Fascinating Landscape: When winter comes, the majestic mountain tops are adorned with the silhouette of a white hat. Likewise, when light snowfall accompanies the air, it brings a fascinating nature view. You can spend time in the winter camp where you will witness the precious winter landscapes of nature. For this reason, you can photograph the landscape to immortalize every beauty you see and look at it later.
  • Uninterrupted Night's Sleep: If you are camping in the summer season when humidity and heat prevail in the air, it will be your chance to find a shaded area. When you can't find a shaded spot, your tent will absorb all the heat with the first light of the morning and expose you to a very warm atmosphere. After this situation, you can wake up by sweating very early in the morning in your summer camp. You can have a more uninterrupted night's sleep as there is no sweltering heat in the winter camp. Of course, you should choose the right sleeping bag and tent in order to have a comfortable sleep in the winter camp by being protected from the cold of the night. You can take a look at our article titled "Miraculous benefits of sleeping in nature" to have information about an atmosphere that will be good for your health as well as a quality sleep in winter.
  • Fly-Free Evenings: When the winter season comes, you can spend a very comfortable time in the winter camp thanks to the insects and flies that start to flock to the warmer regions. However, this does not mean that you will not be exposed to any flies and insects during winter camp. We recommend that you bring a spray or lotion with you in case you may encounter occasional flies and insect bites. To learn about this, you can take advantage of our guide named “Advice to avoid mosquitoes in the camp”.
  • Different Soil Exploration in the Country: There are uncharted virgin lands where you can camp for the winter on a convenient line stretching from the west to the east of Turkey. You can make a pleasant camping trip in these lands with the view of the mountains covered with a white snow cover. If you have a private vehicle, we recommend you to explore many different routes for your winter camp instead of just one point.


What to do in Winter Camp?

Winter Camp Activities

In the winter camp, where you can reach the purity of the white color because of the brown and golden yellow of the autumn, you can find the opportunity to explore enjoyable activities. Moreover, you can reach a high energy level because you are not exposed to the heat while doing activities such as trekking, climbing, yoga and meditation, skiing, paragliding or photography. This will enable you to get a high efficiency from the winter camp and will greatly support your body condition.

  • Trekking: The high oxygen level and clean atmosphere of the winter season will provide a golden environment for you to hike. However, at this point, you should remove the possibility of cold by wearing protective clothing against the possibility of cold. Especially if you are doing the winter camp on a secluded route with paths, you can have trekking memories where you will discover a unique view at every point you turn your face. While trekking, you should definitely have a water source with you and try not to dehydrate your body.
  • Climbing: Mountain climbing is one of the activities that you will look forward to with a sigh while being fascinated by the magnificent view of the mountains. While keeping your body condition high in mountain climbing, where the winter camp offers all kinds of possibilities, you can have high-action memories that will be a medicine for your adventurous spirit. However, at this point, you should consider the height of the mountain, supply your climbing equipment and be very careful during the climb.
  • Yoga and Meditation: Who doesn't need a peaceful meditation against a snowy or rainy nature landscape? You will feel very vigorous and energetic by getting rid of all your negative emotions, especially while doing yoga in a peaceful area blended with the silence of nature. While doing winter camping, you can bring your yoga mat with you, lay it out in front of a view and start a meditation process that will relax your soul.
  • Skiing: There are ski resorts near many paid and free camping routes where you can do winter camping. By acquiring the necessary equipment and clothes at these ski resorts, you can enjoy skiing, which is a must for winter camping. If you do not have any previous experience in skiing, we recommend that you ski with the help of a supervisor and be very careful.
  • Paragliding: Paragliding is one of the activities you can do to discover a fascinating winter landscape. You can find the opportunity to discover a fascinating nature lost under the white texture of snow during a parachute experience by jumping off the slopes. We can say that in addition to the beauties you see during paragliding, the atmosphere you will feel at a considerable height will be unforgettable for you.
  • Photography: Camping experiences invite photography for a nature with a postcard at every point. Moreover, while photographing at the winter camp, you can find the opportunity to record natural beauties covered with a white snow cover, soft snowfall, rainy hills, foggy mountains, a lush nature and different species of creatures.


Where is Winter Camp held?

There are many routes where you can make a winter camp in Turkey's magnificent nature stretching from the left to the right. You can find the chance to get away from the city life and relax in a peaceful nature on different camping routes, which are separated from each other as paid and free. At the same time, you have the chance to feel good by trying various winter sports. As Campalow, “Where is the winter holiday?” We have prepared a list of answers for those who search for the question and seek winter camp sites. You can get detailed information by going to the most suitable winter camping sites page in our detailed guide. For a more regional and broad assessment instead of a facility or route, you can take a look at the guide named “Spot recommendations for winter camp lovers” that we have listed before.


