Sleeping bag selection guide

Regarding the selection of sleeping bags; we touched on criteria such as heat value, material properties, filler type and weight.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-10-17
Sleeping bag selection guide

When it's time for a holiday, we go after an experience that can be good for our minds while resting our souls. In fact, the door to experiences where we can feel physically peaceful as well as spiritually and mentally will definitely come to the door of the camping holiday. At the end of a long and routine working period, we want our vacation to be worth the time we expect and to exceed our expectations. When a clean atmosphere in nature is added to our aforementioned wishes, we succeed in creating a lasting experience that we will not forget for a while. Camping is the most accurate holiday routine where we can explore the wonderful atmosphere of nature while resting on vacation. There is no trace of the tiring traces of life during the camping holiday, which is set out with expectations about freedom and an adventurous mood.

There are many different routes where you can camp in the favorable lands of Turkey stretching from the west to the east. While visiting many paid and free camping routes, you can witness different natural beauties while encountering the weather conditions required by the season. One of the most magical times of the year when you can have a glamorous camping holiday is winter. In the winter camp, where the white snow acts as a cover for the majestic mountains, you can meet with a refreshing atmosphere coming from the mountains. Moreover, while climbing during the daytime with the sun, you can have a pleasant time by the campfire when the evening falls. When the evening falls and the night falls, the sleeping bag takes on the role of a harbor where you can take shelter against the harsh cold.

The camping equipment you may need throughout the experience ensures that the process is quite comfortable for you. Therefore, the more prepared and conscious you are about equipment, the better quality and comfortable camping holiday you can have. Recently, we prepared an article titled "How to stay warm in a sleeping bag" on the Campalow Blog, where we touched on camp guides. Today, we have touched on comprehensive information about the sleeping bag, what to consider when choosing, the correct usage criteria and a detailed comparison of the two models on the market. If you want a sleeping bag for a planned camping holiday and need help choosing, let's evaluate it together.

Sleeping Bag


What is a Sleeping Bag?

The sleeping bag, which is the savior of cold nights in winter camping, is among the favorite camping equipment that promises a quality sleep time without being affected by the weather conditions. The sleeping bag helps to maintain body temperature due to the structural factors and shape used in its production. Some campers may make the mistake of thinking that a sleeping bag is an unnecessary piece of equipment after purchasing all-weather tents. To avoid this mistake, imagine that you go on a long trekking hike in a snowy atmosphere and collect wood for a special campfire in the evening. At the end of the day, your body will start to feel cold and dream of a warm sleep. At this point, you can understand that you need a quality sleeping bag.

The formula of warmth in winter camp, sleeping bags have a very simple working principle. The sleeping bag prevents the body's heat that it has and produces over time from contacting with the harsh cold outside. In this way, you will not be cold during your stay in the sleeping bag and you can maintain your body temperature in a balanced way. The basic features that should be found in a quality sleeping bag are listed as keeping the air exchange in balance and the air gap it maintains. A sleeping bag that promises comfort primarily protects the body temperature in a balanced way and prevents cold air from entering the bag. For this, you can make the right choice by choosing sleeping bags filled with the right filling material. In the same way, you can have information about the most suitable models for your body type and buy the right sleeping bag in order to leave a balanced space inside the bag.

Sleeping Bag 1


What Should Be Considered When Choosing a Sleeping Bag?

After learning the working principle of the sleeping bag to keep you warm, you should have information about the criteria you need to pay attention to in order to choose the right equipment. The main criteria you should consider when choosing a quality sleeping bag that will accompany your camping adventures for a long time; camp type, gender, temperature, padding, shape details, size and weight.

Camp Type

As with every camping equipment, you should first have information about the type of camp you set out to make the right move when choosing a sleeping bag. Then you can make the right choice of equipment by evaluating the equipment required by your dream camp, weather conditions and atmosphere. One of the situations where this situation is most valid is the choice of sleeping bag. When choosing a sleeping bag, you can make the right choice by calling the type of experience you embark on as adventure camping or classic camping.

  • Classic Camp Sleeping Bag: As you can imagine in a classic camping type, there is a peaceful and calm atmosphere where the theme is accommodation. In the classical camp, there are no activities that will make you exhausted and make an effort. Therefore, at the end of the day, you can be flexible about the equipment as well as not getting tired more than necessary. Since your body will not exert much effort and you will be in a sedentary state, you can prioritize your comfort in the said camping. Therefore, at this point, it will be the right choice for you to acquire a quality sleeping bag that will maximize your comfort.
  • Adventure Camp: In addition to classic camping, what is important in adventure camp is functionality as well as comfort. In the adventure camp, where you will be constantly on the move with adventurous activities such as skiing, climbing, trekking and sightseeing, you can choose reasonable sized sleeping bags that will not take up much space. At the same time, sleeping bags with a light structure will make it easier to carry as long as you are on the move. Produced from a light material and more reasonably sized, sleeping bags will not cause you any difficulties during transportation and will keep your body energy high. Therefore, you can safely choose light and small sleeping bags for adventure camps where you set off like a traveller.


