Kemer travel guide

In the Kemer travel guide, we talked about transportation, convenient times, food alternatives, accommodation, activities, entertainment life and gifts.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-04-01
Kemer travel guide

Even the travel process has an important place when the preparations for a fascinating travel route are completed and set out. Even the deep blue coastline and lush nature you see along the way helps to prepare you for the holiday. Especially when the route you go is the unique points of the Mediterranean, the pleasant details of the trip begin during the journey. As you embark on a journey to the south of Turkey, the name of the tranquility that draws you in the deep blue waters of the Mediterranean is usually Antalya. With its unique coastlines, immaculate atmosphere and the historical beauties it hides, you can find every alternative you expect from a sightseeing route in Antalya. Kemer is among the indispensable cities of travel routes, where both locals and tourists flock to the city throughout the season. Kemer, which is among the important tourism centers of the country and whose surface area is measured as 53,483; With its pine forests, full-fledged nightlife and comfortable camping areas, it appeals to every expectation. After enjoying a cultural tour with unique ancient cities and discovering the beauty of a fascinating nature, you can evaluate Kemer camping areas. You can have the opportunity to explore Antalya's largest holiday center in Kemer, located at the foot of the Batu Taurus Mountains. As Campalow, we came to Kemer travel guide on the routes we organize every week according to your preferences. In the guide, we talked about transportation to Kemer, food alternatives, camping areas, activities, seasons, gifts, beach and entertainment opportunities. Let's take a look.


Kemer Travel Guide

How to go to Kemer?

Kemer Transportation

When it comes to Kemer, Antalya's favorite holiday route, users ask "How do I go to Kemer?" seeking an answer to the question. Kemer, which is located in the east of Tahtalı Mountain and at the foot of the Western Taurus Mountains, has a distance of approximately 40 km from the city center of Antalya. Therefore, you can reach Antalya city center from Kemer in about half an hour. Kemer, which is an important tourism center; It has a distance of 760 km to Istanbul, 580 km to Ankara, 492 km to İzmir and 339 km to Muğla. When you set off for Kemer travel guide by private car, you can reach the city by using many road alternatives. You can also use public transportation as another alternative to transportation. For this, you need to use land, air and sea route options.

Land transportation to Kemer: Road is one of the most preferred transportation alternatives on the way to Kemer, Antalya's indispensable travel route. When you set off for Kemer travel guide, you can choose public transportation. There are bus companies operating from almost every city to Kemer district of Antalya. In this way, you have the chance to reach Kemer by using intercity buses. At this point, some travel companies organize direct flights to Kemer Bus Station, while others prefer Antalya Bus Station. When you encounter the second situation, you can easily reach your destination by using the Antalya-Kemer minibuses, which are organized every 10 minutes.

Air transportation to Kemer: The fastest and most practical method you can choose to reach Kemer is by air. The closest airport to Kemer is in Antalya. Therefore, you can reach Antalya Airport by taking a plane from your city. After arriving at Antalya Airport, which is 57 km from Kemer, you can easily continue the rest of the way by shuttle, taxi or transfer vehicle.

Sea transportation to Kemer: Another transportation alternative in the Kemer travel guide is the sea route. Moreover, while using the sea route, you can accumulate unique visual memories as well as comfort. In the sea route alternative, where you can travel over the blue, the task falls to the sea buses. You can reach Kemer at the end of a 45-minute journey by taking a sea bus from Antalya. We can say that you will have a comfortable journey regardless of your preference for transportation to Kemer.


In which months to go to Kemer?

Kemer Summer Season (Oleksii Hubskyi)

The traces of the Mediterranean climate can be found in Kemer, which keeps the harmonious union of green and blue alive. Therefore, it can be said that Kemer, which sees the sun almost every day of the year, has a warm and mild weather during the summer season. In addition to the hot and dry summers in Kemer, the winter months are warm and rainy. The annual average temperature in Kemer usually reaches 18 degrees. At the same time, with an average high temperature of 27 degrees, the hottest period of the year is July. The coldest period of the year in Kemer is experienced in January with 11 degrees. Therefore, if you want to enjoy a full summer holiday in Kemer travel guide and dream of swimming freely in the deep blue waters, you can set out in July and August. If you want to visit the beauties of the city and explore the history in a milder and more comfortable weather, you can choose the months of May and June.


What to Eat in Kemer?

