For those who can't stop having fun: Paintball guide

Today, we have researched the Paintball activity for you, which will add fun to a free camping experience with its warm colors.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-02-24
For those who can't stop having fun: Paintball guide

Camp experiences, which are devoted to freedom-loving people, describe a different feeling for each person. For some, camping days define a motivational holiday where they can feel physically and mentally comfortable. For some, when it comes to camping holiday, many activities, where fun and adventure reach their peak, come to light. If you think that your expectations for a camp are in the direction of entertainment, you are one of us. In the past weeks, we have listed activities such as Zipline, Off Road and Trekking that you can do at the camp. Today, we continue our activity guide with Paintball, where the fun is multiplied. In this article for you; “What is paintball”, “How to play paintball”, “Paintball basic rules” and “What are paintball equipment?” We will answer sentences such as: “I'm ready for fun!” If you do, let's get started.


What is Paintball?

Let's evaluate the origin of the word before we talk about what the Paintball activity is, in which delightful colors fly in the air. The word paintball was born from the combination of the words Paint and Ball in the English language. The main purpose of the fun game translated into Turkish with the name of paint ball is to hit the players of the opposing team one by one with paint capsules. Indispensable for adventurers, Paintball is usually played in wooded areas. This is because trees in forest areas are seen as a bulwark for team players. Painted weapons, helmets, protective masks, camouflage and specially designed clothing are preferred as equipment in paintball. Thanks to the equipment in question, the person tries to be protected from being the target of the opposing team and coming into contact with the paint.

In paintball, the number of people in the team usually varies between 5-12. However, we can say that the more people in the team, the more enjoyable the game will be. The basic rule of the paintball game is that the player who is smeared with paint is eliminated from the team. You can play the Paintball game, where the fun reaches its peak, with your own group of friends or with different teams that you come across at the camp. Especially if you are interested in strategic and physical sports, we definitely recommend you to play.


How to Play Paintball?

The basis of the paintball game is to neutralize the players in the opposing team with the help of weapons using plastic or gelatin balls filled with paint. Before starting the strategy game, you need to create your team. The most common number of people in Paintball groups starting from 5 people to 12 people is 10. Once you have created your team, you are ready to play. The aim of the paintball game consists of fulfilling the given tasks such as capturing the flag of the opposing team, rescuing a hostage, eliminating the opposing team, leading the group leader to the target, being the person who manages to finish the game without being hit, blowing up the bridge or defending a place.

Guns produced for paintball game usually shoot bullets very fast. Therefore, it is extremely dangerous to play the game without protection. Thanks to the special equipment used in the game centers, it becomes impossible for the paints to hurt. A special mask with shatterproof glass is used to protect the face of paintball players. In addition, he also has gas guns in his hand. However, guns that throw paint capsules usually do not pose a threat to nature. In this way, it helps to protect natural resources while providing an extremely enjoyable environment for the players.


What Are the Paintball Rules?

As in every adventurous game, there are special rules that teams must follow for Paintball. If you start the game by considering the rules, you can get a safer and healthier environment. The general rules of the paintball game are listed as follows:

  • Do not remove your mask before leaving the playground.
  • When one of the players runs out of ammo, he must raise the gun and leave the field of play. After the ammo reinforcement is done, the player must return to the game by raising his weapon again.
  • If you have a health problem, it is recommended not to play paintball.
  • Keep the gun safe when the game is stopped.
  • Players who are not wearing a mask will not be shot.
  • Players with the gun in the air are not available to shoot.
  • Players who think that there is a problem with their supplies should raise their weapons and leave the area and contact the officials.
  • Players who are closer than five meters away should not be shot.
  • Players shot “I got shot!” ' he shouts and raises his gun in the air. The game then resumes when the hit player returns to their base.
  • If the player's mask becomes fogged, he must raise the gun and leave the playing area and ask the officials for help.
  • During the game, players must see exactly where they shoot. Shooting without looking will not be healthy.
  • Paintball age limit is set as 14. It is inconvenient for people under the age of 14 to play the game.
  • Paintball game is based on team solidarity. At the same time, sportsmanship and a sporty thought are essential. While playing the game, it is necessary to act in a respectful and fair manner.
  • If the paint on the players who defended that they were not hit after being hit is detected by the referee, the team will be penalized and the opposing team will be awarded a point.

What are Paintball Equipment?

It is very important that the equipment used in the paintball game is provided completely and of good quality. In particular, it is necessary to make sure that safety equipment is used so that the paint balls do not harm the human body. If you want to take a fun camping holiday in a business where you can play paintball games, you can take a look at the camping areas with "Paintball" activity, which we have listed as Campalow. The equipment list that the businesses have determined specifically for the paint throwing game is listed as follows:

  • Paintballs
  • Masks
  • Pump gun
  • Semi auto
  • Full auto
  • Camouflage
  • Helmet

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