Ilgaz paid campsites

Listed the transportation, communication, service, activity and accommodation information specific to the facilities in the Çankırı Ilgaz campsites guide.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-08-15
Ilgaz paid campsites

You may need to relieve the fatigue and stress you have accumulated throughout the year during the camping holiday. Central Anatolian cities are one of the unique routes where you can meet with a large oxygen tank, especially while getting rid of stress. You can find the opportunity to discover the immaculate atmosphere of nature in the region's distinguished cities, especially Çankırı. Moreover, you can turn your dream vacation into reality thanks to a unique view that reflects on the city at every point you turn your face to. Ilgaz is one of the valuable locations where you can be alone with nature in Çankırı, the favorite city of Central Anatolia. You can find the opportunity to experience comfortable accommodation alternatives, an atmosphere integrated with nature and fun activities in the campsites of Ilgaz, the distinguished district of Çankırı. We came to Çankırı Ilgaz stop in the camp guides we regularly prepare in Campalow. In Ilgaz campsites, you can find information about activities, communication, accommodation, service and transportation specific to the facilities. Let's evaluate together.


Ilgaz Campgrounds

1- Kadincayiri Nature Park Campground (Ilgaz)

Kadincayiri Nature Park Campground

How is transportation and communication provided?

One of the popular choices of Ilgaz campgrounds list is Kadınçayırı Nature Park Campground. You can choose the Kadınçayırı Nature Park Campground, which is located in Çankırı's Ilgaz district and Cömert Village, during both summer and winter seasons. The nature park, which is the favorite choice of those who come to Central Anatolia, has a driving distance of 67.6 km to Çankırı city center and 20.3 km to Ilgaz district center. In this way, you can provide transportation to the facility by private vehicle. For this, you must first follow the Ilgaz Mountain National Park road while going through Ilgaz district. Then, after passing the Cömert Village, you should enter in the direction of Kadınçayırı Nature Park on the road that separates. When you arrive at the Kadınçayırı Nature Park Campground shortly after the trip, you can leave your private vehicle in the parking lot within the accommodation fee.

  • Phone: 0 561 617 81 81

What types of accommodation are available?

  • Tent
  • Caravan
  • bungalow houses

What services are available?

  • Car park
  • Mosque
  • Cooking possibilities
  • Restaurant
  • Child park

What activities can be done?

  • Trekking
  • zipline
  • Ski
  • Fishing
  • Culture

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We have reached the end of the content of Ilgaz campsites, which we have prepared specially for Ilgaz, the distinguished district of Çankırı. After taking a look at our comprehensive guide, you can take a look at the Kizilcahamam campsites or Beypazarı campsites to evaluate other routes of Central Anatolia. In the same way, you can review the Nallıhan camping areas or Çamlıdere camping areas guide to browse different locations in Ankara close to Çankırı. We wish you a good holiday in advance.

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