How to collect dry wood for a campfire?

We have listed the tips for finding dry wood in nature in order to make an efficient campfire in the winter camp.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-11-04
How to collect dry wood for a campfire?

The most important source that we can stay warm in a short time in the winter camp is the campfire. However, on days when it rains and snows, it becomes very difficult to find a dry wood that we can burn. While it's time for winter camp, we've listed some tips to find dry wood and bring it with you wherever you go.


What is the Difference Between Fresh Wood and Dry Wood?

One of the most common mistakes made by adventure lovers who want to light a fire in the camp is to cut fresh wood. Fresh wood, in time, absorbs water resources and returns them to nature in an efficient manner. When we hurry to light the campfire, which is an indispensable part of a camp, and cut fresh wood, we deprive nature of a large water source. For this reason, it is very important to go in search of dry wood in your region and to bring a dry wood source with you for a route where you cannot find any wood.

Today, “Wet wood does not burn!” Although such stereotypical information is circulating from ear to ear, it must be said that it is wrong. Although wet wood is difficult to ignite, it is not impossible to burn. Campers who want to escape the easy way prefer wet areas rather than dry just to light a campfire, even though the trees are wet and fertile. Naturally, this situation brings an inevitable nature murder to your camp. On a camping trip with big dreams, you can light the campfire with dry wood in order not to destroy the fascinating resources and oxygen source trees that nature offers you.

Dry Wood

Dry wood, which is the most efficient source to use for your campfire, is usually found in the dried branches of trees close to the ground. Even if the branches in question get wet occasionally, they often manage to stay dry thanks to the protection of the upper branches. In this way, you can include wood that has generally managed to stay dry in your fire. Mostly, after collecting dry wood, you can also collect wet wood that has been cut in a way that will not harm the nature. You can take a look at our guide titled “Things to consider when lighting a campfire” in order to light a campfire that keeps you warm in the camp in the past months. You can also browse through our content “Campgrounds where campfires can be lit” on different routes in Turkey and discover different routes where you can light a fire.


Why is wet wood not burned?

Since wet wood absorbs much more liquid than dry wood, it is very difficult to burn. However, you can still burn fresh wood with an intense fire source. The efficiency of the wet wood will be low and it will pave the way for the formation of tar and soot due to the amount of heat in it. This situation causes you to leave permanent and harmful traces on nature while lighting a campfire. Do not forget that the basis of camping is not to leave a trace in nature. You can light a campfire without harming the nature by choosing dry wood instead of fresh wood.

Dry Wood-1


How to Find Dry Wood?

When you go to a winter camp, you may encounter mostly wet woods due to weather conditions such as rain and snowfall. Nowadays, campers stop looking for dry wood to escape the easy task, they try to find a source of wet wood by cutting trees. In order not to make this mistake and to protect natural resources, you can learn the tips for finding dry wood in nature. In a rainy region, the branches under the trunk of the tree usually have a dry structure. Thanks to the protection of the upper branches, you can collect the branches that manage to stay dry and include them in the campfire. After you find enough dry wood, you can start the fire by collecting the wet tree branches that have fallen in a way that will not harm the trees. In some areas, there may be enough greenery on a fallen tree to protect it from precipitation. In this case, you can collect the dry areas of tree branches protected by greenery. In order not to experience deprivation in an area where you cannot find dry wood, we recommend that you take dry wood in packs with you when you go to the winter camp. Whatever the case, we support that the souls that feed nature should not be destroyed in order to make a campfire.

How to Find Dry Wood


When is dry wood brought to the camp?

You must have heard that it is against camping culture to go camping with wood. This view is based on the transport of various insect species to different populations via dry wood. At the same time, there are people who make finding wood an adventure in a camping experience that fuels their sense of adventure. Therefore, the process of collecting wood for camping can be seen as a necessity rather than a necessity. However, over time, this view can lead campers to the wrong path, such as cutting wet wood when dry wood is not available. You can take wood with you when you go to winter camps to avoid these mistakes and protect the basic resources of nature. Same way;

  • There is no dry wood on the route you will go to the camp,
  • Avoiding the formation of soot and tar caused by wet woods,
  • Not spending time collecting wood in short-term camps,
  • You can bring dry wood with you in cases such as spending enough energy on camping activities instead of collecting wood.
Dry Wood-3


How Much Are Dry Wood Prices?

Oak wood is one of the wood types that you can get maximum efficiency when lighting a campfire. Oak woods have the feature of burning for a long time with their high quality and high value structure. In addition, thanks to its natural and dry structure, it ensures that the fumes that come into contact with the air disappear without harming the nature. As of 2022, dry oak wood prices in the market generally start from 100 TL per 10 kg and increase to 1000-2000 TL according to its weight.

Dry Wood Prices

As Campalow, we talked about the details of collecting dry wood for an efficient campfire. We wish you a good time in advance for a comfortable winter camp where you can have a pleasant time with the campfire!

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