Is a caravan license plate necessary?

In our comprehensive guide, we searched for license plate regulations for caravans under 750 kg evaluated in the O1 class.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-27
Is a caravan license plate necessary?

Caravans are the concrete symbol of a return to nature and a free life. When the interest on these caravans has been gathered so much lately, questions come with them. One of the most frequently asked questions regarding caravan regulations, especially in recent times, is the license plate. “Is a caravan license plate necessary?” or “Does the caravan need a license plate?” Questions like these are usually shaped by the curiosity of questions about legislation. At Campalow, the content we have organized according to your questions, lastly, "Does a trailer need a license?" and “How many years is the caravan inspection done?” We answered your questions. Today we will focus on the plate problem for the trailer. If you're ready, let's start!


Is a license plate required?

When you're getting ready to go on a free RV ride, the last thing you want is a fine. Therefore, if you do not comply with the legislative regulations prepared for caravans, you may be subject to various penalties and interrupt your holiday. Therefore, you should have access to accurate information about all kinds of legislation, especially the caravan license plate. When it comes to license plate for the caravan, it should be evaluated in two frameworks, like all other issues. The plate subject to be attached to the caravan may differ depending on whether the vehicle is under 750 kg or over 750 kg.

  • Caravan plate under 750 kg: No plate is required for caravans weighing less than 750 kg, that is, evaluated in the 01 class group. According to the legislation specially arranged for caravans, a plate bearing the number given to the towing vehicle is attached to the back of trailers or semi-trailers weighing up to 750 kg or is documented by drawing. In this way, there is no need for extra plate removal for caravans under 750 kg.
  • Caravan plate over 750 kg: As in other regulations, a plate is mandatory for caravans that are evaluated outside of the O1 class and exceed 750 kg, that is, O2 class caravans. As with the license and inspection procedures of the caravan, you can set off safely by complying with the necessary regulations for the license plate.

Today in Campalow, “Is a trailer license plate necessary?” We researched the subject and prepared a guide with answers to the question. For your other questions regarding caravan regulations, “What license is used for caravan types?” You can evaluate our content. At the same time, the “Caravan accommodation guide” will help you for tips on living in a caravan. We wish you a good holiday in advance.

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