7 golden suggestions for winter campers

For you today; We have listed the suggestions you should pay attention to for a comfortable and peaceful winter camp in our article.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-01-21
7 golden suggestions for winter campers

Free-spirited vacationers will definitely end up in a winter camp one day. When you think of winter camp, a forest covered with white snow comes to life in your eyes, but sometimes a place that gets its share of wind and rain welcomes us. Regardless of its location and type, the winter camp opens a miraculous door for you to feel calm and peaceful in the middle of the year. Moreover, it continues to increase the dose of entertainment in the evenings accompanied by the campfire. It is not enough just to prepare the equipment and set out to go to a winter camp as beautiful as dreams. At this point, there are many factors to consider when stepping into a winter camp. For you today; We have listed the suggestions you should pay attention to for a comfortable and peaceful winter camp in our article. If your pen, paper and bag are ready, let's get started.


1-Protect Your Battery and Batteries

While camping in a peaceful winter on a deserted mountain, you may want to be out of your mind. However, you must have a phone charger in case of sudden situations. In extra cold and snowy weather, the charge and battery of the phones may run out in a short time. Moreover, the phone, whose battery is low, may start to turn off even at a level of 40 percent. You can keep the devices inside the sleeping bag to protect the phone charge and battery in the freezing cold of winter camp. The sleeping bag with a high heat level prevents the device from losing its charge by combining with the cold. Thus, it ensures that you are reachable at the winter camp.

Protect Your Battery and Batteries

2-Keep Clothing and Equipment Dry

Trying to stay dry can be difficult when the temperature in the area drops to minus degrees. Moreover, as long as your wet clothes stay on, you can easily catch flu infections. In order to avoid the wetness problem in question, you can spend the heavy rainy hours inside the tent or in a closed area. If you are going to camp in high areas, you can first set up the tent in the area you go to. In this way, you can take shelter inside the tent while escaping a sudden pouring rain.

Keep Clothing and Equipment Dry

3-Spare Mat Saves Lives

For the camping adventure where the excitement is at its peak, a mat is often included in the equipment list. The mat in question prevents the coldness of the floor from reaching the body while spending the night in the sleeping bag. Although a single mat is usually sufficient for insulation, you may need two mats in winter cold. A spare mat for this will be a life saver. You can use your spare mat by laying it on the regular mat. You can also choose one mat as military and the other as inflatable. Thus, by laying the military mat on the bottom and the inflatable mat on the top, you can break the ground coldness to a large extent.

Spare Mat Saves Lives

4-Simplify Challenging Fire Adventure

Making a campfire in snowy areas can be a lot more difficult than you think. At this point, you can have the necessary materials with you to kindle a winter camp fire. For this, materials such as paper, gasoline or a lighter will work. In addition, you must bring wood with you to make a fire when going to the winter camp. The woods in the environment have a high level of wetness due to the snow. Therefore, it may cause difficulties for you. At the same time, you may find it difficult to find wood shops in mountainous regions. After preparing the fire equipment, you can clean the area you will burn and dig the area a little. Thus, the possibility of extinguishing the fire by melting snow disappears.

Simplify Challenging Fire Adventure

5-Beware of Avalanche Hazard

In winter camp, you need to consider vital conditions before equipment. Snow accumulated at high altitudes can accumulate over time and create an avalanche hazard. Although you hide in tents or closed areas in the area where you are camping, you can be under an avalanche in a short time. For this, you need to choose your camp site away from areas that are prone to avalanche danger. At the same time, you can prefer areas that you have researched and trusted before instead of desolate and uncanny areas.

Beware of Avalanche Hazard

6-Don't Starve Your Body

The human body, which does not meet the daily required nutritional values, becomes prone to cold. For this reason, you should not forget that you will get colder while starving in the extra cold of the winter camp. For this, be careful not to skip any meal. At the same time, you can bring energizing foods such as chocolate, biscuits and nuts to suppress your hunger. You may also want to have fruits and vegetables that will provide you with a healthy diet at a winter camp. However, in the extra cold, fruits and vegetables may become icy and inedible. At this point, you can satisfy your hunger need with hot meals or energy-giving foods.

Don't Starve Your Body

7-Make sure to state your location

Although you want to stay away and calm in the winter camp, you should pay attention to the safety criteria. At this point, you can send your location to a friend in order to prevent various negativities and to make a safer camp. Even if you are planning to camp in a forested area, do not neglect the location notification in an area close to the network. Thus, you can step into a comfortable and safe winter camp where you leave the question marks behind.

Make sure to state your location

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