What are the methods of connecting to the Internet in the camp?

In the guide, we have listed different ways you can stay connected to the internet while working in nature in isolation from daily life.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-01-26
What are the methods of connecting to the Internet in the camp?

One of the most curious subjects for campers who work hard during the day but need a small-scale nature getaway is connecting to the internet. Sometimes you need to be able to stay in touch with the city at all times due to work or daily life, even if you go to nature for all your work. At this point, of course, your internet access is of great importance. Even if you go well prepared in nature camping, you may be exposed to situations such as running out of internet or not being able to get a network. Therefore, before you set off for the camp, it becomes imperative that you have information about the methods of connecting to the internet in the camp, in order not to leave your daily chores unfinished. As Campalow, we talked about the network methods you can use to stay connected to the internet at all times during your camp routines. Let's take a look together.


Methods of Connecting to the Internet at the Camp

Cellular Network Data

Of course, your best friend will be your phone's cellular network data on your camping trip, where you will be isolated from daily life. However, at this point, you may be exposed to problems such as network problems of cellular networks or internet quota. In other words, it can become quite difficult to connect to your cellular network at points in nature where the phone receives less. In addition, your internet quota that you use while connecting to the cellular network may reach the end or completely run out. There are three methods that you can apply to avoid being exposed to the aforementioned negativities and to connect to the internet without interruption via cellular network data.

  1. To have information about the cellular gravity of the region you will go to before setting off towards nature. For this, you can take a look at the "Campgrounds with mobile phone reception" list we prepared in Campalow.
  2. Before you set off, learn your current internet quota and buy additional packages if necessary.
  3. To be included in a common package by knowing about the internet rate of your friends you will go camping with.

By applying the three different methods above, you can connect to the internet uninterruptedly without losing your cellular network data in nature. In this way, you can easily handle your daily work even in an isolated camp environment.


Portable Internet

Today, we are witnessing uninterrupted inventions through the development of technology and digitalization. At this point, one of the most popular and useful inventions of recent times is portable internet technologies. Portable internet networks, offered to the market by various companies that develop cloud-based network solutions, promise a portable modem effect with 4G support. Moreover, it becomes possible for up to 10 users to connect to portable internet devices produced with advanced technology at the same time.

At this point, of course, one of the most question marks is the charging problem of portable modems. Manufacturers offer advanced charging technology so that portable modems in nature do not let users down. These devices promise users an uninterrupted power supply of approximately eight hours. In this way, you can do your daily small tasks in a short time thanks to the portable modem technology.

At this point, of course, you should consider your daily internet usage level. If you need a small solution to handle your very small tasks during the day, cellular data networks will be enough for you. However, if your daily work takes a long time and you need to stay online constantly by being aware of sudden developments, portable modems are ideal for you.


Wifi Networks

Wi-Fi networks are the surest solution to connect to the internet uninterruptedly and at no extra cost. However, it becomes impossible to access wifi networks in an isolated nature. If you want to go camping in nature by getting away from the city routines, even if it is a small getaway, and you dream of continuing your work, you can evaluate the camping facilities with wifi network. In these facilities, you can benefit from the wifi network included in the accommodation fee. In this way, you can have a camping holiday where you will discover the pure oxygen of nature without being left behind. If your preference is for the wifi networks of the facilities while connecting to the internet in nature, you can review the "Wifi campsites" page where we list these businesses.


As Campalow, “How to connect to the internet at the camp?” We tried to answer a very interesting question by the campers called. If you have information about the methods of connecting to the internet in the guide and have question marks about charging in nature, you can take a look at our article “Methods to protect phone charge during camping”. We wish you good luck on your camping trip.

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