How to make the right choice when choosing a caravan?

In the guide, we have shared the guidelines for you to make a choice by asking the right questions regarding the expectations in caravan selection.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-02-21
How to make the right choice when choosing a caravan?

If you are passionate about free camper camping, renting or converting a campervan will always be your dream. With the caravan's maverick atmosphere, comfortable facilities and free theme, even a route you choose is enough to be a companion for you. Therefore, at this point, you need to be able to make the caravan choice that will make your dreams come true on the axis of the right questions. Whether you convert a vehicle into a caravan or rent the caravan of your dreams; You can start to make the right decision by listing your expectations for the vehicle along the route. In the "Caravan accommodation guide" we have prepared before in Campalow, we have mentioned the types of caravans with their comprehensive features. Today, “How to make the right choice when choosing a caravan?” We have prepared a guide to answer your question. Let's evaluate together.


How to Choose a Caravan?

First of all, you can make the right choice by paying attention to the vehicle features, technical system, interior decoration, electrical installation, driving experience and insulation features in the caravan selection. At this point, the choice you can make when choosing a caravan is separated from each other in the categories of Motorhome and Caravan. You can make your choice among these two options, which many caravans are undecided about, by correctly extracting the advantages of the vehicle.


What are the Advantages of Motorhomes?

  • You can go to the route you want in a very comfortable way.
  • You can furnish the large interior decoration as you wish.
  • With a single tool, you can fulfill all your wishes.
  • It is easier to use.
  • It is suitable for long trips.


What are the Advantages of Trailer Caravan?

  • No license is required for caravans weighing less than 750 kg.
  • You do not have to pay annual tax costs.
  • You can find more affordable prices.
  • When a converted motorhome is less than 5 years old, it may be necessary to pay the excise duty difference.
  • However, this does not apply to caravans.
  • Ideal for short trips.


How to Make the Right Choice?

While choosing a caravan, you may feel lost among the features of the trailer and motorhome. At this point, the most important thing that will enable you to make the right decision will be to determine your expectations and needs. For example, if your need is for long caravan journeys with a single vehicle, we definitely recommend a motorhome. In addition, you can choose caravans for a model that you can include in your vehicle for smaller journeys. In order to make the right choice in the caravan, you can ask yourself comprehensive questions on “budget, season, license or time spent in the caravan”.


Seasonal Features

Seasonal characteristics are one of the primary factors that enable you to choose the right caravan. If you prefer the winter season when you set off with a caravan, you should definitely pay attention to the insulation properties of the vehicle. Otherwise, you may have to spend your holiday with illness. If you find it attractive to travel with a caravan in winter, we have prepared the question "What are the necessary materials in the caravan camp in winter?" check out the guide. In addition, if your preference will be for the summer season, you can postpone the insulation properties to the second plan.


License Issue

Another factor that will affect your choice when choosing a caravan is the license issue. If you are thinking of getting a license for the caravan of your dreams, you can make your choice in favor of the motorhome. However, if you do not intend to get a license, you can choose the caravan models under 750 kg. In addition, if you intend not to obtain a license for a motorhome, you should remember that the vehicle must be recyclable. For other technical information about the caravan, we have prepared beforehand "What license class is the caravan used with?" check out the guide.


Budget Amount

As with every shopping, when choosing a suitable caravan model, you need to take out the appropriate budget amount. If your budget is high and the amount you will spare for technical equipment is ready, you can make your choice in favor of the motorhome. However, if you have a more limited amount, you can opt for caravans. At this point, you can evaluate our article to get an idea by viewing the current amount you will spend for the caravan tax: “How much is the caravan tax in 2023?


Time Spent in the Caravan

No matter how effective the technical and exterior features are when choosing a caravan, you should also consider the time spent inside. Therefore, if you want to set off with a caravan in winter and plan to spend most of your time in a caravan, we recommend motorhome models. Thanks to its large structure and convenient decoration, these vehicles will offer the opportunity to have a pleasant time inside. To make your time in the caravan more comfortable, “How to spend time in the caravan?” Check out our guide.


Today, as Campalow, “How to make the right choice when choosing a caravan?” We tried to answer the question within the framework of different answers. You can also take a look at the "Things to consider in the caravan camp" guide that we have prepared to answer your different questions on this subject. We wish you a lot of pleasure for an unforgettable holiday in a vehicle of your dreams.

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