Is it possible to camp for free in the forests?

We researched free camping in Belgrad Forest by examining the rules and possible punishment methods for camping in a lush forest.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-12-22
Is it possible to camp for free in the forests?

It is our dream to breathe the relaxing atmosphere of nature in a tent camp set up in greenery. Moreover, setting up a tent at a free spot as well as a camping facility will not only appeal to your sense of freedom but also help you stay alone with nature as long as you wish. However, at this point, campers should pay attention to the beach and forest camp bans set by the gendarmerie. Although entry to the forest was prohibited for a limited time, especially after the fires throughout the country, as of September 1, 2022, according to the scope of the "Circular on the Measures to be Taken Against Forest Fires by the AFAD Presidency" published by the Ministry of Interior and the AFAD Presidency, the ban on entering the forests and camping was ended. Today, we still need to be careful to avoid penalties when going to a free woodland and pitching a tent.

According to the rules set in Turkey, under normal conditions, it is forbidden to set up free camps in areas belonging to state institutions such as the National Park, touristic zone, forest, grove and beach. However, if you want to stay with your tent and caravan free of charge in some regions, you can camp safely by first getting permission from the gendarmerie.

Is it possible to camp in the Belgrad forest?

Located in the Kemerburgaz district of Istanbul, the Belgrad Forest becomes an ideal getaway spot for Istanbul residents both on weekdays and on weekends. We can underline that it is overcrowded especially on weekends due to picnickers who come with their families. Under normal circumstances, it is forbidden to camp in the Belgrad Forest. This is due to the fact that the region is a protected area under the Directorate of National Parks. Although there are facilities such as fountains and toilets for picnickers in the region, there are no special areas reserved for pitching tents. However, despite this, it is possible to see those who do tent camps in the region by not listening to the ban. If you are still going to camp in the Belgrad Forest, keep in mind that you may be fined in case of an inspection.

What is the penalty for unauthorized camping in the forest?

According to the Forestry Law No. 6831, it is forbidden to spend the night in the forests except where it is clearly stated that camping can be done. However, there has not been a system specifically reserved for the legislation on this issue and where they can see the legitimate places to camp.

According to the Forest Law No. 6831, it is forbidden to spend the night on a route other than the places determined by the forest administration. As of 2022, according to Article 76/a of the Forestry Law No. 6831, a fine of 222 TL is imposed by the forest management chief on the report.

As Campalow, we talked about the current ban on camping in the forest and the penalty rates that can be applied if you camp in the famous Belgrad Forest. At this point, we recommend that you get information and permission from the Gendarmerie Directorate of the region before you set off in order to make your camp safely without being subject to any penalty. As long as you get the permission in question, you can safely camp in a region of your choice by reviewing the Free campsites guide. You can browse through the content of the Campsites, which are carried out by an enterprise in order not to be penalized during the camp. We wish you pleasant camping in advance!

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