How to camp in the pandemic?

In this article; We have listed the things you should pay attention to when going on a camping holiday in the pandemic, where health is important.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-02-03
How to camp in the pandemic?

Since the day the coronavirus entered our lives, almost many of our habits have been replaced by new experiences. We can say that the holiday understanding of many people has changed with the Covid-19 pandemic. With the pandemic epidemic in the world, traditional accommodation types such as hotels or hostels have been replaced by tents. As such, the camping holiday started to arouse more curiosity than ever before. However, at this point, although the camping holiday evokes a free experience, it is necessary to pay attention to the hygiene conditions. Even if the region you go to camp is a private enterprise or the depths of nature, you can create a protection against the epidemic by paying attention to the hygiene rules. Thus, instead of spending the covid-19 period indoors, you can evaluate a calm and peaceful experience in the depths of nature. In this article for you; We have listed the criteria you should pay attention to when going on a camping holiday during the pandemic period. By taking a look at our guide article; You can have a hygienic, comfortable and peaceful camping holiday.


Examine the Precautions Taken by the Camping Enterprise

If you prefer a camping business for a holiday during the coronavirus process, you should definitely evaluate the measures taken to pay attention to the hygiene conditions. Today, there are areas that many camping establishments have opened to their visitors for common use. Since there are many people who spend time in these areas during the day, the areas should be disinfected continuously. The precautions to be taken by the camp establishment regarding disinfection and hygiene are listed as follows:

  • Tent area should be disinfected regularly every day.
  • The common areas (bathroom, kitchen, WC, laundry room, prayer room, locker cabin) belonging to the camp establishment should be cleaned regularly.
  • It is absolutely necessary to maintain a distance of 2 meters in the tent areas specially created by the enterprise. It is important for the business management to constantly observe that the social distance rule is followed. In addition, special signs, signboards and written notes can be placed in the region.
  • The camp establishment should not neglect the temperature measurement.
  • Shared toilets, bathrooms and sinks should be cleaned regularly.
  • If there is a common shopping area such as a restaurant or market in the camp establishment, the personnel serving must use protective equipment such as masks and gloves.
  • The camp operator should have an action plan on what to do when guests show symptoms of covid-19 and how to protect other visitors. It is also important to comply with the covid-19 action plan prepared in the same way.

Do Not Neglect Individual Precautions

Regardless of the place you choose when going on a camping holiday, you should not neglect individual precautions. For example, if you prefer a camping business; Even if the measures taken by the place are intense, you should definitely pay attention to the individual mask, distance and hygiene rules. In addition, even if you are going to a free camp in the depths of nature with your loved ones, you should not ignore the hygiene rules. Thus, you can accumulate memories that will not be erased for a long time during the epidemic period. The individual measures you can take in the camp area are listed as follows:

  • Even if you are going to the camp with your family, you should definitely pay attention to the hygiene rules. There should be a maximum of 2-3 people in the tent while staying at this point. At the same time, after closing the tent's net, you should keep the cover open and ventilate it regularly. Moreover, you should not neglect cleaning. After a night in the tent, you can wipe the inside of the tent with the help of a cloth with detergent. Afterwards, it will be sufficient to ventilate well.
  • You should limit social distance with others as much as possible when going camping during the pandemic. For this, if there is another tent in the camping area, you can stay at least 6 meters away. Likewise, you need to be extra careful in common areas. By following the rules of mask, distance and hygiene; After applying the 2 meters method, you can take a correct measure.
  • Even if you are in the camp, you must wash your hands after touching the common areas. If you do not have the opportunity to wash your hands constantly, you can get help from a disinfectant with at least 80% alcohol.
  • Even if you are on vacation, you should not neglect the mask. You can be protected from the pandemic, especially if you pay attention to the use of masks when entering common areas.

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