For those with a high dose of energy: Zipline guide

We have prepared a Zipline guide for campers with a high dose of adventure.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-02-13
For those with a high dose of energy: Zipline guide

Today, for some, the camping activity describes a peaceful and relaxing activity that is alone with nature. For some, camping experience; It consists of an adrenaline-filled holiday where high-adventurous sports are done. If your preference is for the latter, you can do sports such as trekking, zipline or off road, where you will double the dose of fun during your camping holiday. Especially, Zipline is frequently preferred by holidaymakers thanks to its cruising opportunity that reveals the miracles of nature. Our camp guide is for you today; “What is a Zipline?”, “How to Make a Zipline?” and “What are Zipline Equipment?” We have prepared a text with titles. If your quest for adventure is still active; Let's evaluate together.


What is Zipline?

Zipline, which is the dream of adventure lovers, is the name given to the rope or rope gliding sport that starts from a high route and stretches to a low point. Thanks to the slippery structure of the steel ropes connected to the wheeled pulleys on the zipline, the athletes continue to slide down without getting stuck. Reliable and quality equipment must be used in order to perform the Zipline sport, which is stretched with wheeled rollers and reinforced with steel ropes, in a healthy way. Although Zipline appeals to adventure lovers, it eliminates many of the fears experienced before it starts during production. You can discover the beauties of nature and observe different routes from a bird's-eye view from the moment you start skidding.


How to Zipline?

Today, Zipline sport is frequently researched by camping enthusiasts who want to keep the dose of adventure always high. At this point, after mentioning what Zipline is, it is necessary to take a look at how it is done. On the basis of the zipline, the athletes slide from a high point to a low route. The natural and artificial lines established for the Zipline during sliding have varying height balances. Natural lines for the belt are generally seen around canyons, valleys, hills and mountainous terrain. In natural line areas, wooded areas are generally preferred by athletes. In addition, artificial lines are installed in regions with lower heights. If you have a fear of heights, you can safely choose artificial Zipline lines.

The basis of the zipline sport is the different length measures of the rope gliding lines. Athletes can start their adventure by choosing between short, medium and long lines before they start to slide. Zipline line lengths range from short 50-100 meters, medium 100-250 meters, and long 250 meters to 3 kilometers. Generally, medium length lines are preferred in camping areas. There is a spring system at the destinations for easy landing in the area where zipline sports are performed. In this way, the spring and brake systems help the athletes to make a controlled descent by slowing down.


What are Zipline Equipments?

As in every sport, there are some necessary equipment to ensure safety while doing the Zipline sport, where you slide from a high point to a low route. During the zipline, the quality of both the materials used for the stand and the equipment that ensures the safety of the athlete is the most important condition. At this point, private businesses that provide Zipline activity take the necessary precautions and give importance to the selection of quality products. Necessary equipment for a safe gliding activity can be listed as follows;

  • Helmet
  • Steel ropes
  • Safety harness
  • Reel
  • Extension rope
  • Carabiner
  • Safety system

When to Zipline?

For action-packed campers, the dates when the zipline can be made also become a matter of curiosity. Print the best season for the Zipline activity that is performed by sliding from the rope. In the summer months when the weather is hot and suitable for sports, you can do the Zipline sport to have fun and keep the excitement high. In some of the private enterprises opened for camping, special areas have been established for zipline sports. If you want to double the amount of adventure during your camping holiday, you can choose camping businesses with Zipline activity through our search engine called "Zipline Campgrounds".


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