How is the shower system in the caravan?

We talked about alternative products that can be used in cases where there is no shower area, among the showers designed according to the caravan structure.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-29
How is the shower system in the caravan?

We may want to take our caravan and go on a free journey during the summer vacation. When we make our dreams come true, we may have to meet the hottest face of the sun. Who wouldn't want to have a relaxing shower when they travel all day and come back to the trailer in such weather? Our wishes aside; The shower issue in the trailer may differ according to the structure and size of the vehicle we have. Of course, in these cases, there are practical solutions you can apply for the shower. In the guides we have prepared for those you are wondering about the caravan, "How is the shower system in the caravan?" We set out to answer the question. Let's look at both the answers to the question and the different shower alternatives in the trailer.


How Does a Shower System in a Caravan Work?

The questions asked about the shower system in the caravan often arise from the possibility that something very different from the house structure may be encountered. But often the shower system of caravans shows the same structure as in the house. What is important at this point is the structure of the caravan. The stronger the systems and the larger the size of the caravan you have, the more efficiency you will get from the shower system. Topics related to the shower system in the caravan are usually shaped around the system, structure, drain, nozzle and hot water.


Boiler and Water Heater

The shower system of caravans generally varies according to the size and structure of the vehicle. However, regardless of the type of caravan, if it has a shower, you can take a shower thanks to a small boiler and water heater. The time required for hot water to arrive in the shower can vary between 10-15 minutes on average. However, this also depends on the structure of the shower system in the caravan. Boilers or water heaters produced in a larger and stronger structure can produce hot water in a much shorter time. In this way, you do not have to wait for a long time in the shower for hot water.

Structure of the Shower

Due to the small living space and portable nature of caravans, showers are usually produced in a small way. Of course, this may vary depending on the structure and size of the caravan. Caravan showers are usually square in shape and form a small cabin with a shower curtain. Although the portable structure of the shower may seem tiny, it will not usually pose a problem since you will stay inside for a short time. In large caravans, the shower cabin is produced in a much wider structure. Of course, the budget of these caravans will be much more than what we have mentioned.

Drain Evacuation

While taking a shower in the caravan, we should also pay attention to hygiene details, just like we pay attention to at home. In fact, we may need to take extra care, as the technical structure of caravans is more sensitive than home. Objects such as hair and fluff accumulated in the pipes after the shower can cause the drain pipes to become clogged over time. For this reason, you can protect the health of the caravan by regularly cleaning the wastes accumulated in the discharge pipe.


Shower Head

To get extra efficiency from caravan showers, the shower head needs to work powerfully. But in classic caravan models, the shower head will often be too small. This depends a little bit on your caravan equipment improvement. You can make the process easier by getting a new powerful shower head for your caravan shower.


Waiting for Hot Water Again

After using the hot water in the boiler, you may have to wait for a while to produce hot water again. For this reason, speed is an important factor in showers, as in every moment of caravan life. When you take a quick shower in the caravan, you will not have to wait by using the heated water efficiently.

“How is the shower system in the trailer?” After addressing the question, we should consider another possibility for caravaners. If you have a more reasonable and smaller caravan, it may not have a shower system. At this point, you may have to explore various alternatives to take a shower. Even if there is no shower in the caravan, there are many practical alternatives to meet this need with the air of a free camping. Let's continue.


What are Practical Shower Solutions in the Caravan?

Sometimes we don't have ample space to shower in the trailer. Likewise, even if we have a shower area, we may face various problems with hot water. In the world we call caravan life, there is always a second way and solution. Therefore, in such cases, you can solve the problem in a very short time thanks to practical shower equipment. For practical shower solutions in the caravan, you can get a rechargeable shower head, a pump shower bag and a solar camping shower.

  • Rechargeable Shower Head: Rechargeable shower head is one of the most practical products you can use to take a shower while staying in the caravan. In this case, you do not need an extra boiler or heater. To use the rechargeable shower head, you can do your job with just a bucket of water. Thanks to the rechargeable structure of the product, you can complete the charge with the USB cable after use and make it ready for use again. Although the price of the product is a little high, we can say that it can be a life saver in all kinds of camping activities.
  • Shower Bag with Pump: If you are looking for a much more practical and affordable product for your shower solutions in the camp, you can get the pump shower bag. You can easily carry the product, which allows you to get maximum efficiency from the shower with its 12-liter volume, thanks to its hangers. The product, which consists of a shower head, water tank and a classic pump, is also very simple to use. It is sufficient to press the valve to empty the water in the product and turn it on when you will use it. Moreover, when you are not using it, you can fold it into a much smaller structure and store it in every corner of the caravan.
  • Solar Camping Shower: Solar camping shower is one of the most practical products we can recommend at the point of showering in the caravan. Moreover, the product is an ideal product for camping with its large 20-liter water tank and environmentally friendly structure. The solar camping shower heats the water inside when left in the sun for a certain period of time. In this way, you can take a shower practically.

You have acquired the ideal equipment for taking a shower in the trailer, but this time, if you have concerns about the space, there is a very easy solution for it. Thanks to the easy-to-install shower tents, you can make your job much easier even if the caravan does not have a shower area. The shower tents, which are produced in an ideal width and approximately 190 cm in size, can also be used during toileting or changing clothes routines. Having an easily foldable structure, you can easily store the shower tents in the caravan by making them small after you are done. Shower tents are usually made of a water-resistant material. In this way, we can say that the product life in nature will be quite long. If you are going to get a shower tent to make the shower in the caravan more practical, you should choose eco-friendly shampoo and shower gel products.

“How is the shower system in the trailer?” in Campalow. We have prepared a comprehensive guide for those wondering the question. At the same time, we talked about practical shower products produced for camping for those who do not have a caravan shower. If you want to find the information you are looking for in the guide and take a look at our other content, the "Caravan accommodation guide", where we list information about caravan life, will help you. At the same time, to learn the technical information you are wondering about the caravan, "Is a caravan license plate necessary?" or “After how many years is the caravan inspection done?” Check out our content. We wish you a good time for a caravan camp where you meet with practical solutions!

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