What are the materials needed at the camper camp in the summer?

In the guide, we have listed the items that you must have in order to protect yourself from the extreme cold when going to the caravan camp in the summer.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-02-27
What are the materials needed at the camper camp in the summer?

The caravan camp offers a unique activity opportunity where you can get away from the classical routines at any time of the year, regardless of the season. As soon as you open the door of the caravan and step inside, you can leave the stress and routines of daily life in a corner. Especially when it is summer when you go to the camper camp, there are many routes that promise you fascinating memories while following the sun. As in the camp, which is held at all times of the year, there are life-saving materials that provide protection from technical situations such as excessive heat and humidity in the caravan camp in summer. “What are the necessary materials in the caravan camp in winter?” We have prepared a guide. Today we changed our route to sunnier days and asked, “What are the necessary materials in the summer camper camp?” We tried to answer the question. Let's take a look together.


The Materials You Need to Take with You at the Summer Caravan Camp


In the summer camp, where you can enjoy nature with the trio of sea, sand and sun, you should be able to carry your belongings in the caravan without any problems. Otherwise, you may be exposed to the intense heat of the region you go to, and you may find it difficult to find a route to supply your goods. Therefore, you can get the comfort of the camper camp by preparing the summer camp equipment without any problems. In addition to the material for the caravan camp, you can evaluate our "Caravan accommodation guide" for all kinds of topics you are curious about.


Suntan cream

The humidity and temperature level of the route you have drawn in the caravan camp in the summer may be quite high. Therefore, even while wandering outside the caravan, you may experience the possibility of tanning by being exposed to too much sun. To avoid this situation and prevent possible sunburns, you can carry sunscreen with you. You can protect against skin burns when you apply sunscreen especially to the face area before leaving the caravan.



What activity can offer the pleasure of a hammock in a summer camp? You can enjoy lasting comfort on every route you go by carrying a hammock with you at the camper camp in the summer. No matter where you go, we can say that a star gazing will be very enjoyable from the moment you put your head in the hammock.


Thermos and Cooler

When you set out for a caravan camp during the hottest times of the year, you can see that the drinks in the vehicle are heated in a short time. Exposure of carbonated beverages to hot air will also directly affect their flavor. Therefore, you can have a thermos or a cooler with you to sip an ice-cold drink in the caravan camp in the summer to get rid of the heat of the sun. Thermos or cooler models, produced with an advanced technology, allow the beverage to maintain its own coolness against external temperature without disturbing its structure. In this way, you can enjoy an ice-cold water or any beverage even in the hottest weather.


Portable Fan

“Too hot overwhelms me!” Are you one of those who say? Then you should not forget that there is a possibility of experiencing a higher temperature outside in the caravan. Therefore, if you do not have an air conditioner to provide cooling in the caravan, you can solve the problem with portable fan products. Since these products can provide air circulation inside, they will help you cool down for a short time.



Whatever your type of camp is in summer, you should remember that the sun will always follow you. Therefore, we recommend that you wear glasses in order to be protected from the direct rays of the sun in the caravan camp in the summer, as in the winter. A quality sunglasses you have will not only provide comfort during the day, but also make your personal activities such as walking, reading a book and enjoying a hammock comfortable.


Camping Chair

When you take a free road to the caravan camp in the summer, you can come across many beautiful views until you reach your destination. It will be your most natural right to stop and enjoy the moment instead of turning the wheel in the face of these fascinating landscapes. In such cases, you can put a camping chair that you carry with you in front of the view and watch. Moreover, we can say that you will leave unique memories when you accompany this activity with a cold drink, camera and sunglasses.



If you are heading to the camper camp in a summer season when the sun is high, you should be prepared for all kinds of technical problems of the vehicle. In the scorching heat of summer, the vehicle's cooling system may not work adequately, leaving you stranded. In such cases, you may be alone with a burning temperature in the caravan. You should have the cooling system checked by a knowledgeable person in order to avoid these negative effects. In order for the system not to let you down, you can include the coolant obtained from the mixture of antifreeze and water, which prevents the pipes from being damaged, in the equipment list.



Regardless of the route you take to the camp, you may come across many dark spots along the way, such as light. You don't want minor fears to spoil your holiday, especially when you're crossing a deserted road at night. You can carry rescue equipment such as a flashlight or head lamp with you in order to leave the fears in question in the background. The lanterns produced in a portable model will not only illuminate you on a dark road, but will also be your friend for possible power cuts.


Tire Pressure Gauge

Extreme summer temperatures increase the possibility of deterioration of rubber belts and hoses in the vehicle. For this, you can check the presence of any bulges or protrusions by examining the hood area of the vehicle first. At this point, the tire pressure gauge will come in handy. When the tire or vehicle hoses show signs of wear, you should definitely change them and continue on your way.


Non-Perishable Foods

The extreme heat of the summer months can cause the products you take with you to deteriorate in a short time. Moreover, when foods made from milk and dairy products are not kept in a cold place, they can become moldy in a very short time and leave you stranded. For this reason, you can get help from non-perishable foods in case the food you take with you may spoil and rot due to heat. At this point, canned foods can be your first friend.


Windshield Washer Fluid

Although the windshield of the vehicle creates an extra object of attention in winter, it is the last point of attention during the summer season. However, you should not forget that there is a possibility of rain in the summer months or liquid substances may splash on the windshield of the vehicle. At this point, you can carry windshield washer fluid with you to make driving easier. In this way, you can avoid all kinds of negative aspects of driving as well as having a clean windshield.


Non Sweating Clothes

We should show the same care in summer as we pay attention to the clothes we take with us to protect them from the winter cold. Some airtight clothes can suffocate your body during the holidays, causing excessive sweating. For this reason, you can reach comfort in the summer camper camp by choosing cotton clothes instead of fabrics such as satin or synthetic. Cotton clothes not only balance the body's current temperature, but also provide a healthy air exchange with the atmosphere outside. In this way, it also eliminates the possibility of sweating.


Portable Internet

Even if you are on leave from your workplace in the camper camp in the summer, you may have to continue some daily work. You can use wifi networks by going to a paid facility to provide internet in the caravan camp. However, when you're RV camping in a free zone or on the road, you may need a personal internet connection. At this point, we recommend that you bring a portable internet network with you. These networks will allow you to use the internet for a while without interruption. In this way, you can easily follow digital media on a daily basis.


Fly Repellent Spray

Regardless of your type of camp in summer, flies will be the main enemy of the body. We may even have to interrupt the holiday, especially as a result of the damage done to our body by mosquitoes or poisonous insects. Therefore, you can carry a fly repellent spray with you to avoid the problem caused by flies. When you forget to take a fly repellent spray with you, you can burn an incense at the point where you can keep the flies away and make the atmosphere of the environment fascinating.


As Campalow, we prepared specially for your summer camp, "What are the necessary materials in the summer caravan camp?" We have come to the end of the guide. For answers to various questions you may be wondering, apart from the material about the caravan camp, you can browse our content titled “Frequently asked questions about the caravan camp”. If you know the things to take with you in the summer, but can't choose a route, you can check our list of "camping areas by the sea". In addition to the route, we recommend that you take a look at our "Caravan rental camping areas" or "Caravan parking area" lists to choose a facility. We wish you a good time in an experience that you have been dreaming of for a summer vacation throughout the year.

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