Where is the caravan waste water tank emptied? How is it done?

In the guide, we touched on the questions about the waste water tank of caravans; We answered the questions of where and how to empty it.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-01-12
Where is the caravan waste water tank emptied? How is it done?

Every season of the year, regardless of summer or winter, is a time of freedom for campers. Moreover, when you have a caravan, this feeling of freedom becomes unbearable for neither the season nor the time. There are comfortable parking areas all over Turkey for the freedom-loving caravans. Especially in camping facilities, you have the chance to leave your caravan in a parking area and enjoy your holiday. Regarding the parking details of the caravan, "Can the caravan be parked on the side of the road?" We recently covered an article called. Today we will focus on a question frequently asked by caravan lovers. Today, most of the new caravan owners or campers who have the idea of ​​buying a caravan are exposed to questions about where and how the wastewater will be discharged. We have researched this subject and prepared an informative content for you. Let's evaluate together.


What is a caravan waste water tank?

As long as you stay in the caravan, the kitchen, bathroom and toilet waters that you have used are collected in a tank. The area where used water is stored is called a waste water tank. The waste water tank of the caravan should be emptied at regular intervals before it is completely filled. Otherwise, the accumulated water may be exposed to the risk of microbes by producing bacteria in itself. Especially when the abrasive substances accumulated in the waste water tank are not discharged for a long time, they may pose a threat to the safety of the pipe. Therefore, if you do not clean the waste water pipe of the caravan regularly, you may be exposed to many problems at the same time.


Where is the caravan waste water tank emptied?

Caravan owners are wondering where to dump the dirty waste in the waste water tank. In order to empty the waste water tank of the caravan without harming the environment, you can choose to empty it on an empty field or dirt road. You can also use the disposal points available at some gas stations. In addition, some camping facilities have a special waste disposal point for caravans. Therefore, you can get comprehensive information about the waste water point before you set off for the facility.


How to empty the caravan waste water tank?

After finding the right spot to empty the waste water tank in the caravan camp, you need to know how to empty it. As long as you discharge it correctly, you will protect the life of the pipe and avoid harming the nature. To empty the caravan waste water tank, you need to follow the steps below correctly.

  1. First you need to correctly insert the hose end into the sewer opening.
  2. Then, while the black water valve is closed and the gray water point is left open, this tank is filled with detergent water and then its mouth is closed.
  3. Then the valve of the waste water tank is opened.
  4. When the wastes in it are completely emptied, the tank is filled with clean water.
  5. When it comes to the last stage, its mouth is opened again and water is kept in the tank until clean water flows.
  6. When it is seen that the dirt of the tank is completely cleared, the valve is closed.
  7. In this way, the waste water tank becomes clean.

In the guide, we talked about the frequently asked waste water tank emptying points and methods for the caravan camp. You can review our "Caravan accommodation guide" content to get information about different topics you are curious about about the caravan. You can also take a look at our "Chemical destruction point campsites" guide for camp facilities with chemical disposal points where you can easily empty the caravan waste water. We wish you a good time in advance for a caravan camp where you can experience the joys of freedom!

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