Glamping accommodation guide

In the Glamping accommodation guide; We mentioned the features, types and general price ranges of tents.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-11-16
Glamping accommodation guide

In the Glamping camp, which has recently become a popular accommodation with the search for comfort, an ordinary camping concept disappears. In the Glamping camp in question, there is a large tent model where you can find most of your daily needs in a short time, and usually a mini patio compartment. Therefore, in the Glamping camp, which is the first choice of campers whose priority is comfort, you can have the comfort of home while listening to your own voice in the depths of nature. The increasing popularity of Glamping camps, which have become indispensable for holidaymakers today, also makes the origin of the word Glamping, accommodation features, current price comparisons and Glamping tent types a matter of curiosity.


What is Glamping?

The concept of Glamping, which emerged at the beginning of the 20th century, was used to express the experiences of Western tourists during their visit to the African continent. During their past trips, European and American tourists preferred a luxury accommodation in large tents with items such as carpets, armchairs and beds. When we look at today, we can say that the Glamping camp, which has become popular again since the 2000s, is an ideal accommodation to get closer to nature, to reach luxury accommodation preferences and to enjoy the comfort of home in the camp.

Glamping, which brings together the words "Glamourous" and "Camping", which means "attractive" in English, combines with luxury and attractive need points, just as it is seen in its origin. Glamping accommodation, which will become a habit in camps with its comfort, is generally seen in various camping facilities. You can take a look at our Glamping Campgrounds page to evaluate different Glamping accommodation facilities and to do a regional search. You can also evaluate the guide named “Glamping camp”, which we have prepared specially for those who cannot give up luxury to get more technical information about Glamping.


What Are the Types of Glamping Tent?

At first glance, Glamping tent types, which you will agree with the word "Attractive" in their origin, are produced in 4 different general categories. Glamping tents, which differ from each other in terms of form and usage type, are listed in dome, hill, safari, bell and gypsy caravan types. When you go camping, you can easily carry the comfort of your home on vacation by choosing the Glamping tent that best suits your dream holiday purpose.

  • Dome Glamping Tent: This type of Glamping tent models have a rounded top at first glance. In the Dome Glamping tent, which is turned into a ceiling with soft lines, the front part is usually made transparent so that the outside can be seen. In this way, while the amount of sun the tents will receive increases, you will have the chance to watch nature. In addition, you can stay in a much wider area thanks to the floor section shaped with steep sides in dome tents. Dome Glamping tents usually have a small patio area and basic items such as tables, chairs, beds, lighting, pillows and duvets.
  • Tepe Glamping Tent (Indian Type Tent): Indian type Glamping tents consist of a reasonable size on the ground and a structure that tapers towards the ceiling. Glamping tents, whose apex becomes a point, include a floor and an entire bed, pillows, quilts, lighting, carpets and various decorations. While staying in the Indian tent, you can spend time on the table and chair that you can put in the patio section to spend your free time.
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  • Safari Glamping Tent: In Safari Glamping tents, the main lines, which are usually seen in the form of a classic tent, have a say. Moderately sized safari tents have a front door that can be opened and closed with a zipper. Therefore, if you want to experience a normal tent camping but cannot give up on your luxury preferences, you can stay in the Safari Glamping tent.
  • Gypsy Caravan Glamping: Gypsy models, which means “Gypsy” caravan Glamping, have eye-catching motif embroidery. Gypsy Glamping models, which are arranged in an authentic style both inside and out, have a ladder section and wheels to enter inside. Therefore, when you want to combine both your Glamping and caravan wishes and make an ethnic choice, you can take a look at Gypsy Caravan Glamping.
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Glamping tents are produced in different categories in terms of structural features, design details, form and type of use. Among the 4 different Glamping models we have listed, we can say that Dome and Tepe Glamping tents are the most used model in camping facilities in daily life. By evaluating the different features of the tents, you can make the most suitable choice for the camping holiday we dream of.


What are the Glamping Features?

Glamping tents, the popular camping choice of recent times, offer a very attractive holiday opportunity that combines both luxury and comfort details. Glamping tents, which have become popular over time with people's return to nature, their search for luxury and attractive offers, are listed in terms of comfort, luxury preferences, environmentally friendly and close to nature.

What are the Glamping Features?
  • Comfort: Glamping tents offer the basic necessities that vacationers can find in a hotel room in a classic way, with a more minimal structure and reasonable price. Therefore, you can find the maximum comfort you can find in a hotel room thanks to the bed, lighting, carpet, patio, closet and similar services available in the Glamping tents.
  • Luxury Options: In a Glamping tent, eye-catching decoration elements are used to appeal to luxury preferences. In the Glamping tents that shine brightly in the nature, you can find the luxury preferences for a camping holiday. Therefore, it is possible to say that Glamping tents are frequently preferred for special occasions and marriage proposals as well as daily camping routines.
  • Minimal Size: Glamping tents that fit the comfort of a hotel into a small space will be a very attractive feature these days when we make a comeback to minimal. Thanks to the minimal size of the tents in question, you can feel safe, comfortable and quite comfortable in nature. Moreover, thanks to the minimal size of Glamping tents, you can stay in different tent models that have managed to fit into a very large area in camping facilities.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Most of the tents in the glamping facilities are produced in a way that does not harm the nature with the understanding of eco-tourism. Therefore, the resources of the tent, such as energy, are provided by miracles such as the solar energy provided by nature.
  • Close to Nature: At the Glamping facilities established in the lush green depths of nature, you can spend time away from everyday life and spend some isolated time while carrying the comfort of home to your holiday.


Current Glamping Price Comparison

Many campers wonder about the price balance in Glamping tents, where you can meet with attractive comfort offers in the depths of nature. As in every camping facility, current prices in Glamping establishments vary in different balances as normal, active and low season. In addition, it can be said that various services in the Glamping tents directly affected the price balance. In our guide, we examined the current price changes and seasonal differences determined in a camping facility. For example:

Kaş Joy Glamping Price Comparison

The current tent accommodation fees of Kaş Joy Glamping were collected in 2022.

Current Glamping Price Comparison

According to the current accommodation prices of the Glamping tent purchased from the Sahil Kamp Istanbul facility, you can stay for 1250 TL in a Glamping house in the Dome Tent Istanbul type, which includes services such as beds, tables, chairs, linens, toilets and showers. Likewise, you can stay in Şile Glamping Tent for 700 TL, where alternative facilities such as a cooker stove, table, chair and quilt are offered. We wish you a good holiday for a comfortable and attractive Glamping camp.

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