A little getaway: campsites close to Istanbul

In this text; We searched for precious natural camping areas around Istanbul, where you can reach by private vehicle or vehicles.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-01-13
A little getaway: campsites close to Istanbul

When we say job opportunities and needs, we can find ourselves living in the middle of big cities like Istanbul. However, although the benefits of the metropolitan city are high, it can lead to permanent mental fatigue. In such tiring situations, we can take a look at holiday getaways that make weekends a relaxing activity. Especially in cities such as Istanbul where transportation is easy, the camping areas of the surrounding provinces, which reminds of the hidden paradise, attract attention. For you today; We searched the campgrounds around Istanbul, where you can easily reach by private vehicle or various means of transportation. If you're ready, let's start.

Campgrounds Near Istanbul

Campgrounds Near Istanbul

Acarlar Langozu-Sakarya

Are you overwhelmed by the city noise the moment you open the window for a short breath? So, dedicate this weekend to a camping activity where you will relax your body while being enchanted by its beauty. We came with a unique beauty for your little weekend getaway: Acarlar Langozu. Located in Sakarya's Karasu district, Acarlar is known as the second largest langoose in the world. Acarlar Langozu, located in the center of nature, has a magnificent oxygen level and biodiversity. You can set up your tent on the shore of the unique Acarlar Langozu, which resembles a scene from heaven. You can reach the region, which will rest your soul in a few days, in approximately 2 and a half hours by private car from Istanbul. You can reach the campsite in a maximum of 3 hours by using vehicles as well as private vehicles.

Acarlar Langozu

Ballıkayalar Nature Park-Kocaeli

If you do not want to go too far from the city while camping near Istanbul, you can include Ballıkayalar Nature Park in the route. Surrounded by the magnificent beauties of nature, there are special areas in the upper parts of the nature park to set up tents. After setting up your tent in a safe and quiet area, you can take short walks in the nature park. Reflecting a unique natural beauty, green and blue colors dance in harmony in the park. All you have to do is enjoy an unforgettable camping getaway. You can reach Ballıkayalar Nature Park in Gebze district of Kocaeli in approximately one hour by private vehicle or vehicles.

Ballıkayalar Nature Park

Coal Harbor-Canakkale

Are you ready for a fascinating camping experience while getting away from the noise of the metropolis for a short time? Your answer to the question is an excited “Yes!” On the other hand, you can immediately turn your face to the Coal Harbor located in the Saros Gulf of Gallipoli. There are rows of camping areas along the coast at the Coal Harbor, which has become a favorite of divers with its clear water. However, the region can become quite crowded with the influx of holidaymakers in the summer season. For a fascinating and quiet getaway before the summer season, you can visit Kömür Harbor in April or May. It takes approximately 3 and a half hours from Istanbul to the Coal Port located in Çanakkale.

Coal Harbor


While standing out from the routine crowd of Istanbul, you can reward yourself with the magnificent oxygen of Tekirdag. For this, you can include Uçmakdere camping area in your travel route for a weekend getaway with your family or yourself. There are few houses and buildings in the village of Uçmakdere, the homeland of grapes that fascinate with their taste. While proceeding on a calm and quiet route, there are magnificent cliffs in front of the vast sea. You can have a unique camping experience by setting up your tent in the bay you reach at the end of the road. Under the arable and magnificent trees of the village, safe camping areas are available for your visit. You can reach Uçmakdere village in about 2 hours from Istanbul to spend the weekend resting in a calm and fascinating nature.


Seferoğulları Camping-Şile

Of course, we do not forget the special facilities while listing the peaceful camping areas. If you want to meet all your needs at the same time while camping for a pleasant weekend getaway, you can take a short trip to Şile. Located in the Ağva region of Şile, Seferoğlulları Camping promises peaceful memories in nature. You can reach the services you need such as Wifi, electricity, WC, shower, refrigerator-laundry and dishwashing facilities in a short time. Located within walking distance to the beach, the camping area promises peaceful memories and appeals to holidaymakers for a short-term pleasure. You can reach Seferoğulları Camping, which is 20 km away from the city center, in about 2 hours from Istanbul.

Seferoğulları Camping



Uçmakdere de bir çok kez kamp yapmıştık, ailecek de gittik. deniz kenarında dalga sesleriyle uyumak çok iyi geliyor, gece soğuk oluyor, tedbirli gitmek lazım, yakındaki köyde gözleme filan var, minik bir büfe de var, ihtiyaçlarımızı karşılamıştı.

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