Yoruk Kebab (

When it comes to culinary delights in the Kemer travel guide, the most frequently asked question by holidaymakers is "What is Kemer famous for?" seen as. From the moment you step into Kemer, you can meet unique flavors filled with Mediterranean greenery in almost every restaurant. While appealing to all kinds of palates, you can often come across vegetable dishes and olive oil dishes in Kemer cuisine, which does not disturb with its light structure. For those who start the Kemer travel guide, our first local taste recommendation will be "Yörük Kebab". Kebab, the popular flavor of the city of Antalya, has succeeded in bringing its fame from the Mediterranean cuisine to different cuisines. Yoruk kebab unique to the city of Antalya; It doubles its flavor with the combination of meat, fresh vegetables and noodles. You can go to the "Pasa Kebab Kemer" facility in Kemer center to experience a local feeling by trying kebab delicacies in Kemer.

For holidaymakers who have discovered the Kemer travel guide, our other suggestion for a light flavor that does not weigh down is “Hibeş” besides kebab and fish types. Hideş, which takes place in the famous tables of Antalya as an appetizer and sauce type; It takes its place on the tables as a very light flavor made with tahini, lemon, garlic and cumin ingredients. Moreover, this flavor doubles its taste by drizzling it on boiled potatoes or beans. When you want to experience a light taste besides Kemer's unique food tastes, you can include hibeşi in the menu. Of course, it is impossible not to talk about the main course and appetizer in the Kemer travel guide and not go for dessert. To end a meal in Kemer with a sweet ending, you can try the "Antalya Style Pumpkin Dessert". It manages to leave a pleasant effect on the palate with its sweet, light flavor made from pumpkin and the aroma of tahini poured on it. The walnut pieces and tahini flavor added to the pumpkin dessert make this flavor unique to Antalya. Especially after heavy meal preferences, you can choose pumpkin dessert to end the meal with a light dessert.


Where to Camp in Kemer?

Bellerofon Camping

After discovering the historical beauties, natural heritage and entertainment life in Antalya's Kemer travel guide, you may want to end the day in a comfortable facility. After taking a look at the natural beauties of Kemer, the first choice of those who want to spend the night in nature is Kemer camping areas. With its different camping areas, comfortable accommodation preferences and comprehensive service understanding in Kemer, it allows you to start the next day in a vigorous way. Our first suggestion for those who want to choose a camping facility in the Kemer travel guide will be the "Peacock Camping & Caravan" facility. The camping area, located at the Ulupınar point of Kemer, serves at a point very close to Olympos. In this way, you can find the chance to discover the historical beauties of the city during the day. There are caravans, bungalows and tents in the accommodation alternatives offered to the guests at the facility. You can stay in your own tent or rent the tents allocated by the facility for guests. At the same time, you can take advantage of the caravan parking area of the facility and you can catch a peaceful moment of comfort in your own home in the bungalow houses. The Peacock Camping & Caravan facility, where many service alternatives are offered, has a short distance of 100 meters from the sea. In this way, you can spend most of the day swimming, diving and angling activities.

While taking a look at Kemer campsites, another facility proposal we will offer you will be “Bellerofon Camping”. Just like the other facility, you can stay in your own tent, caravan or boutique caravans rented from the facility in the camping area located on the Ulupınar route of Kemer. The proximity of the camping facility to Olympos, Yanartaş, Phaselis and many other city beauties also makes a cultural discovery possible in Kemer travel guide. Thanks to the unique location of the facility on the Olympos beach, you can try many water sports during the day, swim in the deep blue sea or participate in a diving activity where you will discover the underwater beauties. You can review our Olympos campsites guide to discover other fascinating facilities on the Olympos route of Kemer.


What Activities Are Done in Kemer?

Culture Trip Olympos Ancient City (Culture Portal)

Kemer district of Antalya offers the opportunity for many holidaymakers to try valuable activities every year thanks to its nature and historical beauties. Kemer, which includes both alternatives such as nature and culture trips, has many natural beauties that you should not return without exploring. Our first recommendation in the Kemer travel guide, which carries the traces of ancient civilizations with its historical beauties, will be in the direction of "Culture Trip". While on a cultural tour in Kemer, you can discover the birth of Lycia in the Ancient City of Olympos with unique ruins from the Hellenistic, Roman and Byzantine periods. Moreover, you can take a short trip to ancient times by exploring the baths, cemeteries and ancient theaters in the region. Phaselis is another route you should stop by while making a cultural trip in Kemer. In the Antin City of Phaselis, which is known to have been founded by the Rhodesian colonists, you can find a cemetery, theater, acropolis and many other ruins from the Roman and Byzantine periods.

Another activity recommendation for holidaymakers who find themselves in the Kemer travel guide will be specific to the deep blue Mediterranean. You can experience summer activities for a trip where you will discover the peaceful, calm and clean waters of the Mediterranean. You can swim in Kemer's unique blue flag beaches, discover underwater beauties in diving activities or participate in water sports organized by many companies. At this point, one of our suggestions to you will be “Boat Tours”. On the Kemer boat tour, you can visit the routes such as Camyuva, Tekirova, Phaselis, Olympos, Alacasu, Üç Adalar, Kekova, Demre and Myra, departing from the Marina and various surrounding beaches. Moreover, you can collect unique memories by swimming in the azure waters that resemble paradise.


