Camping games that are more enjoyable than the other

Today we have researched and listed various game ideas that make a camping holiday fun for you and your loved ones.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-01-29
Camping games that are more enjoyable than the other

When we say the crowd and noise of the city, we can find ourselves in an intense stress routine. When work stress and social problems are added to it, it is inevitable that it will reach a wearing size both physically and mentally. In the stressful periods of our lives, as the holiday time approaches, a ray of sunshine begins to hit the window. When the sunlight, which evokes happiness, peace and hope, appears, vacation becomes inevitable. For some, luxury hotels create an ideal holiday plan, while for others, a camping experience in which the fun reaches its peaks makes dreams come true. We are more in favor of camping holidays! A camping experience that evokes peace while being alone with the miracles of nature is ideal for you to relax mentally and physically. Moreover, when your loved ones accompany this holiday, it hosts unforgettable memories. In the evening, what could be happier than chatting with your loved ones by the campfire? Also, if fun games are added to this event, it means you have found the way to the heights of enjoyment. Today, we have listed various camping games for you that you can easily try to make a camping holiday fun with your loved ones. If the groups have been created, let's get started!

Camping Game

Who is the killer?

“Who is the killer?” has become a popular among campers on our list. We wanted to start with the game. Before starting the game, everyone sits in a circle. First of all, a leader who assumes the role of moderator is selected by the people who will be involved in the game. Everyone closes their eyes except the leader. Meanwhile, the leader moves to the center of the circle and starts to wander. The leader chooses one person from the group and gently touches his shoulder. Thus, the chosen one is determined as the murderer. Later, the group opens their eyes and tries to find the killer. The eyes, which open during the daytime, switch to the closed position at night. Every night, the killer kills someone while the group's eyes are closed. As the game progresses, the group tries to find out who the killer is. You can both practice your mind and enjoy the conversation while playing the game, where excitement and fun reach its peak.


Two Truths One Lie

Our next game becomes more fun in groups that do not know each other very well and are just starting to meet. In a two truth lie game, first everyone sits in a circle. Then, each person in turn gives three pieces of information about their own life. This information; two are said to be true and one false. Then, as the conversation progresses between the group, true and false distinctions are made about the information given. In this way, while the members of the group get to know each other better, a fun conversation is captured.


Who am I?

Before starting the game, a seat called "Hot Seat" is determined. The person sitting in the hot seat first determines a celebrity identity. Then, the people around start asking questions with "yes" or "no" answers in order to find the celebrity that the person sitting in the chair has thought of. Thus, the celebrity determined by the person sitting in the hot seat is tried to be guessed by the group. The first person to guess the celebrity wins the game. Whoever guesses wrong is eliminated from the game.

Camping Friends

Famous Names

Finally, we chose a game that you can play while sitting by the campfire, just chatting. In the famous names game, first, a person starts the activity by saying the name and surname of a famous person. Next, the person next to him has to derive a new famous name that starts with the first letter of the vowel's last name. Famous names can be foreign or local. As the game continues, people who cannot derive a new name are eliminated and exit the game. The fun and brainstorming continues among the last survivors. Have fun!


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