Edirne travel guide

In the guide, we talked about special transportation to Edirne, accommodation, activities, beaches, suitable dates, food alternatives and gift options.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-26
Edirne travel guide

When it comes to travel routes, which are indispensable for the summer months, we want to have one foot nearby while getting away from the noise of the city we live in. Edirne is one of the unique routes where we can explore a cultural heritage by being close to the metropolitan city, especially while living in Istanbul. Located in the Thrace skies of the Marmara Region, Edirne is a city neighboring Bulgaria and Greece. The surface area of the city of Edirne, which has 9 districts each more beautiful than the other, reaches approximately 844 km. In the city of Edirne, which served as the capital of the Ottoman Empire for many years, there is also the famous Selimiye Mosque, described by Mimar Sinan as "My Masterpiece". Moreover, you can start a very enjoyable Edirne travel guide with natural and cultural heritages such as the Maritza River and the Ancient City of Ainos. We came to the Edirne stop of the tour guides we organize every week in Campalow with your preferences. In the guide, you can find transportation to Edirne, times to go, kitchen, camping facilities, activity opportunities, entertainment opportunities, beach, souvenirs and much more. Let's evaluate together.


Edirne Travel Guide

How to go to Edirne?

Edirne Transportation

When it comes to the famous Edirne travel guide, which serves as the "gateway to Europe" for Turkey, transportation possibilities are quite curious. “How to get to Edirne?” There are different alternatives for those wondering the question. Edirne has a distance of 2 hours 44 minutes to Istanbul, 6 hours 56 minutes to Izmir, 6 hours 51 minutes to Ankara and approximately 1 and a half hours to Tekirdağ. In this way, you can reach Edirne by using different road alternatives, especially after you set off with a private vehicle. One of the other alternatives to reach the city is public transportation. You can also make your Edirne travel guide with different public transportation alternatives such as road, railway and air.

  • Road transportation to Edirne: You can reach Edirne, which has a distance of approximately 238 kilometers from Istanbul, by bus services. For this, you can use the buses that regularly move from the bus station to Edirne every hour. In the Edirne travel guide, you can easily reach the city from Istanbul, as well as from the bus station of other cities, by using regular flights.
  • Railway transportation to Edirne: Another alternative you can use at the transportation point of the Edirne travel guide is the railway. You can embark on a unique journey between Bulgaria and Istanbul on the train service called Sofia Express. One stop of the said expedition passes through the city of Edirne. Therefore, you can easily choose the train services on your way to Edirne.
  • Air transportation to Edirne: When starting the Edirne travel guide, you should know that airway exists as a method, although there are not many transportation alternatives. There is no airport within the provincial borders of Edirne. The closest airport to the city is Tekirdağ Çorlu Airport. If you want to come from different cities and use your time efficiently at the Edirne transportation point, you can come to Çorlu Airport and continue the remaining 1 and a half hours by road.


In which months to go to Edirne?

Edirne Summer Season (Ergin Guclu)

When the Edirne travel guide comes to life in the minds, the most appropriate time zones to go to get maximum efficiency from the city are also wondered. “When to visit Edirne?” In order to get an answer to the question, first of all, it is necessary to have information about the climatic characteristics of the city. You can also come across the Mediterranean climate breezes in the city of Edirne, which has continental climate characteristics unique to Central Europe. Summer in the city can be hot and dry. In the spring, you are likely to encounter a warm and rainy weather. In Edirne, the highest temperature of the year is measured in July, while the lowest rate belongs to the months of November, December and January. Therefore, to organize an unforgettable summer trip to Edirne, you can prefer hot periods such as June, July and August. However, you can also prefer spring months such as April or May to explore the historical streets to the fullest without being overwhelmed by the summer heat.


What to Eat in Edirne?

Pan Liver (Yemek.com)

Edirne, which occupies a unique place in the pages of history as the capital of the Ottoman Empire, has a unique culinary culture whose reputation spread all over the world. In Edirne, which has hosted different civilizations in history, you can witness a rich food culture where different flavors are blended. From the moment you start the Edirne travel guide, our first suggestion for a delicious choice will be "Frying Pans". Starting from here, Edirne pan liver, whose fame spread all over the world, almost doubles its deliciousness with the meeting of very thinly sliced livers with flour. Therefore, it allows you to taste a taste that you will not forget for a long time for your travel activity. You can eat Edirne's unique delicious chicken liver at the famous Niyazi Usta. Likewise, to make a different choice, you can visit facilities such as the famous Edirne Cigercisi Kazım & İlhan Usta and Aydın Tava Liver Hall.