Geyikbayırı Camp

Geyikbayiri Camp

Located in Antalya's Konyaaltı district, Geyikbayırı Camp is preferred by campers who are fond of rock climbing every season of the year. You can reach Antalya city center within 25 km from Geyikbayırı Camp, which provides uninterrupted service in both summer and winter seasons. Working for a comfortable camping experience with advanced service facilities, Geyikbayırı Camp offers bungalow, caravan and tent rental opportunities. It is also possible for campers to come to the resort with their personal tents and caravans. When you choose Geyikbayırı Camp, the pearl of Antalya, for winter camping, you can spare time for enjoyable activities such as rock climbing and trekking. You can also accumulate unforgettable memories by skiing in Saklıkent Ski Center and trekking on the Lycian Way.

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Erzurum Yedigoller Campground

Erzurum Yedigoller Campground

You can go to Erzurum Yedigöller Camping Area to make a comfortable winter camp in a nature integrated with the Black Sea climate. You can spare time for activities such as climbing, angling and trekking in Yedigöller, which is approximately 200 km from Erzurum city center. You can come to Erzurum Yedigöller Campground by private car, where you can experience a free winter camp. You can come to Yedigöller, located in İspir district, by private car up to a point and continue on foot. You will be able to witness a postcard-like scenery in Erzurum Yedigöller, where you can feel the unique texture of nature in the winter season.

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Candas Camp

Candas Camp

You can spend time in Candaş Camp facility where you can get rid of stress and find peace in every season of the year. Located at the entrance of Kırklareli Longoz Forests, Candaş Camp has a distance of approximately 200 km from the city center of Istanbul. Therefore, when you are overwhelmed by the city life and want to go to the lap of nature, you can choose Candaş Camp for winter camping. There are platforms for pitching tents, a caravan parking area and oba tents in the facility, which fascinates those who see it with a white cover of lush trees. Therefore, you can meet with comfortable accommodation options that appeal to all tastes in the facility. It is possible to reach Candaş Camp, where you can discover the purity of white in nature during the snow season, by private vehicle and public transportation. Moreover, when you come to the facility by public transport, they can pick you up from the nearest stop with their personal vehicles.

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Wind Mountain Camping

Wing Mountain Camping

You can collect comfortable and peaceful camping memories at the famous Wind Mountain Camping located in Kemaliye Village of Pamukova district of Sakarya. In Wind Mountain Camping, where you can find peace in nature with the snowfall, you can get away from the tiring noise and routines and retreat to seclusion. There are facilities such as bungalows, stone houses, log houses and tents where you can stay at Wind Mountain Camping, which continues to serve throughout the winter season. In this way, you can both make an accommodation that will be a medicine for your camping feelings and feel the comfort of your home on your holiday. You must make a reservation before coming to the Wind Mountain Camping, where transportation is provided by private vehicles and public transportation. In addition, if you are going to use public transport on the way to the facility, you can come to Pamukova and go the rest of the way by taxi or village service.

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Mercan Creek Campground

Mercan Creek Campground

Mercan Creek Campground, where you can explore the fascinating texture of nature, is located in Ovacık district of Tunceli. You can make tent camping at Mercan Creek, which welcomes campers every season of the year with its glacial lakes, trees and paths suitable for hiking, without paying any fee. Mercan Deresi Camping Area, where transportation is provided by both private vehicles and public transportation, has convenient flats with a unique view where you can pitch a tent. You also have the chance to do activities such as climbing, trekking, sightseeing and yoga while camping in Mercan Creek. We can say that you will spend an unforgettable winter camp with the beautiful view and clean atmosphere of Mercan Deresi Campground.

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Işık Mountain Campground

Işık Mountain Campground

Işık Mountain, located in Ankara's Kızılcahamam district, has a suitable atmosphere for a fascinating winter camp where you will discover nature. You can go on an unforgettable camping experience where you will discover nature without going too far from the city center on Mount Işık, which has a height of 2034 meters. Access to Mount Işık, where you will be fascinated by its winter scenery, is provided by both private vehicles and public transportation. However, when you come either way, you have to get off at the Işık Mountain turn and walk towards the south for about an hour. After you arrive on Mount Işık, where you can set up a free tent camp and climb, you will realize that it is worth the long journey you have walked, and you will be able to make an unforgettable winter camp.

