What license class is the caravan used with?

We have shared detailed information about the driver's license class that you must obtain in order to drive a caravan according to the rules.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-11-10
What license class is the caravan used with?

One of the sine qua non of free-thinking campers who become one with nature is the caravan camp. With its minimal design, low cost and free structure, the caravan driver's license is among the points that campers are most curious about. In our article on caravan license, we answered the licenses of motorhomes and caravans in order to answer the questions of campers and listed the questions about getting a caravan license. Let's evaluate together.


What is a Caravan License?

The caravan license is a mandatory document that should be owned by drivers driving special purpose vehicles with bed sections, caravan trailers and M class SA code motor vehicles in accordance with Article 3 of the Highway Traffic Regulation.


With which license is a motorhome used?

Regardless of their type, motorhomes that are listed as pickup trucks/panelvans in the license are subject to the license class valid in the legislation since they are converted from known vehicles. Therefore, since people with B-class license can drive vehicles under 3500 Kilograms, B-class license is sufficient for caravans and motor-caravans weighing less than 3500 kilograms. In other words, the fact that the vehicle is a converted vehicle or a motorhome does not require a separate driver's license.

Motokaravan License

Vehicle types with a maximum load of more than 3500 kilograms and used for cargo transportation are referred to as "pickup trucks" in the legislation. Therefore, you can drive pickup trucks over 3500 kilograms with a C class license.


With which license is a trailer towed caravan used?

In order to be able to use the trailers, which are referred to as "Trailer" in the procedure, the legislation regarding the license is divided into two different methods on the basis of 750 kg.

Travel Trailer License
  • 750 Kg Over Trailer Caravans

For caravans weighing more than 750 kg, the license class differs for the towing vehicle. If you want to use such caravans, unlike normal, you need to belong to driver's license classes such as BE, CE or DE. Class BE driver's license is required to drive semi-trailer or trailer vehicles with a maximum load of 3.5 tons that you can drive with a Class B driver's license. Therefore, CE for those who will use C class truck trailers; It is necessary to have a DE class license to tow class D vehicles.

  • Caravans Under 750 Kg

You do not need to add an extra class to the driver's license to be able to drive a caravan weighing less than 750 kg. Therefore, you can tow the caravan with a class B, C or D vehicle.


How to Get a Caravan License?

You can get your driver's license from state-approved or privately trained driving courses in order to set off safely using your caravan.

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