Cesme travel guide

We talked about transportation route, food alternatives, accommodation opportunities, gift options and activities in Çeşme travel guide.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-02-05
Cesme travel guide

When the scorching heat of the summer and the fun atmosphere begin to make itself felt, we are pursuing an enjoyable travel route that can offer both. Popular destinations such as the Aegean and the Mediterranean are at the forefront of these routes. Blending the most beautiful shades of Mediterranean, blue and green in nature, it brings it together with its guests. Aegean, on the other hand, meets all the comfort and adventure values you expect from a trip with its fun streets as well as a fascinating nature atmosphere. When it comes to a fun trip in the Aegean lands, the routes turn towards Çeşme district of İzmir. While planning a pleasant trip in Çeşme, which is famous for its touristic opportunities, nightlife and Alaçatı blue, you also have the chance to stay in comfortable camping areas. For this, you can evaluate the guide "15 paid and free campsites in Çeşme" that we have prepared before. Today, we have prepared a special Çeşme travel guide for those who turn their route to İzmir for a pleasant trip. In the guide, we talked about transportation to Çeşme, food alternatives, camping route, activities and gifts. If you are ready, let's move on to the Çeşme travel guide.


Cesme Travel Guide

How to go to Cesme?

Cesme Transportation Map

Çeşme, the indispensable route of İzmir, is located in the western part of the map of Turkey. Located on the left side of the map of regions such as Alaçatı, Ildır, Germiyan, Uzunkuyu and Barbaros, Çeşme district is at a convenient transportation point. When you want to set off from a tiring city like Istanbul and go to the restful lands of Çeşme, you can use a private car as the first alternative. For this, you have to use the O-5 road when you set off from the center of Istanbul. As an alternative to this road, you can also choose the E-881 route on the departure route. While continuing on the aforementioned roads, your journey between Istanbul and Çeşme will take 576 km, ie approximately 5 hours and 26 minutes.
Another alternative to reach Çeşme, which is approximately 85 km from İzmir city center, is public transportation. For this, you can choose intercity bus services from cities such as Istanbul, Izmir or Ankara. In this way, you can get off at Izmir Bus Station and continue the rest of the way with buses to Çeşme. Also, by choosing the airline alternatives in your city, you can get off at Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport and continue the rest of the way to Çeşme.


What to Eat in Çeşme?

Stuffed Mussels (Taylor Friehl)

Cesme, which manages to offer the entertainment and adventure needs you expect from a holiday at the same time, is also one of the popular travel routes. Another feature you will meet in Çeşme is the precious tastes that bring traditional Aegean flavors to Turkish cuisine. When you set foot in Çeşme, we recommend that you consume the precious herbs of the Aegean first. You can visit Roka Garden to experience a delightful meal with seafood alongside delicious Aegean greens. You can have a delicious dinner while exploring the peaceful blue streets of Alaçatı at Roka Bahçe.
When it comes to Çeşme, the favorite of the Aegean, it is certainly not possible to return without eating stuffed mussels. You can try the best mussel flavor you can eat in the vicinity at Seyfi Usta, which serves in his car on the streets of Alaçatı. We can say that delicious mussels will be an ideal night meal, especially after the long fun night life of Alaçatı. Finally, if you want to prefer a light home meal in the evening, you can go to Yusuf Usta Ev Yemekleri. You can find many delicacies such as grilled delicacies, roasted meats, olive oil dishes and salads here.


Where to Camp in Çeşme?

Vadi Alaçatı Otel & Camping

When it comes to İzmir's Çeşme route, you can encounter many camping areas on the coastline where you will discover a deep blue. Our first suggestion for an unforgettable camping experience enriched with artistic details in Çeşme is Salaşk Tent and Caravan Camping Area. The facility can be easily accessed from Izmir city center and surrounding provinces by means of both public transportation and private vehicles. You have the chance to stay with your own tent and caravan in the facility, which is blended with the relaxing colors of nature. In addition, after choosing a comfortable accommodation, you can spare time for a nature walk in the green atmosphere of Çeşme to step into peaceful hours.
Another suggestion among Cesme camping areas will be the Vadi Alaçatı Hotel & Camping facility. Providing service very close to Alaçatı Public Beach, Camping can be reached by private vehicle. For this, you can reach Vadi Alaçatı by following the coastal road for approximately 1.5 km after passing Musalla Bay. There are specially designed wooden boutique rooms with a capacity of 50 people to accommodate guests in the facility. You can find the chance to enjoy a pleasant camp here. In addition, you have the chance to spare time for valuable activities such as open-air cinema, workshop activities and nature walks in the facility. You can take a look at our "26 campsites in Izmir" guide for comprehensive camping areas where you can stay in Çeşme and the surrounding provinces.


What Activities Are Done in Çeşme?

City Tour (Mehmet Uzut)

From the moment you step into Çeşme, where summer sports are frequently held, you can find many enjoyable activities to spend time with. First of all, you can enjoy scuba diving among the blue waters that attract attention with their underwater and surface beauty in Çeşme. If you have not dived before, you can go on this adventurous journey by getting information from experienced instructors. In addition, you can do windsurfing, sailing and kitesurfing in the deep blue depths of Çeşme. You can spare time for adventurous activities such as ATV tour or Gyrocopter for an experience where you can get away from the blue and find adventure in the lands of Çeşme.
Every street of Çeşme, especially Alaçatı, created with a boutique concept, prepares the ground for a cultural tour. Therefore, one of the most valuable activities you can do in Çeşme is a city tour. While getting lost in the blues of Alaçatı, you can travel to a fascinating history like Çeşme Castle. Moreover, you can take a camera with you on your trip to Çeşme to make every city beauty you see immortal.


What to Buy in Çeşme?

Gift Soap (Sevda Liza)

As well as the fascinating beauty of the city, the souvenir culture of Çeşme has the kind of feature that will fascinate you. First of all, you can get delicacies such as mastic jam, gummy Turkish delight, gummy coffee, gummy liqueur and gummy soda for your loved ones from Çeşme, which is famous for its mastic trees. You can also buy foods such as melon, honey, lemon blossom, pistachio jam and figs from the region to bring the summer flavors of Çeşme to your lands. In the boutique streets of Çeşme blended with blue, materials such as magnificent jewelry, ornaments and keychains, which are handcrafted by women, are sold. By purchasing these materials, you can both support women's manual labor and buy an immortal item. Another alternative you can buy in Çeşme is soaps. Soaps made with medicinal plants and herbs are sold on colorful stands accompanied by a magnificent scent. By purchasing these soaps, you can carry the scent of Çeşme to your home for both yourself and your loved ones.


Editor Suggestion

If your heart starts beating with excitement when you say Çeşme district of İzmir, you are from me. The deep blue streets of Çeşme open the doors of an experience that invites peace. Moreover, with the region's easy transportation alternatives and comfortable accommodation opportunities, your Çeşme trip routine starts to become quite enjoyable. You can combine the peace you will find from the moment you step into the town with the comfortable accommodation opportunities of the campsites. For this, you can filter by using the "Cesme campsites" page, which we prepared in Campalow, in the search engine and reach your dream camping route. You can also participate in summer activities where you will discover underwater and surface beauties while staying in campsites usually set up around the sea. We can say that the real life in Çeşme begins in the evening and at night. If you are interested in entertainment, you can spend unforgettable times in the pleasant streets of Alaçatı and find the end of the night with a taste of mussels. If you prefer a quieter trip, you can spend time in boutique cafes or read your favorite book under the stars at the campsite. We wish you a good time in advance for an event you dream of in Çeşme travel guide!

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