Another food suggestion that will make the Edirne travel guide delicious will be “Mucantana”. The mucantana, whose adventure comes from the palace kitchens of the Ottoman Empire; It is made with lamb meat, shallots, peeled almonds, dried apricots, razaki grapes, dried damson plums, dried figs and spices. You can consume mucantana, which combines with lamb meat and enhances its taste, in many restaurants of the city. Of course, it is not possible to come to Edirne and return without sweetening the meals. After discovering the famous Edirne cuisine, you can try the "Zerde" dessert to leave a delicious taste on your palate. Zerde dessert, which has gained fame in Edirne cuisine, including in many cities of Turkey, is made with the sweetening of barberry sugar (postpartum sugar) and cloves. We strongly recommend that you try zerde, which is recommended as a delicious and light meal, especially after heavy meals.


Where to Camp in Edirne?

Denizati Campground

After discovering the fascinating natural heritage and historical beauties of the city in the Edirne travel guide, you can look for a comfortable spot where you can relax. At these times, Edirne camping areas will be a valuable stopping point for your travel guide with their comfortable details and advanced service details. Although there are many routes where you can camp in Edirne, our first suggestion for those who prefer a free camp will be the "Seahorse Camping Area". You can spend a valuable camping time with the fascinating view of Saros at the facility located in the Enez district of Edirne. Moreover, there is the opportunity to set up tents for those who cannot give up free camping at the facility. Even if you didn't take a tent with you when you set off for Edirne travel guide, you can stay in the Barrel Type Bungalows or Crate Houses carefully designed by the facility. Many services from the restaurant to the parking lot are offered to the campers at the Denizati Campground. In this way, you can reach a route where you can relax at the end of the sightseeing days.

Another suggestion for campers who want to set foot on a comfortable route after a tiring day of sightseeing in Edirne will be Fevzipaşa Mocamp. Located on the coast of Keşan district and Erikli Village of Edirne, the facility will offer a unique atmosphere for your Edirne travel guide with its regular structure and local breezes. In the Fevzipaşa Mocamp facility, there are bungalow houses that are built as one and two floors and offer all kinds of services. Moreover, there are 10 nomadic tents where you can discover the local and historical inspirations of the city. You can give yourself a comfortable end of the day by choosing the accommodation unit you want for a determined fee. For more information about Edirne campsites, you can also browse the "Karaincirli campsites" content we have prepared before.


What Activities Are Done in Edirne?

Selimiye Mosque (Ekrem Osmanoğlu)

Edirne welcomes visitors from different routes every season of the year, with its unique natural beauty and hosting a deep-rooted history. Therefore, you can have an unforgettable experience at every point you walk for your Edirne travel guide. Moreover, the interesting festivals held in Edirne are enough to cheer up your travel route. One of the activities you can do while looking for alternatives for places to visit in Edirne is "Culture Trip". In the city of Edirne, which has almost defied the years, you can witness the cultural heritages from the Ottoman period and the structures that host a fascinating view. At this point II. You should definitely visit the Selimiye Mosque, which was built by Selim between 1568 and 1575 and regarded as a masterpiece by Mimar Sinan. Selimiye Mosque, which has a minaret height of 85 meters, has a single dome and four minarets. You should definitely see the Edirne Selimiye Mosque, which is almost a historical cultural heritage for Turkey. For a fascinating atmosphere that defies centuries in the texture of the city, you can visit the Meriç Bridge, which was built on the Meriç River.

It is impossible not to see the lush nature of Turkey in the Edirne travel guide and not try physical activities. We strongly recommend you to do "Windsurf" in Edirne, where you can have the chance to swim in a deep blue sea. You can attend windsurf trainings organized by Keşan Municipality Sailing and Water Sports Club in Saros Bay. After receiving the training, you can step into an adventurous activity by providing the equipment. Another activity you can do in the unique atmosphere of Edirne is nature walks. You can go “trekking” on routes that embrace a lush nature such as Gökçetepe Nature Park and Gala Lake National Park. Trekking tours are organized on many routes of Edirne, such as Sultan Yolu Süloğlu - Kavaklı. Before you set off for Edirne travel guide, you can have a pleasant time in nature by getting information about trekking activities.


How is the entertainment life in Edirne?

Punto Bistro and Shot Bar (Nerde.co)

Known as Turkey's gateway to Europe, Edirne has many facilities where you can have fun. In Edirne, where nightlife continues to develop every year, you can come across many bars, nightclubs and taverns. Edirne's entertainment venues, especially located on the coast, will offer a unique experience for your sightseeing route with the entertainment frenzy that does not go out until the first light of the morning. Our first recommendation for those who want to prefer an entertainment venue close to the central point of Edirne will be Punto Bistro Shot Bar. Every year, thousands of guests, mostly young people, visit the entertainment facility, which is approximately 2 km from the city center. You can discover a unique entertainment that lasts until midnight at Punto Bistro Shot Bar with its entertaining music and wide menu selection.

