Fethiye travel guide

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Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-05
Fethiye travel guide

When the sun starts to reflect its most beautiful face to the world, we begin to dream of non-stop enjoyable travel routes. The dream of a trip that starts with the dream of a deep blue sea begins to leave its place to an unforgettable cultural trip when it comes to the city. In addition, there are cities that allow you to experience a unique city tour while having the sea-sun-sand trio on your travel route. Muğla and the indispensable holiday town of Fethiye are at the forefront of these precious cities. Fethiye, which is among the 13 rare districts of Muğla; It is one of the unique travel routes where you can experience entertainment, culture, peace and delicious peaks. Fethiye, which took its old name as "Megri" from the Greek naming of Makri, meaning "far land", has been on an unstoppable rise over the years in terms of tourism. Therefore, in Fethiye, which does not compromise on its blue, you can make a trip plan that you will not forget for years and renew every year. There are also many camping facilities where you can stay in Fethiye, which is blended with the unique colors of nature and fun details. For a route that will make your Fethiye travel guide meaningful, you can review our guide named "26 campsites in Fethiye". Today, we turned our eyes to Fethiye in the travel guides we prepared in line with your preferences. In the comprehensive guide, we thought about the city's transportation, suitable dates, meals, camping facilities, activities, entertainment life, beaches and souvenirs. Let's take a look together.


Fethiye Travel Guide

How to go to Fethiye?

Fethiye Transport

Fethiye, one of the most important tourism centers in Turkey; It is known for its home to a deep blue nature, tourism routes, ancient cities that make you feel the Lycian civilizations, and the Lycian Way, where you can reach peace while walking. Therefore, from the moment you step into the city, we can say that you can reach the basic needs such as entertainment, culture and comfort that you expect from a sightseeing route in a short time. “How to get to Fethiye?” For those who wonder the question, we can say that the transportation journey is provided with many different alternatives. Transportation alternatives in Fethiye travel guide; It is separated from each other as airway and land route. On the other hand, you have the opportunity to choose the bus services that depart at certain times or your personal vehicle in the land transportation, which is very frequently preferred. Fethiye, the unique part of the Aegean that leaves one end to the Mediterranean; It has a distance of 1 hour 50 minutes to Muğla, 8 hours 40 minutes to Istanbul, 2 hours 40 minutes to Antalya and 4 hours and 10 minutes to İzmir. However, after we set off, we can say that the time will be very short as we witness the flawless nature of Fethiye ranging from green to blue.

Road transportation to Fethiye: The fact that Fethiye is located on the D400 highway also makes land transportation easy. In Fethiye travel guide, you can choose train, bus and private vehicle for transportation to the city by land. When you take a bus from your city's bus station to Fethiye, you can get off at Fethiye Bus Station and continue the rest of the way with the help of a taxi or minibus. If your preference will be for a private vehicle, you can come to İzmir by following the new Istanbul-İzmir highway while coming from the cities of Istanbul, Balıkesir and Bursa, and then connect to the Muğla-Fethiye road. In the same way, you can reach Fethiye by following the D400 road. Finally, you can come to Izmir or Aydın by train and use the bus for the rest of the way to Fethiye.

Air transportation to Fethiye: Airway is one of the methods that you can provide easy transportation in Fethiye travel guide. There is a distance of approximately 45 km between Muğla's Dalaman Airport and Fethiye city center. Therefore, when you arrive at the airport by plane, you can choose a bus or rent a car by using Muttaş and Havaş companies to go to Fethiye.


In which months to go to Fethiye?

Fethiye Summer Season (My Creative Ajans)

As an Aegean district that surrenders one end to the blue arms of the Mediterranean, Fethiye has a Mediterranean climate. Therefore, we can say that the summers of the district are very hot and the rest of the time is mild. In order to determine the appropriate time to go to Fethiye, where you can swim even in winter due to its mild conditions, you should decide on the reason for your visit. If your preference is for peace and comfort while setting out for Fethiye travel guide, you can choose the spring or autumn seasons. “If I go to Fethiye, I will not return without tasting the hot weather!” Even if you have a soul that says, you can set out in July and August, when the summer heat reaches its peak. Moreover, we can say that you can witness unlimited entertainment in the popular streets of the district during these seasons, where the music now overflows.


What to Eat in Fethiye?

Babadag Keskegi (Sofra Dergisi)

In Fethiye, which is blended with two different cultures of the Mediterranean and Aegean, seafood is often preferred. At the same time, you can find the opportunity to discover unique flavors bearing traces of both Aegean and Mediterranean cuisine. Our first suggestion will be Iksirci Tezcan, so that you can have a branded taste from the moment you step into Fethiye. You will feel very good thanks to the cute decoration of İksirci Tezcan, which is located next to the Municipality Culture Building in the center of Fethiye, blended with blue and white. The most famous flavor of the place, which serves at all hours of the day with its sea view, is freshly squeezed fruit juices. While drinking fresh fruit juices squeezed from delicious fruits such as pomegranate, apple and orange, you can also try different kinds of toast.

