Caravan inspection is done every how many years?

In the guide, we evaluated the inspection periods according to the caravan types related to the most curious caravan inspection period.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-22
Caravan inspection is done every how many years?

For those with a motor vehicle, the inspection process can often become a thought provoking one. Especially when it comes to caravans evaluated in the motor vehicle class, caravan inspection procedures are one of the most curious subjects. You must pay attention to the inspection criteria in order to use the caravans on the road without any problems and to prevent possible breakdowns. In Campalow, “How many years does the caravan inspection take place?” We have prepared a special content for the question of the inspection process according to the types of caravans. Let's evaluate together.


Inspection Periods for Caravan

Caravan Inspection Process

There are criteria you should consider before starting a caravan inspection process. For example, if you have converted your vehicle from scratch into a caravan, you need to get TSE approval. After getting TSE approval at the conversion stage of the vehicle, you have to make an appointment with TüvTürk and pay the caravan inspection fee. Especially if you have converted the caravan from scratch, you should definitely get an invoice from the relevant engineering company. After making an appointment with TüvTürk, paying the inspection fee and having the invoice, you can enter the caravan inspection process.


How Many Years Is Caravan Inspection Performed?

According to article 67 of the legislation on motor caravans and caravans, inspection periods for both vehicle types are determined. At this point, the motorhome inspection and the trailer inspection are separated from each other by periods. The situation in the relevant legislation states that “two or three-wheeled vehicles and their trailers must be inspected every 2 years after the first 3 years of age. In addition, all other motor vehicles and their trailer systems must be inspected at the end of the first 1 year and annually thereafter. specified as.

  • Motorcaravan inspection period: According to the legislation determined by the Highway Traffic Regulation, motorhomes are required to undergo regular inspection at TüvTürk every year.
  • Caravan inspection period: Caravans can be called for inspection every year, depending on their type. Although studies on the inspection that should be done every two years continue, there is no definite legislation yet.

“How many years is the caravan inspection done?” we have prepared specifically for the caravan inspection periods. We have come to the end of the content. For the questions you are wondering about the caravan, especially about the license, we prepared before, "What license class is the caravan used with?" you can browse the content. For more comprehensive information about the caravan, our "Caravan accommodation guide" content will help you. We wish you adventurous days for your caravan holiday.



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