Do you need a caravan license?

In the guide, we examined the license regulations regarding the trailer and evaluated the same issue within the framework of the motorhome.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-24
Do you need a caravan license?

Although it brings to mind a free holiday in terms of caravans theme, there are many issues to be considered during the journey. At the forefront of these issues is the issue of safe driving, especially on the road. A license must be obtained in order to use the caravan freely and to avoid any question marks during the holiday. When the caravan types are involved, the license details of the caravan are confused by the caravan owners. Therefore, interesting topics such as "caravan license" and "motorhome license" arise. In Campalow, the most frequently asked question to clear your questions is “Does a trailer require a license?” We researched the subject. Let's take a look.


Do you need a license for a trailer?

Licensing legislation is also divided into two different windows when it comes to towing caravans. 750 kg according to the determined legislation. No license is required for caravans under weight, ie evaluated in 01 class. However, caravans that exceed 750 kilograms, that is, evaluated in the 02 class, need to issue a license.


Do you need a license for a motorhome?

Motorhome types, which are evaluated in the motor vehicle class, must obtain a license in order to be able to go on the road. People who want to get a motorhome license should first start by having companies draw a project. Then, caravan users are asked to apply to the Turkish Standards Institute with the completed project and modification invoice. When the approval certificate is given by the TSE, the caravan is taken to the Tüv Türk inspection station and the inspection procedures are carried out. Then, the caravan owners have to go to the notary with the inspection certificate and TSE approval certificate and start the license process.


Today in Campalow, “Do you need a trailer license?” We researched the issue of licenses for motorhome types and also touched upon the issue of licenses. If you are wondering about other issues related to caravan regulations, “How many years is the caravan inspection done?” You can browse our content. Likewise, on the subject of license for caravan, "What license is used for caravan types?" You can evaluate our guide. We wish you good luck in advance.

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