“What is Fethiye famous for?” In response to a question, Babadağ Keskeği appears in the first place. Prepared by boiling the wheat and keeping it waiting, keskek brings its taste to the top when combined with lamb meat. Moreover, we can say that the flavor is almost doubled with the sauce prepared from chili pepper and butter poured on it. You have the chance to try Fethiye's famous Babadag Keskeği in restaurants and steakhouses. Another special stop for those looking for a route for tastes that you will not forget for a long time in the Fethiye travel guide is Bazlama Station. You can find nine kinds of flatbread toast at the popular facility, which is within walking distance of Ölüdeniz. In addition, the breakfasts of the facility are prepared entirely with organic products, and healthy options are offered to the guests.

Of course, it is not possible to come to the heart of Fethiye and return without tasting the delicacies of the sea. There are many restaurants in the town center where you can try fish varieties and different seafood. You can collect pleasant memories while watching the sunset in the fish restaurants where the meals are prepared daily and fresh. There are many restaurants in Fethiye district where you can experience sea delicacies. Among these, there are facilities such as Sezai'nin Yeri, Girida Port, Lotis Restaurant & Bistro, Crab Restaurant and Hilmi Restaurant. You can reach fish restaurants in a short time from Fethiye, and you can have a fascinating dinner at the facility, many of which are meaningful with their sea view.


Where to Camp in Fethiye?

Kabak Valley Camp

Located in the middle of a fascinating nature where blue and green come together, Fethiye has many camping facilities where you can stay. Moreover, Fethiye camping areas; With its proximity to the sea, the direction of the Lycian Way and its central location, it is enough to meet every opportunity you expect from a holiday. Our first recommendation for those who are curious about the accommodation possibilities in the Fethiye travel guide will be Kabak Valley Camp. Providing service in the Kabak Bay area of Fethiye, Camping offers many opportunities to feel peaceful at the same time. You have the opportunity to stay in luxury/standard bungalows or tents in the facility, where transportation is provided by private vehicles and public transportation. Moreover, you can feel at home comfort during your holiday thanks to the facilities such as wifi, restaurant, buffet, parking lot, electricity and shower provided by the facility.

Another recommendation for those who prefer camping in Fethiye travel guide will be Mandala Camping. You can have a comfortable camping holiday accompanied by the fascinating view of nature at Mandala Camping, which is blended with ethnic figures. There are alternatives such as tents and bungalows where you can stay in Camping, which provides service in the Kabak Sokak Faralya Mahallesi area in Fethiye. Moreover, you can get rid of the tiredness of sightseeing in special bungalow structures carefully prepared by the facility, blended with the colors of nature. In Mandala Camping, services such as hot water, sunbathing lawns, internet, parking lot, shower and picnic area are offered for guests to feel comfortable. You can also enter the outdoor pool of the facility to spend time with activities that make you feel good during the day, or you can participate in workshop activities with your family. You can browse our "Fethiye campsites" page to search for other camping facilities you can stay in Fethiye district of Muğla with filtering.


What Activities Are Done in Fethiye?

Paragliding (Charbel Aoun)

It is impossible not to come to Fethiye and discover both fun and cultural activities. The activities you can do in the unique nature of Fethiye take shape in both the sea, the land and the sky. Therefore, you can do paragliding, diving, boat tour, trekking, windsurfing, rowing, canoeing, ATV and cultural trips during the day. Boat tours are at the top of our activity recommendations in the Fethiye travel guide. You can discover fascinating natures such as Knight Island, Blue Cave, Butterfly Valley, Kabak Bay, Rhodes Island and Aquarium Bay with daily boat tours departing from Fethiye harbor. Moreover, we strongly recommend that you take photos to record the beauties you will see on this blue voyage, which is the beginning of our activity recommendations.

Another activity that makes up our list of suggestions in Fethiye travel guide is paragliding. Of course, it is impossible not to come to the district where Babadağ, which is located in the east of Ölüdeniz, is located at a height of 1975 meters, and not increase the action a little. When you paraglide in Fethiye, you can do a fly jump accompanied by a pilot. In the meantime, you will have the opportunity to witness the fascinating texture of the wide beaches while cruising in the unique skies of Fethiye. A fascinating paragliding tour that brings the natural colors of the district, the rare beaches and the enchanting sky under your feet will take approximately 25 minutes. Moreover, we can say that you can become addicted to this adrenaline thanks to the fascinating experience you have after landing from the parachute.

