Gebze paid camping areas

Listed the transportation, communication, service, activity and accommodation information specific to the facilities in the Kocaeli Gebze campsites guide.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-06-28
Gebze paid camping areas

When the summer vacation comes and the sun season starts, we may want to get away from the crowd of the city and immerse ourselves in nature. Kocaeli is among the routes where we can get rid of the tiring routines and find a door to nature. In Kocaeli camping areas, which are close to central locations such as Istanbul, you can explore the city in a short time, as well as spend time alone with nature. Gebze is one of the alternatives where you can renew with a lush atmosphere in Kocaeli. You can turn your summer vacation into reality in the Gebze campgrounds, which are 1 hour away from Istanbul, 1 hour 5 minutes from Sakarya and 45 minutes from Kocaeli. We came to the Gebze stop in the campsites guide we regularly prepare in Campalow. You can find contact, transportation, accommodation, activity and service information specific to the facilities in the Gebze campsites guide. If you are ready, let's evaluate together.


Gebze Campgrounds

1- Hanyeri Campground – Gebze

Hanyeri Campground

How is transportation and communication provided?

Hanyeri Campground facility, which is among the Gebze campsites and serving in Denizli region, is 1 hour 8 minutes to Istanbul, 1 hour 4 minutes to Sakarya, 45 minutes to Kocaeli city center and half an hour's drive to Gebze district center. Thanks to the location of the camping area integrated with nature, transportation can be provided by private vehicle. For this, when you set off with a private vehicle, you can reach the facility by continuing on the Anatolian or Northern Marmara Highway. When you come to Hanyeri Campground by private car, you can take advantage of the parking facilities included in the accommodation fee.

  • Phone: 0 532 324 66 19
  • Website:

What types of accommodation are available?

  • Tent
  • bungalow houses

What services are available?

  • Restaurant
  • Car park
  • Hot water
  • communal sitting area
  • wooded area

What activities can be done?

  • Trekking
  • Gezi
  • bike ride
  • Relaxation
  • Culture

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We have finalized the content specific to the Gebze stop of the campsite guide we organized in Campalow. After reviewing our list, you can take a look at the contents of Izmit campsites or Kandıra campsites to evaluate the camping facilities around Kocaeli. You can read the Şile campsites or Çatalca campsites guides to evaluate other areas around Istanbul. We wish you a good holiday in advance.

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