Ski guide for winter camp

In the guide we prepared specifically for the winter camp, we researched the basic meaning of skiing, how to do it, the necessary equipment and tricks.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-01-05
Ski guide for winter camp

Our joy of winter camp, which comes when the autumn season comes and the leaves begin to fall, continues its effect until the summer period. Moreover, if you have enough equipment for winter camping such as tents, heaters, pocket stoves and clothes for all seasons, no obstacle can stand in your way to make the winter camp of your dreams. Another point that appeals to adventure lovers who camp in the winter season, when certain parts of the country are covered in white, are enjoyable winter camping activities. In your winter camp, you can do trekking, climbing, yoga, paragliding and photography, especially skiing. You can even evaluate our previous “Winter camping guide” article to have comprehensive information and units about your winter camp. Today, we have researched skiing, which is the indispensable activity of winter camp, and we have mentioned special tips for those who have questions about how to ski. Let's take a look together.


Ski Guide

What is Ski?

“What is skiing?”, which is frequently brought up by the winter camp volunteers. The question essentially explains the information that needs to be shared about this sport. Skiing is called a sport that works the abdomen, legs and hips at the same time due to the body balance it provides. While doing the sport in question, balance, condition and speed issues become a necessity. Since skiing will be done on a frozen snow puddle, you are likely to slip and stumble. For this reason, we recommend that you seek help from a trainer before starting the first steps of the sport.


How to Ski?

For those who love winter camping, “What is Skiing?” After answering the question “How to Ski?” issue comes up. It is quite normal for users who start skiing to have hesitations about how to do it in the first place. We can say that the sport in question is not very easy to the eye at first, but over time, it becomes much easier as you master the practices. In order to improve in skiing, you can receive training in groups or individually at the Ski Center for an hourly fee. We can say that individual training is a bit more expensive than groups. If you want to learn sports, you can choose the most suitable one from both training methods.

  1. Step-Runway Selection: When you start skiing, you have to choose the right track under the control of the instructor in the first place. At this point, it will be a problem for you to exist on the track chosen by the professionals in the initial training. While skiing, you can get a much more successful ski training when you proceed from the beginner level with slow and cautious steps.
  2. Step-Balance: The most basic key to being a bar while doing this sport is through a permanent balance figure. First of all, you should stay balanced while skiing, act with discipline and apply the circular transformation tactic. In addition, in order to maintain a permanent balance in sports, you must avoid sudden movements. Due to sudden movements, you may slip and fall to the ground or hinder another skier's route. For this reason, you should keep your balance while sliding and continue on the track with calm movements.
  3. Step-Track Preference: The skier coming from the back direction on the ski track should choose the track in a way that does not put the athlete in front at risk. When the trailing person draws a route map too close to the front skier, this can cause both sides to lose their balance. Therefore, for a healthy ski learning, you can choose your trail in a way that will keep your distance with the front athlete.


What are the materials required for skiing?

After finding answers to basic issues such as how to ski, you can move on to researching ski equipment. If you have set your heart on skiing in which the winter cold is dominant, there are equipment of first and second degree importance that you must have with you. As long as you have essential ski equipment, you can almost certainly be protected from the cold and approach the sport more efficiently. Secondary materials, such as gloves, berets and hand creams, are the main items of your bag in winter camps. Equipment belonging to both groups are separated from each other as follows:

  • First Degree Equipment: For skiing, you will need equipment such as snow jackets, snow pants, ski shoes, snow goggles, ski boots and skis in the first place. However, at this point, you do not have to have all the equipment when you learn to ski for the first time. Moreover, you can get snow pants or snow jackets from the Ski Center where you are trained.
  • Second Degree Equipment: In addition to skiing, the equipment we take with us in every winter camp is generally evaluated in the second degree category. While doing this sport, you can protect your body against intense cold by carrying basic equipment such as berets, gloves, ski socks and scarves. You can also eliminate cold-induced skin cracks with products such as hand or lip balm.


Special Tips for Those Who Want to Ski

Especially since winter activities can be a bit more challenging than summer activities, it seems to be beneficial to receive training beforehand. Moreover, if you pay attention to some tips during training or during the gliding process, you can learn the sport in a very short time. You can get training from Ski Centers by choosing the right route for your winter camp. For this, you can evaluate our list of "Winter campable ski campsites" in the search engine. Here are the special tips you should pay attention to while skiing:

  • Do not forget to do warm-up exercises before starting to slide.
  • You must be patient while sliding. You can perform a healthier gliding routine when you take firm and patient steps on the track.
  • If you have a chronic disease related to cardiovascular or respiratory systems in terms of health, you should not ski without consulting your doctor.
  • You can skate in a healthier way by choosing the most suitable track for you through the instructor.
  • You should definitely use a moisturizer in case of sudden cold and snow damage to your skin.
  • Since skiing can be a tiring activity in the first place, you should not neglect to rest. Thus, you can eliminate the possibility of a possible accident.


“What is skiing, how to ski, what are the ski equipments?” in Campalow's winter camping guides today. By answering questions such as, we touched on the basis of skiing, how it can be done, equipment and valuable tips. If you also love winter camping and want to focus on skiing activities, you can also evaluate our guide "Spot recommendations for winter camp lovers", which we discussed before. We wish you a good time in the winter camp and ski routine that you will step into in a white dream!

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