The last activity recommendation of the Fethiye travel guide will be trekking on the Lycian Way, which invites you to a cultural trip. When you come to the district, trekking is at the top of the activities that you should not return without doing. A unique trekking hike on the Lycian Way starts in Fethiye Kaya cemeteries and continues from Kaya village to Ovacık Village and reaches Babadağ summit. On the Lycian Way, which ends in Faralya Village, you can swim in a deep blue sea during your trekking journey, as well as find the opportunity to explore the ancient cities of Sydma, Pınara, Letoon and Xanthos. Whatever your activity, we can say that Fethiye's fascinating nature and favorable lands will make it unforgettable for you. Moreover, you may find yourself preparing to create a Fethiye travel guide almost every year. Tell us.


How is the entertainment life in Fethiye?

Deep Blue Bar

Combining the unique lands of the Mediterranean and the Aegean, Fethiye has an active entertainment life that local and foreign tourists flock to every season. In the streets of bars located in Hisarönü and Paspatur in Fethiye, you can not fit inside the place and witness the music that floats outside. There are many entertainment opportunities in Fethiye, where entertainment continues until the first light of the morning, from bars where you can spend time with the sea view to fun tracks where you can dance and sing. Therefore, you can have a pleasant time by finding facilities that serve your own understanding of entertainment in the district. Facilities such as Mejnun Club, Time Out Bar, Barrumba Bar, Zombie Bar, Hourglass Lounge Bar and Deep Blue Bar make up the list of centers where you can reach the peaks of entertainment in Fethiye.

Deep Blue Bar is at the top of our list of suggestions for an activity with a high dose of entertainment from night hours to morning in Fethiye district. The facility, which is one of the most popular bars in Fethiye, is located at a distance of approximately 6 km from the town center. Moreover, you can enjoy live music here, as well as snacks and drinks. Another suggestion for holidaymakers who want to discover the pinnacle of entertainment in Fethiye will be Zombie Bar. This facility manages to impress the visitors with its unusual concept and interesting theme. Moreover, we can say that Fethiye offers a different perspective to entertainment life with its DJ performances and dance shows. You can go to Zombie Bar, where entrance is free of charge, to explore both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage alternatives.


Where to go to the sea in Fethiye?

Fethiye Sea (My Creative Ajans)

Of course, it is not possible to end the travel route without finding freedom in the peaceful sea of the Aegean and Mediterranean. In Fethiye nature, where green and blue colors reach their peak, there are many sea routes where you can walk on calm beaches and swim freely. Popular routes where you can swim in Fethiye; Calis Beach is listed as Belceğiz Beach, Kumburnu Public Beach, Kıdrak Bay Beach, Kabak Bay Beach and Kuleli Bay Beach. Calis Beach will be our first recommendation for you if you are dreaming of being able to leave yourself free to a deep blue water with the first light of the morning in your Fethiye travel guide. However, you should not forget that the calm sea may gradually give way to the waves in the afternoon. In addition, since the ground is stony, you can make a more comfortable choice by taking sea shoes with you.

Another suggestion for those who prefer a clean sea and peace will be the blue flag Kumburnu Public Beach, located in Ölüdeniz Nature Park. Here you can find the chance to swim in warm water while exploring a 50-meter wide beach. Finally, if your preference is for high-dose beach activities in summer entertainment, you can go to Belceğiz Beach, where you can enjoy opportunities such as jet skiing, surfing or sailing. However, we can say that Belceğiz Beach has a slightly colder water than Kumburnu Public Beach.


What to Buy in Fethiye?

Sandik Fethiye

When you go to Fethiye district of Muğla for a trip, you may want to leave memories that can make your loved ones happy. Therefore, “What are the souvenirs that can be bought in Fethiye?” In response to the question, we can offer options such as tea, key chain, cologne, honey and wicker chair. First of all, if you are going to end your Fethiye travel guide with a gift, you should definitely choose tea cologne. Tea cologne is often preferred in Fethiye. In this way, even when you return home, you can feel yourself on the streets of Fethiye again thanks to a fragrant tea cologne. In addition to this, another recommendation will be in the direction of Fethiye Stream. You can consume Fethiye tea, which has gained a reputation for its unique taste and smell, as a brewing method. This tea will not only enchant you with its scent, but will also help your body get rid of toxins. When you want to buy tea as a gift from Fethiye, you can visit the bazaar, market or herbalists.

You can choose anzer and karakovan honey to continue the tour with a souvenir grown in Fethiye lands. Both types of honey, each of which has gained a reputation for its benefits, will help you feel yourself on the streets of Fethiye again with their different combinations of smells and tastes. Finally, you can buy town-themed key chains or magnets to crown your Fethiye trip. You can buy wonderful souvenirs that can be found in the most beautiful corner of your home as a “Fethiye souvenir” from boutique shops such as Sandık Fethiye.


We have come to the end of the guides that we cover a city and district every week in Campalow, with Fethiye travel guide today. In addition to the guide, you can check our "Fethiye campsites" page for activities, services and facilities about the camping areas in Fethiye. You can also take a look at different routes by browsing the "Muğla campsites" page or by reviewing the "26 campsites in Muğla" article we have prepared before. As Campalow, we wish you good luck with your Fethiye travel guide route.

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