A white experience: How to camp in the snow?

For you today; We searched for the tricks of camping in the snow that you will be fascinated by in a white dream.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-01-31
A white experience: How to camp in the snow?

What could be better than taking a hot coffee and going to the book when we see the white snowflakes flowing through the window? If snowfall arouses romantic and exciting feelings in you, you are one of us. Especially when the snowfall resembling a white cotton starts, the excitement of the campers does not stop. Although camping creates an invaluable excitement in every season, words are not enough to describe the pleasure it gives, especially in winter. Moreover, if you have camping experience; You will not forget the pleasure of a little getaway in heavy snowfall for a long time. For you today; We researched the tricks of camping in the snow. Let's take a look at this exciting experience together.


How to Camp in the Snow?

Choosing the Right Tent

In order to create an unforgettable snow camp, you must first choose the right tent. For this, you can choose 4-season tents that are resistant to both wind and snowfall. The 4-season tents, which are produced in accordance with the winter and autumn seasons, have strong poles. In this way, it becomes possible for the tent to carry more snow loads. There are many criteria that you should pay attention to when choosing a tent where you will spend most of your time in the winter camp. The life-saving tent selection criteria are listed as follows:

  • You may need more items than a summer experience at a snow-covered winter camp. Moreover, you can store most of the camping equipment in a tent to protect it. For this, the tent you bought; It should have a large enough interior volume to provide both a comfortable stay and storage of belongings.
  • The fabric used must have a waterproof feature so that snow and rain particles do not enter the tent in the winter camp.
  • A tent you will buy must have roof lines at the top. Otherwise, snow accumulates on the tent and after a while it starts to penetrate inside as droplets.
Choosing the Right Tent

Location Selection

The excitement that a fascinating snowfall leaves in our souls can become tangible. You won't know the surprises that lie beneath as the dense snow-covered regions begin to melt. For this, you can have information about the flatness of the ground before setting up the tent in the snowy region. At the same time, the criteria you should pay attention to when choosing a place for a camp with heavy snowfall are as follows:

  • Set up tents as far away from avalanche hazards as possible.
  • Stay away from dead tree branches that hang from the trees and may fall over the tent.
  • Lake and river shores generally have cold weather. Therefore, when setting up your tent, avoid lakes and rivers as much as possible.
  • Stay away from open areas or hillside areas where the wind can shake the tent and knock it over.
  • Try to set up your tent in the southern regions where the sun is intense.
Location Selection

Setting up a Tent

Although camping in the snow region is enjoyable, it may require attention due to changing conditions. Before setting up a tent in an area with heavy snowfall, you should choose a flat and uneven ground. Then you should set up your tent to form a 90-degree angle against the wind. Thus, you can eliminate the damage of destructive and intense winds to your tent. After setting up the tent, you can reach a very solid accommodation opportunity by piling snow on the sides.

Setting up a Tent

Staying Warm

Keeping your body warm is one of the most difficult subjects in a dream camp. You can consider various tricks to keep your body warm in a weather where the temperature drops below zero. To keep your body warm and prevent cold;

  • Make sure you are full when you go into the tent at night. Thus, you can make the body warmer.
  • Remove items such as wristbands and socks that prevent blood circulation by squeezing your body.
  • Before entering the tent, do physical movements that help the body release energy. So you can warm up in a short time.
  • Take care not to hold your toilet during the day. When you have a toilet, your body will make an effort to keep fluid constantly. For this reason, you may be exposed to cold during camping.
  • Make sure to change the clothes that are exposed to moisture and wetness during the day while you sleep at night. So you can stay warm and dry all night long.

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