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Kulindağ Mountain House

Kulindağ Mountain House

You can go to Kulindağ Mountain House for unforgettable times where you can be alone with nature in the heart of Istanbul. Providing service in Beykoz district of Istanbul, Kulindağ Mountain House has 7 specially designed chalet concepts. Therefore, while staying at the chalet, you can feel at home thanks to the first-class service. You can reach Kulindağ Mountain House, which is accessible by private vehicle and public transportation, in approximately 40-50 minutes from the European Side of Istanbul. In Kulindağ Mountain House, which has a restaurant where you can taste different flavors of Turkish and world cuisine, you will be able to encounter a unique winter view at every point you look at.

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Kazdagi Camp

Kazdagi Camp

When we say an immaculate atmosphere and a fascinating winter camp, one of the first points that come to mind is Kazdağları. Kazdağı Camp, located within the borders of Edremit in Balıkesir, is a comfortable facility established by the Zeytinli Stream. Therefore, while making a winter camp where you will discover nature, it helps you feel good with the magnificent oxygen coming from the mountains. There are tent and caravan areas in Kazdağı Kamp, the pearl of Balıkesir, where you can go on a jeep safari tour and explore the ancient ruins. In addition, the facility offers tents, caravans and bungalow rentals for guests who do not have their own equipment or cannot carry it on the road. In this way, you can make a comfortable winter camp away from the noise in Kazdağı Camp.

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Maşuk Camping Çeşmeköy

Maşuk Camping Çeşmeköy

At Maşuk Camping Çeşmeköy, you will be able to have a peaceful camping holiday where you will discover nature without leaving the city. Providing uninterrupted service in every season of the year regardless of the season, Maşuk Camping Çeşmeköy is located in the Çekmeköy district of Istanbul. You can stay with your personal tent and caravan at Maşuk Camping Çeşmeköy, which offers various accommodation opportunities such as daily, monthly and yearly. The facility, where transportation is provided by both private vehicles and public transportation, has a large land of approximately 10 decares. In this way, you can make a winter camp where you can be alone with nature without sacrificing comfort. While spending time alone with nature in Maşuk Camping Çeşmeköy, which has a common green area of ​​1,500 square meters, you also have the opportunity to go on a city tour in a short time.

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Bozdag Campground

Bozdag Campground

Bozdağ Camping Area is one of the indispensable routes for winter camping in Ödemiş, İzmir. You can spend time in the ski resort while camping in Bozdağ Camping Area, which is built on a very large forest area. You will also have the opportunity to discover the natural beauties from the ancient period while camping in the tent in Bozdağ Camping Area, which is known as the 3rd highest point of the Aegean Region. Bozdağ, whose highest point is 2159 meters, can be reached by private vehicle. Moreover, after coming to the free camping area, you can find comfortable time and convenient routes where you can trekking, climbing, skiing, sightseeing and meditation.

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Hasan Mountain Campground

Hasan Mountain Campground

Hasan Mountain is one of the fascinating routes where you can make a winter camp with a mystical atmosphere above the clouds. You can find the opportunity to discover the nature, which is colored by a dreamy snowfall, at the Hasan Mountain Campground, which is a volcanic mountain with a peak of 3268 meters in Dikmen, Aksaray. Transportation to Hasan Mountain, where you can camp against Aksaray Plain and even Cappadocia, is provided by private vehicles and county minibuses. This allows campers to explore the region, especially in the autumn and winter seasons. You can spare time for activities such as trekking, excursions, climbing, paragliding and meditation to spend a pleasant and refreshing time in the Hasan Mountain Campground, where you can encounter all colors of nature. You can also come to Hasan Mountain by caravan.

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Davraz Mountain Campground

Davraz Mountain Campground

On Davraz Mountain in Isparta, you can sign a fascinating winter camp where you will encounter a white dream. Davraz Mountain Camping Area, where you can set up a tent on a plain at an altitude of 1944 meters and explore the unique landscape, is located 26-30 km southeast of Isparta city center. Therefore, transportation to the region is provided by private vehicles to a certain extent and by walking the rest of the way. At the point where you do not want to walk, you can take the chairlift to see the view. While staying at Davraz Mountain Camping Area, where you can also spend time in Davraz Ski Center, we strongly recommend you to spare time for activities such as trekking, climbing, skiing, yoga and sightseeing. You will be able to make a peaceful winter camp full of activities in the region where you can camp for free.