While enjoying the day with a pleasant trip in Edirne travel guide, you may want to spend time for relaxing music in the evening. At this point, Fly Pub comes to you with its quality music understanding and rich menu alternatives. DJ performances by famous artists are exhibited at the facility until the first light of the morning. Therefore, if you want to spend a night with a very high dose of entertainment, you can safely choose the Fly Pub facility. If you want to stay in the city for a few days and fit a different entertainment alternative every night, you can add Queen Edirne to your list. You won't even be able to follow the passage of time in the venue, which organizes different DJ performances almost every night.


Where to go to sea in Edirne?

Edirne Seas (Nihat Sinen Erul)

Considered as the holiday paradise of Marmara, Edirne has unique beach routes where you will discover the texture of a deep blue sea. Moreover, Edirne is one of the main routes you can choose to enjoy the sea-sand-sun trio in a quiet and calm spot. In Edirne, which is home to a long coastline, you have the chance to visit a deep blue texture on popular routes such as Erikli Beach, Yayla Beach, Mecidiye Beach, Gökçetepe Beach, Sultaniçe Beach and Sazlıdere Beach. Our first suggestion for choosing a beach that will add value to your Edirne travel guide will be Erikli Beach. You can catch an atmosphere where you can spend time with your family at Erikli beach, which is at the top of the list of blue flag beaches. You can enjoy a crystal sea that integrates with a sandy ground at Erikli beach, with a coastline of approximately 2.5 km.

Another suggestion for those who are curious about Edirne beaches will be Sultanice Beach. Sultaniçe beach, which is approximately 150 km away from the city center, also has a blue flag feature. The sea of Sultaniçe, which hosts a 1.5 km long beach with sandy and pebble ground, is also shallow. In this way, you can have a pleasant summer activity with your family on the beach. Another suggestion for those who want to make a quiet choice like Sultaniçe beach is Yayla Beach, which also has a blue flag. Yayla Beach, located in the Gulf of Saros, also has a self-cleaning feature. Therefore, if you want to discover a clean and calm sea texture, you can go to Yayla beach. You have the opportunity to participate in many activities such as sports, music and photography at Yayla beach, where there are places such as bars and beaches.


What to Buy in Edirne?

Mirror Broom (Kultur Portali)

“What can I buy from Edirne?” is coming. You can buy products such as Edirne Cheese, Kavala (Almond) Cookies, Almond Butter and Mis Soap to keep the fascinating beauties you discovered in Edirne alive in your home after you return to the city. We strongly recommend that you buy Edirne Cheese in order to keep the reputation of the city spreading across Europe alive in the kitchens. This cheese; It is formed in the delta created by the Meriç, Tunca, Arda and Ergene rivers. Cheese, which is produced from natural yeast and has high nutritional value, has a much more delicious taste than other types. One of the features that distinguishes real Edirne cheese from other types is that it is not made from mixed milk types. In this way, you can make a healthy and delicious choice while consuming the said cheese.

Another suggestion for campers who want to end their Edirne travel guide with an unforgettable souvenir will be a mirrored broom. The mirrored broom, one of Edirne's nostalgic souvenirs, was hung on the outer door of the houses in the past. This was preferred to convey the message that there was a young girl of marriageable age in that house. Therefore, on the way back from Edirne, you can choose a mirrored broom to buy a souvenir from the past. Another product that emerged in the historical texture of the city of Edirne and spread all over the world is Mis Soap. Mis soap, whose history dates back to the 1600s, was obtained by combining musk, amber and rose essences in the Ottoman period to form a paste and dyeing it in fruit colors. You should definitely discover the unique mis soaps of Edirne, which were given as gifts from state officials to sultans in the Ottoman palaces of the period.


We ended up with the content of "Edirne travel guide", which we organize every week in Campalow, specially for the votes you cast. You can filter by district, activity and service by visiting our "Edirne campsites" page to explore the camping facilities in Edirne based on the information you have obtained in the guide. If you want to have a say in our weekly travel guides, you can participate in the surveys we have organized on Instagram. You can evaluate our content named "Istanbul camping areas" or "Roads where you can park a caravan in Istanbul" to set off on a pleasant sightseeing route near Edirne without getting away from the metropolitan texture. We wish you a good time in advance for the Edirne travel guide route that you have planned for a long time.

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