Kusadasi travel guide

In the Kusadasi travel guide, we talked about transportation, convenient times, food alternatives, accommodation, activities, entertainment and gifts.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-04-08
Kusadasi travel guide

When the winter cold gradually leaves its place to summer, enjoyable travel routes are starting to come to light. Especially the noise structure and life routines of crowded cities make holiday dreams more intense. Aegean and Mediterranean regions are at the forefront of the indispensable routes when it comes to summer trips. Distinguished regions that are fed by both the green and the blue face of nature at the same time; It promises to leave a unique holiday memory with its beaches stretching to the sea, its culture that hosts a deep-rooted history, and its entertainment life that never decreases. When it comes to the unique travel routes of the Aegean in summer, Aydın is at the top of the list. Aydın city, which is developed in terms of agriculture and tourism; İzmir, Manisa, Denizli and Muğla are known as an outstanding holiday route with their surroundings. Kuşadası is one of the primary addresses of entertainment, culture and comfort in Aydın. Kuşadası, which is an eminent travel route for local and foreign tourists, has restaurants, entertainment centers, historical beauties, natural heritages and camping areas that will make the route meaningful. For the facilities where you can stay comfortably in the Kusadasi travel guide, you can take a look at the "10 free and paid campsites in Kusadasi" guide that we have prepared before. In the Kusadasi travel guide we organized in Campalow, we included transportation, times to go, kitchen, camping facilities, activity opportunities, entertainment opportunities, beach, gifts and many more information. Come, let's travel together!


Kusadasi Travel Guide

How to go to Kusadasi?

Kusadasi Transportation

Aydın's Söke and Germencik; Kuşadası, which is adjacent to the Selçuk district of İzmir, has a coast on the Aegean Sea. At the same time, Kuşadası has a distance of 90 km to İzmir and approximately 157 km to Bodrum and Çeşme. Therefore, it is easy to reach Kuşadası from many cities blended with fun colors during the summer months. For the Kusadasi travel guide, when it comes to metropolitan cities, the district has a distance of 5 hours 40 minutes to Istanbul, 1 hour 15 minutes to Izmir, 2 hours 20 minutes to Muğla and 8 hours and 10 minutes to Ankara. Kuşadası district provides its biggest advantage in terms of transportation alternatives. Therefore, transportation from metropolitan cities such as Istanbul to Kuşadası can be provided by road, airway and railway alternatives.

  • Road transportation to Kusadasi: In order to start the Kusadasi travel guide, you have to cover a distance of approximately 560 km when you set off from Istanbul. Road alternatives for transportation to the district are listed as private vehicles and public transportation. Depending on your transportation preferences, you can reach Kuşadası in approximately 5 hours and 40 minutes by coming via the O-5 or Anatolian Highway with your private vehicle. Another alternative you can use to reach the district is public transportation. For this, you can go to the intercity bus terminal from your city and go to Aydın by buses that depart every hour and start the Kuşadası travel guide.

  • Air transportation to Kuşadası: One of the fastest and practical ways to reach Kuşadası district of Aydın is the airway alternative. In order to come to Kuşadası by air, you must first reach İzmir Adnan Menderes Airport. After arriving at the airport, you can go to Kuşadası, which is 65 km away, by HAVAŞ vehicles or you can use the shuttles arranged by some airline companies for Kuşadası.

  • Railway transportation to Kuşadası: Another alternative you can choose to explore the Kuşadası travel guide is the railway. For this, you can take the train services from Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport to Denizli and get off at the Selçuk stop. Then you can reach Kusadasi in a short time and easily by taking the Kusadasi minibus from the location you got off.


In which months to go to Kusadasi?

Summer Season (Mert Kahveci)

Surrounded by a peaceful blue and green nature cover, Kuşadası is dominated by the Mediterranean Climate. Therefore, you have the chance to explore Kuşadası, the favorite route of tourism, in the autumn and spring seasons, apart from the summer months. With an average temperature of 24 degrees in Kuşadası, the hottest period of the year is seen in July. In addition, with an annual average temperature of 8 degrees, January is also known as the coldest period of the season. Therefore, in order to get maximum efficiency from the Kuşadası travel guide, your activity preferences also gain importance in order to choose the period you go to. If you are going to Kuşadası to explore a deep-rooted history and to visit natural beauties, you can choose the months of March or April, which are not very hot. However, if you have a special holiday destination to explore the city and enjoy the sea when you go to Kuşadası, you can choose between May and October, when the hottest seasons of the year are experienced.


What to Eat in Kusadasi?