There are criteria set by the European Standards Institute for sleeping bags that make camping routines comfortable. These criteria are very important for us to choose a sleeping bag suitable for gender and body temperature. Temperature values ​​for sleeping bags are located inside the equipment. If there is no information about the temperature in a sleeping bag you buy, you may not get the efficiency you want. In a sleeping bag you choose by paying attention to the temperature, you should first take into account that each metabolism may be different. However, we recommend that you choose a sleeping bag that keeps you warm a few degrees below the seasonal temperature to take precautions against cold.

  • Upper Limit: Indicates the maximum temperature at which a man can sleep comfortably without sweating when the hood and zipper of the sleeping bag are open.
  • Comfort: It describes the maximum temperature value at which a woman can sleep comfortably without sweating in the sleeping bag with the zipper and hood closed.
  • Lower Limit: It shows the temperature value at which a man can sleep for 8 hours uninterruptedly while in the fetal position.
  • Extreme: It shows the maximum temperature value at which a woman can sleep for 6 hours before her body temperature drops below 35 degrees, that is, without the risk of hypothermia.

When choosing an ideal sleeping bag, you should take comfort values ​​​​as a basis among temperature criteria. Sleeping bags that are approximately 5 degrees below the general night temperature value specific to the region you will go to camp will provide you with a comfortable sleep. Let's explain through an example:

The temperature of the route you will go to the camp;

  • Summer sleeping bag if it is 1-2 degrees average,
  • 3-season sleeping bags if it is 2-12 degrees average,
  • If it is between -12 and -23 degrees and you are struggling with severe cold, winter sleeping bags,
  • If you are going to camp in -23 degrees and below, you can choose winter or extreme sleeping bags.
Sleeping Bag 2

Gender Criteria

Many different camping materials such as underwear, trousers or coats are produced separately for men and women with different criteria. Studies have shown that women have a lower body temperature than men. At the same time, women who feel too cold in their hands and feet should choose a sleeping bag more carefully. Therefore, while choosing a sleeping bag for women, you can pay attention to the comfort feature, while you can look at the lower limit temperature values ​​in the most suitable choice for men. In addition, you can pay attention to the extreme value for the sleeping bag that offers comfortable warmth to both men and women.

  • Sleeping Bag for Women: Sleeping bags specially produced for women are offered for sale in two different sizes, long and standard. Standard sleeping bag models can be used up to 1.68 cm tall. Likewise, the use of long models can expand up to 1.83 meters. Unlike men's sleeping bags, the sleeping bags produced for women have a special thermal insulation on the foot. In addition, women's sleeping bags are produced with a narrow shoulder area and a wide hip section. In this way, thanks to the height and width values, women are provided with a comfortable night's sleep in the sleeping bag.
  • Men's Special Sleeping Bag: Sleeping bags specially produced for men are produced in three different sizes as standard, short and long. Sleeping bags with the short model are designed up to 1.68 cm. The length of standard sleeping bags can be up to 1.83, while the size of long models can reach 1.98. At the same time, sleeping bags produced by different brands are produced for men with a longer length than normal, and extra-long sleeping bag models reaching up to 2 meters and 3 cm in length. Thanks to the wide and long structure of the sleeping bags, it becomes possible for men to have a comfortable and quality sleep in the sleeping bag.


The filling material used in the production phase of the sleeping bag plays an important role in maintaining body temperature while spending time in the sleeping bag. For this reason, you need to pay extra attention to the material used in its production in order to have a warm sleep in a sleeping bag in harsh cold. Nowadays, sleeping bags are divided into two categories as goose down and synthetic according to the filling material.

Goose Down Sleeping Bags

Sleeping bags filled with goose down are preferred due to their lightness and high durability. Goose down, which is widely used as a filling material; It has a light, breathable and compressible structure. Goose down sleeping bags made from goose and duck feathers are sold at higher prices in the market than sleeping bags with synthetic filling material. Goose down sleeping bag, thanks to its breathable fabric, absorbs the moisture from the body and helps it to be thrown out. In this way, the possibility of wetting the overalls is eliminated and offers a long-term use.

