Frequently asked questions about caravan camping

We have compiled frequently asked questions and curiosities about the recently favorite caravan camp, which has managed to appeal to free spirits.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-04-12
Frequently asked questions about caravan camping

As we struggle with the stress of life, we may find ourselves thrown into a second plan. As such, after a while, our body reacts to this situation as fatigue and stress. One of the solution methods that will heal our soul while resting our body is short-term holidays. Holidays that allow you to have a little getaway are not just physical; It also helps you relax mentally and spiritually. Moreover, if you are interested in a camping holiday, you can discover unforgettable opportunities where you can be alone with yourself. The first choice of those who want to protect their personal living space while maintaining their freedom in camping is for the trailer. Today, when the word “Caravan camp” is mentioned, many questions may arise such as license, personal needs and parking space. In the past days, we have prepared an article for you called “Things to watch out for in the caravan camp”. In this article, besides general information about caravan holidays, we have compiled frequently asked questions and created a guide text. If your free spirit and camping gear are ready, let's take a look together.

Caravan Park Areas


What are the Caravan Types?

Today, caravan types carefully produced by companies are divided into five different categories. These are listed as motorhomes, caravans, converted campers, pick-up campers and small teardrop campers. You can have an unforgettable camping experience regardless of the season by choosing the most suitable caravan model for you.



In the type of motocaravan, separate parts are brought into a single whole. One of the most important advantages of this type of vehicle is the ability to travel to any point at once without the need for a separate vehicle for travel.




Caravan is a type of vehicle that can be traveled by being attached to the back of a vehicle. You are not likely to be inside the trailer while traveling in trailers. You can go to any location by connecting the caravan to the motor vehicle you want. The negative aspects of caravan models include limited maneuverability. Therefore, you may need to be careful when using the caravan.


Converted Caravan (Camper)


Caravan models converted from vehicles such as minibuses and panel vans are called campers. In this type of caravan, you can design the vehicle as you wish and turn it into an original model. However, at this point, it is very difficult to achieve a classic caravan standard. You may need to be careful, especially on important issues such as insulation.


Pick-up Caravan

Pick-up Caravan

Models that can be installed behind the vehicle are called Pick-up Caravans. You can use the model you installed behind the vehicle as an automobile, caravan or cargo according to your desire. At this point, you need to be careful that the caravan does not exceed the frame size.


Small Teardrop Caravan

Small Teardrop Caravan

As the name suggests, teardrop caravans designed in a small structure are often preferred especially for short holiday getaways. The vehicle model in question does not have a WC section. Therefore, you can choose it for short weekend trips. It is not necessary to issue a license for teardrop caravans produced under 750 kilos.


How to Get a Caravan License?

Caravan License


Before Paperwork

Before Paperwork

If you are going to buy a new caravan or convert your vehicle into a caravan, you must pay attention to the licensing regulations. At this point, before proceeding with the paperwork, you can design the vehicle conversion by consulting with an engineering firm specialized in vehicle modification project in accordance with the caravan license legislation determined in Turkey.


Approval Process

Approval Process

After you have finished converting the vehicle into a caravan, an authorized engineer from the engineering firm examines your vehicle and performs its measurements. After the converted version of your vehicle is designed, the approval process begins at the Turkish Standards Institute with the modification invoice. At this point, the engineering firm manages the approval process. The compliance of your vehicle with the regulations and the suspension system with the project is checked.


Inspection Time

Inspection Time

After the vehicle passes the TSE approval process without any problems, the caravan must be re-inspected with the approval certificate. During the inspection, the compliance of the vehicle with the project and routine controls are carried out.




After the TSE approval process and inspection processes of the caravan are successfully completed, the notary public step is taken. With the notary inspection and TSE certificate, the license procedures of the caravan can be started. After the documents are checked at the notary public, you can successfully obtain an M-class special purpose motorhome license.


Motor Vehicles Tax and Compulsory Traffic Insurance

Motor Vehicles Tax

After you have successfully obtained your license from a notary public, there is only one step left to take. At the last stage, you must pay the motor vehicle tax with your license and have compulsory traffic insurance. The amount you will pay in motor vehicle tax varies according to the cylinder volume and age criteria of the vehicle.


Price Information for the Year 2022

  • Vehicle Inspection Fee: 507.40 TL
  • Caravan Vehicle License Change Fee: 291 TL
  • Exhaust Inspection Fee: 110 TL

Panel Van and Motor Caravans

Engine Capacity (cm³)1-6 age7-15 age16 above
1900 cm³ and below2.093 TL1.306 TL776 TL
1901 cm³ and above3.151 TL2.093 TL1.306 TL


Caravans are used with which license?

Caravan Camp

The license to use the caravan varies according to the weight of the vehicle. If you have a motorhome type, you can safely drive the vehicle with a class B license. For caravans the situation may differ slightly from that of a motorhome. Depending on the weight of the trailer, your license type will vary. If the caravan weighs less than 750 kg, you can drive the vehicle with a class B license. However, if the weight of the vehicle is more than 750 kg, it is considered in the category of vehicle with trailer. For this reason, you must have a BE class driver's license to drive the vehicle.


Is it possible to use the caravan in 4 seasons?

Caravan Camp

A common belief today is that caravans are preferred only during the sunny summer season. However, this view is mostly wrong. If the caravan has sufficient equipment, it is possible to use it in all seasons. It is possible to spend an unforgettable camping trip in the winter season as long as the appropriate energy source, durable insulation and equipment such as gasoline heaters independent of the engine are used in the caravan.


Where to Empty the Caravan Toilet?

Caravan Toilet

One of the first things that people who rent or buy a new caravan are wondering about is the toilet. There is a waste water tank in the caravans for toilet needs. Waste from the toilet is flushed out with a system located on the side or bottom of the vehicle. In order to keep the environment as clean as possible, you can now dump your toilet waste on an empty field or dirt road instead of the highway. In addition, some gas stations have disposal points. You can also protect nature and the environment from dirty waste by emptying your wastes at disposal stations. You must dispose of toilet waste in the trailer every four days.


Which Caravan Type Should I Prefer?

Caravan Types

At the beginning of the questions that bother people who will buy a caravan is which caravan to choose. The first thing to consider when renting or buying a caravan is expectations. If you prefer a caravan for a long camping holiday, you can choose comfortable and useful motorhomes. However, if you already have a vehicle and want to tow the caravan, you can choose the caravan models. In addition, if you are looking for a caravan model for short weekend getaways, small teardrop caravans will meet your expectations. However, you should keep in mind that teardrop caravans do not have WCs.


Where Should I Take a Caravan Vacation?

Caravan Camp

If you think it's time for a caravan vacation that will be like a medicine for your free spirit, you need to decide on the route. While researching the camping areas you can go with your caravan, you should first pay attention to the existence of the chemical destruction point and the caravan parking area information. At the same time, depending on the structure of the caravan, we can say that it is beneficial to choose the camping areas where you can meet the needs in a short time in the region you go to. If you find it difficult to find the right area for your caravan holiday, you can take a look at the search engine called "Caravan parking areas" that we offer as Campalow. In addition, you do not have a private caravan for yourself, but if you want to rent it in the region you go to, you can evaluate the businesses in our "Caravan" list that offer rental service during your holiday. We wish you a good time in advance.

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