For those who cannot give up luxury: Glamping camp

“I don't give up on my luxuries on vacation!” If you are one of those who say; This article is for you with its comfortable facilities and home feeling.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-02-04
For those who cannot give up luxury: Glamping camp

After spending a whole year with a work routine, the holiday excitement begins when the summer season comes. According to the changing holiday understandings, for some, it creates the dreams of a getaway in luxury hotels where every need is met. For some, what you call a vacation is just a camping getaway that is like a medicine for your free spirit. In general, people who prefer a camping holiday may have question marks about comfort and luxury in their minds. At this point, the Glamping type of camping emerges, which combines both holiday understandings. In this article for you; We have prepared a reference article on the type of Glamping camping, especially for those who are looking for a luxury camping holiday. “I don't give up on my luxuries on vacation!” If you are one of those who say; This article is for you!


What is Glamping Camp?

“We said luxury, luxury, but; What is this luxury type of camping?” You may be thinking. Glamping camp is the name given to the type of vacation where the needs are largely met by the business and a luxury accommodation service is offered. In the type of camping called glamping, the tents are carefully decorated so that the visitors feel comfortable while not compromising their luxury life. In short, if you want to camp without difficulty, you can choose Glamping. In the luxury camping genre, the rooms are fully prepared with a dreamy concept. In this way, you can meet everything you may need during the camp in a room where you will feel like home.

Glamping, which is derived from the combination of the words Glamorous and Camping; It appeared in the 16th century. The luxury type of camping emerges when people in high positions such as kings and rulers used it as a palace tent in the past. It is known that wealthy tourists who came to Africa for safari in the 20th century had a comfortable holiday in nature with luxury tents. Glamping, which does not look for luxury hotels at its last point, continues to be the popular holiday route of holidaymakers who cannot give up comfort. If you would like to visit a luxury Glamping facility during your camping holiday, you can find special Glamping establishments in the search engine named "Find a Camping Site", which we offer as Campalow.


What are the Differences between Glamping and Normal Camping?

  • In a traditional type of camping, accommodation is in a classic tent. However, it is possible to stay in a huge tent with a capacity of about 10 people in Glamping.
  • In normal camp types, the opportunities you can reach differ according to the characteristics of the business. On the contrary, you can access all kinds of facilities such as kitchen, laundry room, bathroom, electricity and internet connection in the Glamping type of camping.
  • While doing traditional camping, you may have to bring your personal sleeping bags, mats or tents. Especially if you have a fondness for comfort, the equipment you take for camping will create a heavy load for you. You can choose Glamping to avoid such transportation difficulties. You don't need to carry extra items when you're on your way to a comfortable and luxuriously decorated Glamping. You can find everything you need in luxury camps.
  • The type of camp that everyone dreams of is different. Especially if a camping holiday that comes to life in your dreams consists of dream-like accommodation, you can choose the type of Glamping instead of the traditional.

What are the Glamping Camp Advantages?

When glamping is mentioned, it can be understood as a type of vacation that will generally make people who are looking for luxury and comfort comfortable. However, the Glamping type of camping has many advantages that are tailored to the individual, regardless of desire. These advantages are listed as follows:

  • In addition to the traditional, you can make an extraordinary stay that you will not forget for a long time.
  • Eliminates question marks about external security when camping in a secluded area.
  • In the camping area, you can reach facilities such as food and beverage, comfort, electricity or internet connection.
  • You can have a holiday where you will feel at home comfort.
  • If you need to have a constant command of business life, unlimited internet and electricity connection of Glamping camps will be indispensable for you.
  • You can protect the miracles of nature in the campsites developed with an eco-friendly and sustainable perspective.
  • Glamping campsites are usually built with wood texture, tulle curtains and colorful paints. You can collect unforgettable holiday memories thanks to interesting accommodation opportunities.

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