Tent accommodation guide

In the tent accommodation guide; We touched on the features of tents, the different types produced by the companies and the general price ranges.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-12-01
Tent accommodation guide

For some, comfortable options such as bungalows and glamping are ideal for a camping experience you have dreamed of, while for others, tents are indispensable. In the tent camp, which is the symbol of freedom in camping, you can enjoy the conversation with your loved ones by the fire in the evenings while spending the days of camping in nature under the bright stars. Regardless of summer and winter, there are many topics that are curious in the light of the interest in tent camping, which is indispensable for free campers in every season. Along with camping, which has become popular with the increasing longing for nature; tent types, tent accommodation advantages and current accommodation prices are very curious. If you are looking for an answer to these questions for your camping holiday, let's take a look together.


What is a tent?

The tent, which was also used as a military shelter in the past, is now preferred for events, festivals and camping. Tents, which in the past served as a shelter for survival, often have a triangular structure. Thanks to the triangular structure in question, it is also easier to stay in tents with a large floor area. It is known that the oldest example of tents, which are indispensable equipment of adventurous campers who are fond of freedom, is found in Moldova. The size of the tents, which date back to 40,000 BC, also ranged from 8-20 m2. It is even known that tent types in the past were created from skin and bones. Tents, which existed in different forms and materials in the past, have gradually left their place to today's tents with the development of humanity over time.


What are the types of tents?

Tents that add adventure to camping experiences are produced by companies in different types and types. The tent models in question are examined in three different categories according to the material used, shape and season. Tents as material; While separating hair, cloth and plastic, it is possible to examine it as triangle, dome, inflatable and tunnel according to its shape. Likewise, tents are divided into three, four and five seasons according to seasonal characteristics.


Tent Types by Material

  • Bristle Tent: In the past, the types of tents used for shelter, made of felt or sackcloth, seen in Anatolia and Central Asia, are called “hair”.
  • Cloth Tent: Tents used for military purposes in the past and generally made of cloth are called “cloth”.
  • Plastic Tent: The types of tents that are widely used today and that use plastic materials in their manufacture are called “plastic”.


Tent Types According to Their Shapes

  • Triangle Tent (Ridge Tents): The types of tents that we frequently encounter in daily camping activities are generally produced in the form of triangles. Although triangular tents, which are frequently used especially in summer months, provide convenience in terms of transportation and installation, in some types, their unstable structure against the wind and their triangular top shape while standing can sometimes cause problems.
  • Dome Tents: Dome tents, which are known as “Dome” today and have a very common usage rate; It is preferred due to its large interior volume, wind-resistant structure and not accumulating snow. Especially recently, it is possible to come across tent types designed as Dome in Glamping facilities. Inflatable Tent: The inflatable tent, which is not frequently preferred due to its heavy and expensive nature, is produced from an inflated material.
  • Tunnel Tent: Tunnel models, which are an advanced version of triangular tents, have been made more comfortable by expanding the interior volume. Tents, which do not cause any adverse effects against the wind thanks to their durable structure, are generally preferred by mountaineers who camp in difficult conditions.


Tent Types by Season

  • Three Seasons Tent: The most preferred tents in today's camping are produced in accordance with three seasons. These models, which are suitable for use in summer, autumn and spring seasons, are produced in a very light structure. In this way, the installation is also very simple. Although the tents produced as single and double awnings have resistance to light precipitation such as rain and snow, they will not be enough for winter camps.
  • All-Season Tent: In all-season tents, which generally have the same features as three-season tents, features such as durability, heat retention and ventilation provide an added advantage to the user. Since the poles used in all-season tents are much more durable, it is also possible to use this type of models in winter camps at high altitudes.
  • Five Seasons Tent: Five-season tents, which are produced as resistant to strong wind and snowfall, are also known as “Mountain tents”. While the thick fabrics used in the production of this type of tents provide thermal insulation, they also eliminate snow accumulation thanks to their dome-shaped superstructure. In this way, you can use the five-season tents while camping even in very difficult weather conditions.


What are the Tent Features?

  • Nature Experience: One of the biggest advantages of staying in a tent at the camp is nature experience. Imagine if you found a spot in a lush nature where you could listen to the soothing sound of the lake and set up a tent? Tent camping experience in nature that makes even a single thought happy; it promises you a quality sleep, breathing exercises that will renew your soul and unforgettable memories under the stars.
  • Freedom: Tent is the indispensable camping accommodation for campers who are fond of freedom. It is possible to camp anywhere in the world thanks to the tent that accompanies you on journeys that are only taken with a backpack. Well, who wouldn't want this freedom?
  • Luxury Preferences: Tent accommodation types are divided into different categories, such as triangle or dome, according to their production characteristics. Dome or glamping tents offered for guests by special facilities manage to appeal to campers' every need thanks to their luxurious decoration features. Mostly, all kinds of necessities, from bed to bathroom, are present in the tents in question. In this way, you have the chance to make the tent camp of your dreams in nature without leaving the comfort of home.
  • Minimal Dimension: Time passes quickly and we chase after small things in the world that we try to appreciate. One of them is minimalism. The tent camp offers a minimal life dimension thanks to its isolation from the hectic routines of daily life. In addition, since the products you will use in the camp are limited, you do not need to take a lot of things with you. A completely minimal nature life, what more?
  • Road Friend: “Being on the road…” What could be more satisfying for a camper? Being in different lands with the experiences gained by the road is sometimes the best thing for our souls. As soon as you grab the tent while going on a trip, your accommodation problem disappears. Therefore, all you have to do is enjoy the road and the experiences.
  • Sociability: The theme of the camp is friendship and cooperation. If you can't stop saying hello when you see other people camping near your tent, you're one of us. Let's not forget that the conversations made in the evening, especially by a warm campfire, will be unforgettable.


Current Tent Price Comparison

In tent accommodation, which stimulates the free feeling of camping, the nightly fees of the facilities vary when you go with your own tent or when you rent private tents. Likewise, tent accommodation prices are low in facilities, and it is possible to see differences according to normal and active season features. We have compared the special prices for tent accommodation and rental for you. You can set up your own tent for 120 TL per night, according to the special price information for 2022 obtained from the facility called Sahil Kamp Istanbul. You can also rent the tents allocated by the facility for the guests for 400 TL.

At Campalow, we talked about special tent types, features and current accommodation prices for those who prefer tents in their camp today. If you want to make your camp in a tent; You can take a look at our "Tent Camping Areas" guide where you can set up your own tent or our "Tent Rental Campgrounds" list. We wish you a good time in advance.

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