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Nehir Evi Accommodation & Camping

Nehir Evi Accommodation & Camping

You can collect unforgettable winter camping memories at the Nehir Evi Accommodation & Camping facility in Düzce, where you can find traces of the Black Sea climate. There are 15 river houses and tents for 7-8 thousand people at the Nehir Evi Accommodation & Camping facility, which provides service in the center of Düzce. Therefore, you have the opportunity to stay in tents, caravans and river houses. You can also do many activities such as rafting, zipline, trekking, horseback riding, yoga and photography at Nehir Evi Accommodation & Camping, where transportation is provided by private vehicles and public transportation. You will be able to spend an unforgettable winter camp with adventurous activities while feeling at home comfort at Nehir Evi Accommodation & Camping.

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Erciyes Mountain Campground

Erciyes Mountain Campground

When it comes to winter camping, one of the indispensable routes is Mount Erciyes. Erciyes Mountain, located approximately 25 km southwest of the center of Kayseri, has a height of 3917 meters. In order to climb to the summit of the famous Erciyes Mountain, the pearl of Kayseri, you need to hike for about 4-5 hours. If it is difficult to walk along the road, you can take the chairlift (Zümrüt) at the last point and walk the remaining one hour road on foot. You can do activities such as hiking, mountaineering and camping at the Erciyes Mountain Camping Area, where you can find various free and paid camping areas. You can also have a pleasant time at the ski resort. You will be able to make a winter camp worth waiting for at the Erciyes Mountain Camping Area, also known as the "Çobanini Camping Area".

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Sapanca Dome

Sapanca Dome

Sapanca Dome is one of the choices of those who want to make their winter camp on a comfortable and luxurious route. Sapanca Dome, which has managed to appeal to everyone with its different themes and interesting concepts, is located within the borders of Sapanca district of Sakarya. Sapanca Dome facility, where you can witness the harmony of fascinating colors with 9 different room concepts, is provided by both private vehicles and shuttle vehicles departing from the city. In this way, you do not lose the first-class home comfort you find during your stay in transportation. At the Sapanca Dome facility, which welcomes its guests every season of the year, you can make a winter camp where you will be enchanted by waking up to a white view as soon as you look out of the window.

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Karaaslan Camping

Karaaslan Camping

Another fascinating route where you can spend time with activities during the winter camp is Karaaslan Camping. You can find various room concepts such as Tiny House, Log House, Duplex Room, Detached or House with Jacuzzi, Bungalow in Karaaslan Kamping, which provides service in the Başiskele district of Kocaeli. You can reach Karaaslan Camping, which also offers accommodation with tents and caravans, by private vehicle and motorbike. In Karaaslan Camping, where you can perform activities such as Safari, Trekking, Zipline and Paintball, you can also have a delicious meal with special mixed breakfast varieties. You can also make a winter camp where you can feel good and special at Karaaslan Camping, where you can meet every day in a peaceful way with the murmur of the stream and the smell of trees.

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Ormanya Camp

Ormanya Camp

You can make an unforgettable camp where you will discover the catapult beauty of a white nature at Ormanya Camping facility located in Ormanya Natural Life Park. Ormanya Camp, where you can rest your soul with the white snow atmosphere and the sound of rain, is located in the Kartepe district of Kocaeli. In Ormanya Kamp, where there is an area of ​​50 tents and 25 caravans, it is also possible to stay with your tent and caravan in special areas reserved for campers. There are also interesting activity concepts such as a children's zoo and a wildlife area at Ormanya Kamp. In addition, there are suitable areas for horse riding, trekking and sportive angling activities. Thus, you will have the chance to try activities with a high dose of adrenaline while discovering the beauties of nature during the winter season.

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We have come to the end of the winter camping equipment, activity opportunities, reasons for preference and route guide that we have prepared as Campalow. If you have turned your route to winter camping areas where the white snow and the sound of rain create a dreamland atmosphere, you can take a look at other regions in the "Winter camping" guide. At the same time, regardless of the season, you can find many content that you can consider as a guide in the Campalow Blog, where we provide comprehensive information about equipment, routes and camping. You can also take a look at our article titled “7 golden suggestions for winter campers” to take into consideration the golden suggestions in our content about winter camp. We wish you a good time in advance for your winter camp experience, where you will wake up to a pure white dream every morning. Finally, we recommend that you be well-equipped in all aspects by making a comprehensive preparation for winter camping equipment when going to high altitude and mountainous regions.

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