Şile travel guide

In the guide, we talked about transportation alternatives, activity and entertainment opportunities, camping facilities for the Şile travel guide.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-18
Şile travel guide

Vacationers who are bored with the noise and crowds of Istanbul have certain cute escape routes. Şile is one of these routes, with its coast to the Black Sea and its calm texture. Known as "Wild Flower" in ancient Greece, Şile has a peaceful texture intertwined with nature, befitting its old name. Therefore, from the moment you step into Şile, you can witness a long coastline, a deep blue sea border and a lush nature. You have the chance to discover the cultural heritage in the historical streets while visiting Şile, which is located on the Anatolian Side and the Black Sea borders of Istanbul. Moreover, thanks to the proximity of the district to the center of Istanbul, you can set an escape route for yourself without leaving the routines of daily life behind. Şile, located in the northeast of Marmara, is also quite developed in terms of accommodation alternatives. We recommend the "Şile Ağva Trip" guide, which we have prepared before, especially for those who want a little getaway for Saturday. Today, we go deeper in Campalow's travel guides and evaluate the route to Şile, the food you can taste, seasonal conditions, entertainment life, souvenirs, camping facility and activity opportunities. Let's see together.


Sile Travel Guide

How to go to Şile?

Şile Transportation

Located on the Anatolian Side and Black Sea borders of Istanbul, Şile is located in the forward direction of Riva. Therefore, in the first place, we can say that it is very easy to reach Şile with its proximity to the metropolitan center and road options. Şile makes many transportation methods possible, especially thanks to its proximity to the Istanbul route. In this way, when you set off in the Şile travel guide, you can use the air route, especially the land route. Şile has a distance of 80 km to the city center of Istanbul, 500 km to İzmir, 243 km to Tekirdağ and 63 km to Izmit. Since the district is in Istanbul, you should not forget that you have to reach Istanbul in the first place at the transportation point.

  • Road transportation to Şile: If you want to reach Şile from the surrounding cities, you must first come to Istanbul by road. For this, you can first choose private car or public transportation. Our first suggestion for those who prefer public transportation will be in the direction of intercity buses. You can get off at Harem Bus Station or Esenler Bus Station by taking an available bus service from your city. After getting off at Harem Bus Terminal, you can easily reach your destination by taking the Üsküdar-Şile bus numbered 139A, which departs from Şemsipaşa stop. Even if you prefer a private vehicle over the highway, you can follow the “Şile” signs in the direction of the 1st and 2nd Bridges. If you are coming via the TEM road, you should use the Sarıgazi-Şile direction.
  • Air transportation to Şile: One of the alternatives you can reach Şile is by air. There are two destination routes you can choose to reach Şile by air. You can reach the two important airports of Istanbul and continue the rest of the way by means of different vehicles. Şile has a distance of 92.6 km to Istanbul Airport and 64.6 km to Sabiha Gökçen Airport. Although you can use both alternatives, it would be more logical to choose Sabiha Gökçen Airport thanks to its proximity. To reach Şile from Sabiha Gökçen, you can go to Üsküdar, Ümraniye, Sancaktepe, Çekmeköy districts and choose the buses that go in the direction of Şile from there.


In which months to go to Şile?

Şile Summer Season (Kübra Açıkgöz)

Sile, which has the characteristics of Black Sea and Mediterranean climates due to its fascinating location, has a slightly higher humidity than normal. In Şile, where summers are cool and winters are rainy, we can say that the hottest month is August and the coldest is January. Therefore, when you go to Şile, which is an important tourism center of Istanbul, you should first decide on the reason for your departure. If you want to adopt a small escape route during the summer vacation, you can choose the most popular month of Şile from June to September. In addition, if your preference is to listen to the rain breezes where you can feel fresh in Şile, you can choose the January-March period.


What to Eat in Şile?

Plum Soup (Sofra Dergisi)

The cuisine of Şile, which you will be under the influence of from the moment you step in with its cute or cute texture, also attracts a lot of attention. In Şile, you can find the chance to try dishes made from seafood and greens that will not be erased from your taste buds for a while. Plum Soup is one of the unique tastes that you should not return without consuming in the Şile travel guide. The soup, which is a complete summer meal, is considered one of the most famous dishes of the region. You can consume plum soup, which has a very sour taste in terms of its structure and ingredients, as a starter for lunch and dinner in the famous restaurants of Şile. “What to eat in Şile?” Another suggestion to the travelers who search for the question is dessert. We definitely recommend you to eat Vinegar Dessert, one of the famous flavors of Şile. You can find the vinegar dessert, which doubles as delicious with a soft dough and sweet syrup, in many dessert shops and restaurants.

After finding your food and dessert alternatives in Şile, the place also becomes a matter of curiosity. You can consume the famous flavors of Şile in many facilities that serve in nature. At this point, you can first choose Saklıgöl Social Facilities or Kocakuş Recreation Area. You can fill your time with activities such as walking or photography while discovering delicious tastes in these two facilities surrounded by trees on all four sides. In addition, you can visit Ayazma Restaurant, where you can encounter delicious options while discovering the cute harmony of blue and white in Şile.


Where to Camp in Şile?

Suma Disanje Boutique Hotel & Restaurant

After getting caught up in an adventurous travel route in Şile, which has its share of lush nature, you may want to spend the evening in quiet camping facilities. Moreover, thanks to the comfortable accommodation options offered by the facilities, you can continue the Şile travel guide from where you left off the next day. For this, you can take a look at our article titled "28 campsites in Şile" to evaluate the extensive facility options. “Where to camp in Şile?” Specially for those who ask, our first suggestion will be "Shore Camp Istanbul". You can find various accommodation options such as tents, bungalows, caravans, cabins and villas in the property located in the Sahilköy area of Şile. After choosing your comfortable accommodation preference, you can focus on activities that will make your Şile travel guide more adventurous. For this, you can evaluate many activities such as ATV, shooting range, bicycle tour, trekking, diving, track activities and swimming.