Aydin Guveci (Yemek Tarifleri)

When you set off for the Aegean's favorite Kuşadası travel guide, seafood greets you in the first place among food alternatives. Fresh products from the deep blue sea of the Aegean leave a unique taste on your tables, while also making your holiday fascinating with their scent. “What to eat in Kusadasi?” Aydın Güveci comes first among our suggestions as one of the most famous flavors of the district for those who frequently ask the question. The dish, flavored with lamb meat, vegetables and bone broth, doubles its taste when combined with the stew flavor. Therefore, you can come to the borders of Aydın and contribute to the Kuşadası travel guide with Aydın Güveci as a popular dish. You can try the famous casserole of the district in high quality restaurants by the sea.

Another flavor suggestion for holidaymakers who explore the borders of Kuşadası will be Yenipazar Pide. From the moment you taste it, you will discover an experience different from other pitas, and thanks to its thin dough and local ingredients, you will experience a unique pleasure. You should definitely try the Yenipazar Pide, which is made from completely natural and local products, while exploring the district within the borders of Kuşadası. “Not until you quench your hunger and go for dessert!” Another suggestion for those who say will be Tahini Pita. Tahini Pita, which is one of the most important tastes for Kusadasi as well as Bafra, invites you to a delicious experience thanks to the tahini additive poured into the normal pita dough. In this way, you can make a sweet choice while exploring the Kusadasi travel guide. You can discover the precious tastes of Kuşadası on routes such as Marvista Cafe & Restaurant, Saray Restaurant, Tranche Steak House and Planet Yucca, which have gained fame with their cookery and advanced service.


Where to Camp in Kusadasi?

Mursel Camping

You may want to stay on a comfortable route after exploring the city's deep-rooted history and photographing its nature in the Kusadasi travel guide. At this point, you can find comfortable accommodation alternatives combined with an advanced service policy thanks to the Kusadasi campsites located by the fascinating sea of the Aegean. Our first recommendation for those who want to explore the fascinating facilities of Kuşadası, which is included in the list of Aydın camping areas, will be Mürsel Camping. Mürsel Camping, located in the Yavansu region of Kuşadası and Süleyman Demirel Boulevard, provides service in a seafront area. In addition, thanks to the convenient location of the facility, transportation can be provided by both public transportation and private vehicles. When you arrive at the facility, which offers first-class accommodation quality, you can stay in hostels and tents. In addition, there are WC, shower, air conditioner, bed and similar services in the hostel houses of the facility.

Another suggestion for holidaymakers who want to choose a comfortable accommodation in Kuşadası will be Lazoğlu Bungalow. Located in the Güzelçamlı region of Kuşadası, on the National Park Caddesi, the Bungalow facility fascinates with its seafront location, while offering a practical accommodation opportunity thanks to its public transportation and private vehicle transportation facilities. In addition, in the houses carefully designed by the Lazoğlu Bungalow facility, which is located in front of the Zeus Cave and only 100 meters from the National Park, you can find all kinds of services from air conditioning to refrigerators. Moreover, to make summer memories more enjoyable, you can have a pleasant time at the ping pong table, explore the hiking trail and go on a bicycle tour. You can also take a look at the "14 free and paid campsites in Didim" guide, which we have prepared before, to discover other accommodation units in the city of Aydın.


What Activities Are Done in Kusadasi?

Kusadasi City Tour Ephesus Ancient City (Bhumil Chheda)

When it comes to the Kuşadası travel guide, where you can discover the sweet winds of the Aegean, different activities can also come to the fore. Moreover, thanks to the activities you discover, you have the chance to collect many unforgettable memories throughout the year. “What to do in Kusadasi?” Our first suggestion for those looking for an activity idea will be a comprehensive city tour. There are traces of a deep-rooted history that you can discover in Kuşadası, which was taken over by the Ottoman Empire in 1413 by Mehmet the 1 (Çelebi). While staying in Kusadasi, you can explore the 6,690 hectare Kusadasi National Park. At the same time, you can explore the Temple of Artemis on your Ephesus tour or visit the wine houses on your Şirince tour. Moreover, you can make this historical trip immortal by taking photos on the routes you go.

Another recommendation for those who are waiting for activity suggestions in the Kusadasi travel guide will be sea activities. You can scuba dive in the deep blue Aegean Sea of Kuşadası or take a boat tour where you can explore routes such as Soğuksu, Butterfly, and Karasu. In addition, if you have experience in diving, you can participate in night diving activities where you can increase the dose of adventure even more. At night, many species can be seen underwater. Therefore, by scuba diving at night in Kusadasi, you can find the chance to see the beauties that you have never discovered before.


