Is it possible to pitch a tent on the beaches?

We investigated the free tent camping on the Antalya coast by examining the rules and punishment methods for pitching a tent on a beach with a deep blue sea.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-12-28
Is it possible to pitch a tent on the beaches?

Which of us wouldn't want to be able to make a peaceful tent camp while the gentle waves of the sea wet our feet? Although this idea is very pleasing for us, we need to be careful when camping at some points where there are no facilities or businesses. Otherwise, we are stuck with the rules set by the municipality and we may have to pay some fines. Under normal conditions, it is forbidden to set up a free camp in areas belonging to government institutions such as the National Park, touristic zone, forest, grove and beach. There is also a set penalty amount for such bans, depending on the region. Based on the Belgrad Forest in the past days, "Is it possible to set up a tent in the forests?" We have published a guide. Today, we took the beaches to our center for you and explored the possibility of setting up a free tent. Let's evaluate together.


Is it possible to camp on the beach in Antalya?

When we say camping holiday, the deep blue beaches of Antalya come to life at the beginning of summer routes. Especially between June and September, areas such as Lara Beach or Konyaaltı Beach are flooded with campers. Although tents can be set up for free on the beaches of Lara and Konyaaltı in the past, it is forbidden to camp here under normal conditions. In fact, in the last summer period, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Police Department, Konyaaltı Beach Area Management Procedures and Principles of the Regulation "Camping and setting up tents on the Konyaaltı Beach is prohibited." Within the scope of the article, he had many tents removed on the beaches and imposed a certain amount of punishment. Therefore, if you want to camp for free on the beaches of Antalya, you must contact the municipality and the gendarmerie or send a petition before you set off.


Can tents be set up on Blue Flag beaches?

Municipalities serving in the region may prohibit camping, setting up tents and even vehicle-mounted tents within certain limits within the scope of the Metropolitan Municipality Law No. 5216. Therefore, you must have detailed information before you set out for a beach area for free camping. One of the most curious places regarding beach camping bans is the blue flag beaches. According to the municipal regulation, not setting up tents without permission on blue flag beaches is counted as a criterion for awarding the blue flag. For this reason, you should know that it is forbidden to set up a tent on a blue flag beach and if you set up your tent without permission, you may be subject to a penalty of 581 TL as of 2022, pursuant to Article 32 of the Misdemeanor Law No. 5326.

As Campalow, we shared a comprehensive guide on the regulations for setting up free tents on the beach. In addition to the free zones where you will be subject to a penalty, you can make a comfortable camp by evaluating the "Seaside" campgrounds. If you still prefer free zones, you can take a look at our “Free campsites” content. We wish you good luck on your camping trip!

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