Goose down sleeping bags are preferred in camping experiences with extremely harsh and cold weather conditions thanks to their high thermal insulation feature. In addition, sleeping bags made of goose down reach a very reasonable size when folded. In this way, you can safely choose the product for long camping holidays. You should be extra careful against allergic reactions when purchasing sleeping bags made of goose down filling material. Sleeping bags that are not cleaned from harmful particles by not being washed in accordance with the standards in low quality sleeping bags can adversely affect campers with feather allergies. For this reason, when purchasing a goose down sleeping bag, you should pay extra attention to the quality and content of the product. Sleeping bag models made of goose down have a much softer and more comfortable structure as well as synthetic. If you desire a more comfortable and comfortable sleep time for your camping experience, you can choose models made of goose down in the sleeping bag.

Synthetic Filled Sleeping Bags

Synthetic filled sleeping bags, which are produced with a synthetic material filling, prevent the transfer of liquid into the coverall even when it is completely wet due to its fabric feature. In this way, you can stay dry and warm in the overalls, as it does not lose its insulation feature for a long time. Synthetic filled sleeping bags have a more affordable price line than goose down. However, in a product you buy without paying attention to its quality, you may be exposed to various problems related to insulation for a long time.

Synthetic filled sleeping bags have a slightly higher volume and weight than goose down models. For this reason, your comfort may be incomplete in an adventure-oriented camping experience where you set out for activities such as climbing, skiing and trekking. You can safely choose synthetic-filled sleeping bags in classic camping routines, where comfort is the first priority. Synthetic-filled sleeping bags, which you can easily wash in the washing machine, have a lower incidence of allergic reactions compared to goose down. Therefore, in a situation where you are allergic to feathers, you can safely choose sleeping bags filled with synthetic material.

Sleeping Bag 5

Figure Details

Today, sleeping bag models produced by various brands are divided into two different categories as mummy and rectangular cut in terms of shape. The most important factor affecting the right decision when choosing a rectangular and mummy type sleeping bag is the seasonal conditions of the camping area.

  • Mummy Type Sleeping Bag: Sleeping bags produced in the form of mummy have a high insulation feature. In this way, mummy-type sleeping bag models that manage to maintain body temperature for a long time are generally preferred in cold regions with high altitude features. With their simple use and practical structure, mummy type sleeping bags are frequently preferred today.
  • Rectangular Sleeping Bag: The rectangular sleeping bags have a lower thermal insulation level as well as the mummy models. Therefore, you can safely choose rectangular sleeping bags in camping areas with a lower altitude and a reasonable temperature.

Size and Weight

Sleeping bags are produced in various sizes and weights according to different gender-specific anatomies, including men and women. Sleeping bags, which are supplied separately for men and women, must first adapt to the person's height. One of the points where the said height and weight criteria gain importance is the transportation process. The weight and size features of the sleeping bag as it is folded make the carrying phase easier. For this reason, it is important to prefer lighter and reasonably sized sleeping bags compared to normal conditions. Especially in the adventure camp, where intense movement and sportive activities are intense, you should pay attention to the height and weight ratio in the sleeping bag you choose, as travel is common as well as comfort.


How to Use a Sleeping Bag?

The model of the sleeping bag you prefer for a camping experience you have dreamed of will provide you with great comfort. In addition, you should pay attention to the details of use in order to find extra comfort in the sleeping bag. In order to get the highest efficiency by using the sleeping bag correctly, you should pay attention to the selection of clothes, zipper opening, dryness of the overalls, use of the toilet and mat.

Clothing Selection

We may think that in high altitude areas of nature exposed to harsh cold, it would be the right solution to dress in layers to stay warm. However, in the sleeping bag, this thought leads a little wrong. According to the working principle of the sleeping bag, it helps the body heat to be reflected again by contacting the inner surface. This process also helps to keep the inside of the overalls quite warm. When you dress in layers with the thought of staying warm while lying in a sleeping bag, body heat is trapped between the skin and the clothes. Therefore, the sleeping bag cannot perform the heat reflection process as it should. For this reason, you can choose materials such as t-shirts, sweatpants, top and bottom underwear to stay warm in the overalls. Thus, you will realize that the heat reflection process gives more successful results and you stay warm for a long time since you are not dressed in layers.

Zipper Opening

After you get into the overalls, you should carefully close any air entry points that will cause your body temperature to drop. For this, you can check whether air enters through the gap in the zipper and the head of the sleeping bag. Moreover, when choosing a sleeping bag model, you can prevent the heat loss caused by the zipper to a large extent by choosing products with a protective attachment on the zipper.

Sleeping Bag 3

Dry Bags

In order to maintain the temperature balance inside the sleeping bag, you should be careful not to wet the inside as well as the outside. Sweating in the overalls due to weather factors causes the interior to become humid. Therefore, since the amount of humidity inside will increase, it will be inevitable to get cold after a while. For this, you can constantly control the internal and external dryness of the overalls.