How is the entertainment life in Kuşadası?

Miracle Beach Club

Kuşadası is one of the most distinguished centers on the Aegean coast, where the sound of music is never turned down. In the Kusadasi travel guide, you can visit many bars, nightclubs and cafes serving both in the center and on the coastline to catch the rhythm of the entertainment. Our first suggestion for those who are curious about Kusadasi nightlife is the Miracle Beach Club facility as the popular route of the town. Miracle Beach Club, located on the Women's Sea route of Kuşadası, is one of the routes where you can enjoy the sun and the sea to the fullest during the day and reach the peaks of entertainment when the sun goes down. The facility, which provides service both indoors and outdoors, also has a terrace where you can take the entertainment to the top with the Aegean Sea view. You can choose Miracle Beach Club to animate the tour guide with loud music, fun lights and a quality rhythm.

Another recommendation for holidaymakers who want to catch the end of the endless fun in Kuşadası is Jimmy's Irish Bar. Jimmy's Irish Bar, located in Alamescit, Kuşadası, is one of the rare routes where you can sip your favorite drink while having a good time with your loved ones. You can have a pleasant time with Turkish and English songs in the bar, which is visited by both local and foreign tourists throughout the season. You can also find many moments where you can double the pleasure of the evening with colorful light shows.


Where to go to the sea in Kusadasi?

İcmeler Bay (Kusadasi Guzelcamli)

Kuşadası's fascinating Aegean Sea manages to make summer holidays unique. The smooth nature of the sea and its shallow lanes make a summer holiday with your family unforgettable. The beautiful beaches where you can swim in Kuşadası are divided into two different categories, paid and free. In the Kusadasi travel guide, our first recommendation to you is in the direction of İçmeler Bay, which is known as a paid beach. Located in the National Park, İçmeler Bay has a large coastline of 650 meters. Moreover, in İçmeler Bay, which has managed to stay immaculate despite the large number of guests it hosts, you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas or benefit from the facilities in the region for a fee.

Another suggestion for those who want to relax while exploring a sea like an aquarium in Kuşadası will be Yılancı Cape Beach. Although it is located very close to the center, Yılancı Cape, which can remain quiet and calm, is considered as a 1st degree protected area. In addition, the beach can be easily reached by minibus and private vehicle. There are no facilities such as toilets or showers in the beach section open to the public. Therefore, you can lay your towel on the edge of a deep blue sea and enjoy a virgin and decent beach area. There may be stones on the sea floor at Yılancı Cape, which has a fine sandy beach. In addition, there is a high probability of seeing sea urchins in the advancing areas. For this reason, we recommend that you take sea shoes with you on your way to the beach.


What to Buy in Kusadasi?

Fig (Tom Hermans)

You may not want to leave behind the many beauties you discover or the history-smelling atmosphere of the streets as you approach the last days of the Kusadasi travel guide. Therefore, souvenirs are at the forefront of the elements that will make your holiday in Kuşadası unforgettable and make you remember it throughout the year. You can feel the holiday atmosphere after you return home, thanks to the items that remind you or your loved ones of Kusadasi. “What can I buy from Kusadasi?” For those who ask, our first recommendation will be Fig Jam. The most delicious and fragrant figs of the country are grown in Aydın. Therefore, in order to make the Kuşadası travel guide unforgettable, you can choose fig jam with its unique taste and consistency, which will cheer up the breakfast tables.

Themed items are another gift that can be bought by people who want to make their precious time in Kuşadası meaningful for their loved ones. You can leave an unforgettable memory to your loved ones with products such as magnets, key chains, openers, ashtrays, wall plates, trays and mugs with the inscription "Kusadasi". Moreover, thanks to the souvenirs you will buy with the theme of Kuşadası, you can have a memory that reminds you of the travel guide at home. You can buy souvenirs, jams or natural products grown by the local people from the central point of Kuşadası.

In Campalow, we have completed the Kuşadası travel guide in the route contents that we prepare specifically for your preferences every week. If you want to participate in other route surveys and determine our next travel guide, you can vote on Instagram. In order to evaluate the camping facilities in Kuşadası on the axis of the information you have obtained in the guide, you can reach the ideal facilities by filtering the district, activity and service on the Kuşadası camping sites page. In the same way, you can evaluate the articles of Çeşme travel guide, Fethiye travel guide or Bodrum travel guide to keep your route in the Aegean but to explore different regions. We wish you good luck in advance for a travel route you have dreamed of.

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