Another special recommendation for those who want to end their day at the camping facilities in the Şile travel guide will be Šuma Disanje Boutique Hotel & Restaurant. You can even feel at home thanks to the comfortable details while meeting with luxury accommodation options in the facility serving in the Yeniköy region of Şile. Šuma Disanje Boutique Hotel & Restaurant has 22 special tree house concepts made of wood. In addition, some houses have luxurious details such as fireplaces and jacuzzis. In this way, you can feel very special on your Şile travel guide route.


What Activities Are Done in Şile?

Sea Surf (Selçuk Demiray)

Şile's unique atmosphere, which has become one with nature, makes many activity options possible. Our first suggestion for adventure lovers who want to focus on activities in Şile, which contains the largest forests of Istanbul, will be trekking. There are many hiking routes in the district that are located at different points and are worth visiting. Moreover, during your walk, you can discover hidden caves, tree species and endless paths. While visiting the surrounding villages during trekking, you should definitely try the handmade products made by the local people. For trekking in Şile, you can choose natural routes such as Onbir Göller Valley, Hacilli Waterfall and Değirmençayırı Waterfall.

In the Şile travel guide, other activities you can experience while exploring a natural environment are listed as wave surfing, swimming, diving, off road and angling. Of course, it is impossible not to catch a wave from one end of the Black Sea and not surf. If you want to do an activity that will add fun to your day, especially for your Şile travel guide, wave surfing is just for you. Balibey route is one of the places where you can experience surfing with Şile's long beach and wavy sea. Moreover, you can have a pleasant wave surfing experience by taking advantage of the introductory package or long-term opportunities at the facilities here.


How is the entertainment life in Şile?

Dubara Cafe Pub

Although Şile does not host as crazy entertainment as the Aegean and the Mediterranean, you can enjoy having fun until the first light of the sun on a cute route. In the Şile travel guide, our first recommendation will be Dubara Cafe & Pub, especially for travelers who want to spend their evening and night hours for entertainment. You can have fun while exploring the waves of the sea in the place located right next to the harbor on the Şile coast. You can have a pleasant time with DJ performances and live music events in Dubara Cafe & Pub, which hosts various activities especially during the summer season.

Massha & Şile Balıkçısı will be our first recommendation for those who prefer taverns instead of bar logic while having fun in Şile. You can enjoy raki and fish by the deep blue sea at the facility named Massha, which provides service at the point of Ayazma Beach. Thanks to the concept created in blue-white colors of the cute facility, you can feel yourself on the unique beaches of the Aegean. If you are going to Massha & Şile Fisherman, we recommend that you choose the afternoon and watch the sunset.


Where to go to the sea in Şile?

Şile Public Beach (Şile Belediyesi)

From the moment you step into Şile, which resembles a lush paradise, you can discover many routes where you can swim. At this point, you can have a pleasant time with your loved ones by choosing a clean and convenient beach. Our first recommendation for those who expect a comfortable beach memory in the Şile travel guide will be in the direction of Şile Public Beach. The public beach, which has the feature of a natural protected area and a blue flag beach, has a 1175 meter long beach. You can enjoy swimming in a clear sea where you can observe the yellow sands on the ground the moment you look inside. Also known as Ayazma Beach, you can easily meet your food and beverage needs from the nearby facilities.

Uzunkum Beach is another choice for those who want to collect a calm sea memory while exploring the Şile excursion route. You can have a calm and peaceful experience at Uzunkum Beach, which has a blue flag. There is also a luxury facility such as Aqua Beach Club inside the beach. You can also have the chance to benefit from sun loungers, cabins, showers and many other services, including the entrance fee to the beach. We recommend that you do not return without going to Uzunkum Beach, which also has a special area where you can play beach volleyball. Finally, if you want to take advantage of luxury options while swimming, you can visit the area called Ağlayankaya Beach. You can feel yourself in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean while spending time in the beach area, which has a blue flag feature.


What to Buy in Şile?

Şile Cloth (Şile.bezi.org)

If you want to buy an item that will remind you of the region for a long time while you set off for the Şile travel guide and end your journey, your first choice should be Şile cloth. Şile cloth, whose fame has spread all over the world, has been processed by the women of the local people for many years. Şile cloth, which is obtained from a cotton yarn, has a very different and special quality from other cloths with its weaving and processing style. Şile cloths, which are produced from a thick and full fabric, are processed by the local people and turned into a textile product. Thus, thanks to the products produced from Şile cloth, you can both carry the handiwork on you and benefit from a fabric that can keep you warm at all times. You can buy Şile cloth from many historical shops and stores in the center.

Another suggestion for those who want to end their Şile travel guide with an important gift is organic products specially grown by the people of the city. You can obtain organic products grown by the local people from the village market or small businesses established in Şile. You can buy fruits, vegetables, dairy products, fresh eggs and many derivatives that you have tasted here, and you can both gift them to your loved ones and use them in your own home. In this way, you can bring the natural atmosphere of Şile to the city life.


We have come to the end of a travel guide that we prepare every week in Campalow, based on your suggestions. We have listed many information and alternative options you may need in the Şile travel guide. You can take a look at our content titled "11 free and paid campsites in Agva" to evaluate the facilities in the Agva region where you can stay in Şile. You can participate in our survey by following our Instagram address to determine our next travel guide. In order to make different choices next to Şile while escaping from Istanbul, you can make a choice by evaluating the special filtering options developed with the district, activities and services on our "Istanbul Campgrounds" page. We wish you a good time in advance for the Şile travel guide, where you will be away from the Istanbul crowd for a short time.

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