How is the entertainment life in Kemer?

Qualista Lounge

Entertainment life in Kemer, the pleasant route of the Mediterranean, has a very lively and enjoyable structure. Therefore, in the city, you can come across an endless wind of entertainment until the first light of the morning. In Kemer, which has a disco, night club, live music bar and cafe culture, you can encounter entertainment alternatives for all kinds of music. The city center is the frequent destination for those who want to discover an endless entertainment culture in the Kemer travel guide. You can go to Club Inferno Mania Kemer in the first place, in the city center of Kemer, where the nightlife is most lively. The resort offers many concepts for holidaymakers who want to experience the fun to their fullest. With themed parties, dance shows and DJ performances, you can set off for an endless flood of entertainment at Club Inferno Marina Kemer.

To crown the entertainment life in Kemer with a decent choice, you can go to the facility called Qualista Lounge. Located in the port area, the venue will be a pleasant route where you can taste the unique culinary delights of the Mediterranean while listening to live music. At the same time, you can enjoy the sea view while meeting with both entertainment and delicious opportunities in the place. Access to the venue, where both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage alternatives are offered, can be achieved on foot. While evaluating the entertainment alternatives in the Kemer travel guide, if your preference is for a more calm, decent and dose of entertainment, you can choose the facility named Qualista Lounge.


Where to go to the sea in Kemer?

Qualista Beach

Home to a deep blue coastline, Kemer has many beaches with very different concepts where you can swim. Moreover, you can accumulate a summer holiday memory that you will remember for a long time, with the soft golden sands and turquoise sea air of the beaches in Kemer. If you want to go to the beaches where you will meet with comfortable preferences in an ethnic theme while setting out for the Kemer travel guide, our first recommendation will be Qualista Beach. Located in Kemer town centre, the beach is designed to appeal to guests of all ages with its shallow sea and soft sandy beach. Moreover, facilities such as a restaurant, bar and children's playground at the beach area maximize the efficiency you can get with your family. Moreover, you can contact companies where you can learn various water sports while spending time on the beach, or you can keep the dose of entertainment high with DJ performances, which have now become a routine in the afternoon.

In addition to a paid beach in Kemer, our recommendation for those who want to swim in free beaches will be Moonlight Beach. You can enjoy the natural beauties on the beach, which resembles an aquarium with its turquoise structure, without going too far from the town center. There are two types of alternative areas, paid and free, where you can swim at Moonlight Beach. When you pay a certain fee, you can benefit from the changing cabin, WC and sunbed services. If you want to make a more free choice while swimming in Kemer, you can enjoy the sun by laying your towel in the free zone. The sea of the beach is quite shallow, clean and has a wave-free structure. In this way, we can say that families with children and those who are just learning to swim can also prefer it.


What to Buy in Kemer?

Kemer Souvenir (Mall of Antalya)

After returning from Antalya's Kemer route, you may want to experience a unique history and fascinating nature breezes at home. Therefore, with some of the items you will buy in Kemer, you can both experience the texture of the city at home and invite your loved ones to this atmosphere. “What gift can be bought from Kemer?” For those wondering the question, our first suggestion as an answer will be Kemer themed souvenirs. Especially when you go to the famous Kemer Bazaar, you can see many souvenir shops lined up side by side. Here you can find many items such as mugs, magnets, trinkets, key chains, openers, trays and wallets created with the theme of the city. In this way, you can keep the memory of Kemer alive long after you return from your trip.

Another gift suggestion for holidaymakers visiting Kemer for sightseeing will be local products and jam varieties. You can discover the special tastes of the town and buy them for your loved ones at the dry food market set up on Mondays in Kemer. In the same way, you can buy village bread, cheese and many other products produced by the hand of the local people from the market. Of course, it is impossible not to come to the Mediterranean and try delicious jam varieties. In the market, you can buy different types of jam, such as citrus or bergamot jam, prepared by village women in their own homes. Moreover, we can say that you can feel yourself in the unique nature of Kemer from the first taste thanks to the flavor of the jams.


We have come to the end of our "Kemer travel guide" content in the route suggestions we prepare with your special votes every week in Campalow. You can participate in the surveys on our Instagram address to determine the next travel guide by participating in the special voting of the week. In the light of the information you have discovered in the guide, you can visit the "Kemer campsites" page to explore the special camping areas in Kemer and filter for activities and services. In order to turn your route to different points of Kemer, you can review the contents of the Adrasan camping areas or Adrasan travel guide that we have prepared before. We wish you a good time in advance for an unforgettable trip to the unique route of the Mediterranean!

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