After getting into the sleeping bag, you can postpone going to the toilet all the time in order not to interrupt the quality of sleep. However, since the body will constantly exert effort while holding the toilet, it will reduce the quality of sleep to a certain extent. For this reason, you should not delay the toilet work in order to have a quality sleep in the overalls and to maintain the temperature.

Mat Use

Lastly, the most important situation where you can get extra efficiency from the use of sleeping bags is the use of mats. A quality mat that you place at the bottom of the sleeping bag creates a barrier between the floor and the overalls, thus preventing the coldness on the surface from affecting the sleeping bag. In this way, you can be protected from the cold of the ground to a significant extent. In addition, using a mat under the overalls will support your comfort. If you choose a quality and thick mat in this process, your contact with the ground will be significantly eliminated and your sleep quality will be supported on a regular basis.


Sleeping Bag Comparison

Sleeping Bag Comparison

In the detailed guide we have prepared for the sleeping bag, we have mentioned important criteria such as model features and usage. When you choose a sleeping bag based on the features we have listed throughout the guide, you may be exposed to question marks about its suitability for your camping routines. For this, we will try to eliminate the question marks to a large extent by making a model comparison for you.

Comparison Criteria

Figure: Simond and Forclaz branded sleeping bags have a mummy type model. The Quechua brand sleeping bag is produced in a rectangular shape. The mummy-type sleeping bag helps conserve heat by wrapping your body parts throughout the night. However, in the rectangular sleeping bag model, you may be exposed to instantaneous air intakes, since the product will not fully cover the body. In terms of its shape, you can prefer the mummy type model in high altitude winter regions, while you can use the rectangular type overalls for camping experiences in hotter summer areas.

Price: Simond brand sleeping bag models have a higher price compared to others. If you are looking for a medium quality sleeping bag and want to make more budget-friendly choices, you can choose Quechua or Forclaz branded sleeping bags for your camp. However, at this point, we can say that you will get a higher efficiency from the first sleeping bag compared to the second one, according to the price you have given.

Filling Material: Simond brand sleeping bag models use 90% goose feathers and 10% back feathers, while other brands have 100% polyester, that is, a synthetic filling. If you prefer the product for a classic camping experience where you can feel more comfortable, you can take a look at the model made of feathers. However, if you are looking for a sleeping bag that you can wash in the washing machine during camping, does not cause allergic reactions and costs less, polyester filled products will be ideal for you.

Degree: While Simond branded overalls have a temperature of -5°C / -11°C and -12°C, the rate is determined as 10°C for Quechua and 0°C for Forclaz. If you are going to camp in an area where the altitude is not high, Quechua's standard model will meet your expectations to a great extent. Models that are suitable for temperatures of 0°C and below are produced to protect sleep quality in regions with harsh cold temperatures. You can safely choose the Simond branded sleeping bag, which manages to maintain the temperature balance down to minus degrees, in camping areas with high altitudes and harsh cold.

Sleeping Bag 4

Size and Weight: Simond branded sleeping bags have a very reasonable weight of 1160 g thanks to the feather filling material in their content. The weight of Quechua and Forclaz branded overalls can reach 1300 and 1600 g in terms of filling material. The weight of the models in question will be the main factor affecting your comfort while changing places or doing various activities during the camping period. Therefore, for an adventure camp where you will be on the go, such as climbing and trekking, you can buy the Simond model lighter overalls. Contrary to the situation, if your camp will be more stable and comfort is your priority, you can choose heavier overalls made of a synthetic filling material.

Equipment: In addition to the materials used in the production of a sleeping bag, the details it has are also very important. Simond branded overalls models have a hood, double zipper and a fastening section. In this way, the rate of protection of the product from the cold becomes just as high. Unlike the first one, the Quechua branded overalls have a zipper and carrying case. Therefore, the second product has the feature of being used as a quilt, although its rate of protection from the cold is not very high. For this reason, you can safely choose the second model overalls on a classic camping holiday where you will not be exposed to very cold temperatures. If you want to spend a winter camp at high altitudes with a better quality sleep, you can consider the first model, which will always keep you warm. In addition, the Forclaz sleeping bag has 2 3/4 double slider zippers for ventilation. Therefore, you can make a comfortable camp in the Forclaz brand overalls where you can feel the clean oxygen while you sleep.

For the Campalow Blog, we have shared many details that you should pay attention to when choosing a special sleeping bag for the camping experience you dream of and that will make you comfortable during the use. You can share your experience and experience with the sleeping bag as a comment. We wish you a comfortable and sweet sleep in the right sleeping bag you have chosen for a camping holiday you have planned.

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