Caravan accommodation guide

In the caravan accommodation guide; we touched on the features of the vehicles, the types produced by different companies and the general price ranges.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2022-11-21
Caravan accommodation guide

The indispensable caravan camp of free spirits has been frequently preferred in recent years for its economic dimension and a minimal lifestyle it offers. While camping, you may encounter different possibilities depending on the type and model of the vehicle you have chosen. Moreover, you may not have to compromise on your comfort while reaching a free holiday understanding in caravan types arranged in a way that does not look like home comfort. For the caravan camp, which draws attention with its economic dimension today, when camping has become popular; The origin of the caravan camp, accommodation features, caravan types and caravan rental prices are particularly curious for 2022. If your questions are like this, you can find what you are looking for in the guide we have prepared.


What is Caravan Camp?

You can find living areas such as toilet, bathroom, bedroom and living room in the camper camp, which responds to the vital functions you may need daily. Caravans, which offer the comfort of a portable space, have been used since the 19th century. We can easily say that the caravan camp used for the accommodation of circus workers in the past meets a free standard of living today. We can see that the caravans, whose fame spread all over Europe after being found for the accommodation of the circus staff, are now offered as accommodation or rental opportunities by many camping facilities. Therefore, you can take advantage of the caravan rental facility at the paid camping facilities or take advantage of the caravan parking points.

We see that caravans produced for business needs in the past are very popular today, especially with the benefits of the pandemic. The minimal life, low cost and free camping concept offered by caravans manages to appeal to many holidaymakers. Therefore, if you are interested in caravan camping, you can decide on the types that will meet your needs at the right rate and evaluate the opportunities to rent a caravan or convert your car into a caravan. We have prepared for your questions about the caravan license, "Which license class is used for the caravan?" You can review the guide. You can also take a look at our “Frequently asked questions about caravan camping” guide for general questions about caravan camping.


What are the Caravan Types?

Caravans, which are the focus of adventurous campers who cannot restrain their free spirit during their camping holiday, are also divided into different types. Although there are many caravan models produced in different models in the world, popular caravan types are examined in 5 different categories today. You can start your journey by choosing any of the caravan, motorhome, converted camper, pick-up caravan and small teardrop caravan types according to their models.

  • Motorhome: Models that do not require a motor vehicle and can be used as a whole by themselves are called “motorhomes”. The most advantageous feature that distinguishes the motorhomes that you can travel in while traveling from other models is that they can move freely without the need for a motor vehicle. We can say that it can accompany your camping routines for a long time as long as you pay attention to the year of manufacture and engine characteristics when choosing the caravans in question.
  • Caravan: Models that are attached to the back of a motor vehicle and that you cannot be in during the travel period are called “caravans”. The most advantageous feature that distinguishes caravans from other models is that they are like an independent house model, since they do not require a fixed motor vehicle. Thanks to the distinctive feature of trailer trailers, you can take the trailer to the desired route with any motor vehicle. However, we should also say that you may experience difficulties while using it due to its limited maneuverability.
  • Converted Caravan (Camper): It is the name given to caravans that have been converted from vehicle types such as a converted caravan, camper, panel van or minibus. There are two kinds of positive and negative features that these caravans offer to the user. First of all, you can find the features for your dream caravan in these caravan models, as they are designed according to a personal style. However, camper models converted from a vehicle to a caravan model may not meet your needs in terms of insulation. At this point, you can have a converted caravan model that can meet your needs correctly and adequately by getting support.
Caravan Types
  • Pick-up Caravan: Caravan models that can be installed towards the rear of the vehicle are called “Pick-up”. We can say that pick-up caravans are distinguished from other models with the car behind the vehicle, load source or caravan feature that they offer to the user. While choosing pick-up caravan models that show very functional features at the point of use, you should also take care that the rear section does not exceed the size of the chassis.
  • Small Teardrop Caravan: The cute look of small teardrop caravans that you can safely choose for weekend trips is enough to attract campers. Small teardrop trailers, which you can easily include in your weekend plans with their useful features, are also quite affordable compared to others. Unfortunately, there are no toilets in the small teardrop caravans that promise a comfortable camping experience with their small size. There are minimal facilities such as closets, refrigerators and sinks in the caravans in question. You also do not need to issue a separate license for small teardrop caravans as they weigh under 750 kilos.
Caravan Types - 2

Caravan models are divided into 5 main categories, which differ from each other in terms of structural features, usage and interior decoration models. From the caravan types we have listed, you can choose motorhomes for long-term trips, converted caravans for short-term trips and small teardrop caravan models for weekend plans. After choosing the most suitable model for your dream caravan type, you can enjoy a free caravan for many years, taking into account its structural and technical features.


What are the Caravan Features?

Caravan Features

You can have a very comfortable holiday as you will not have difficulties such as finding a place to stay in the caravan camp, which is the popular choice of recent times. In addition, with its interior decoration features and minimal structure, you can stay anywhere in nature with your own caravan. Caravan features, which offer many advantages in terms of production and design features, are listed as comfortable, evoking minimal life, compatible with nature, free and caring for personal space.

  • Comfort: You may encounter different possibilities in interior decoration according to different types of caravans. We can say that you can find the comfort you have found at home in caravans that call for a minimal life, with a more reasonable price and conditions. In addition, if you enjoy small spaces and want to have every need at hand, you can easily find the comfort features you are looking for in the camper camp.
  • Minimal Life: Caravans invite a minimal life with their structural features and interior decoration items. While living in a caravan, you can adapt to a more minimal life by escaping from the hustle and bustle of daily life, the tiredness of big houses and the chaos of the city. You can meet most of your expectations by paying a much more reasonable price, especially in caravans where you can find the comfort of a hotel room as well as home facilities from time to time.
  • Compatible with Nature: It is produced in a safe and sheltered way so that you can live in caravans due to its structure. Therefore, you can make a safe caravan stay both in the middle of the city and in nature. We also recommend that you evaluate the specially created chemical waste points to respect the miracles of nature when using a caravan.
  • Freedom: The most important reason why caravan drivers prefer this lifestyle is undoubtedly the expectation of “freedom”. When you own a caravan, you can freely go anywhere you want, stay in countless areas and move your living space to every point. Especially thanks to the "freedom" theme, we can mention that the caravan camp is a much more comfortable choice than the tent camp.
  • Respecting Personal Space: You can spend time, sleep or do your business in your own personal space while staying in the trailer. From the moment you close the door, the trailer will become a living space rather than an experience for you.


Current Caravan Price Comparison

Today, you can buy the caravans that meet your expectations at the right rate, or you can take advantage of the caravan rental opportunities. In the caravan accommodation guide, we have separately mentioned both the rental and purchase rates for 2022 for you. You can have the free caravan experience you've been dreaming of by browsing the current price lists.


Nightly Caravan Rental Price 2022

Nightly Caravan Rental Price

Sile Orman Caravan and Darni Caravan models built on a trailer caravan, one of the accommodation units of Sahil Kamp Istanbul, have different price balances according to the features and services they offer.

  • In Şile Orman Caravan, you can rent services such as beds, pillows, duvets, stoves, showers, mini fridges and clean towels for 1000 TL per night.
  • In Darni Caravan, you can rent facilities such as patio, bed, pillow, quilt, table, chair, sitting group, shower, WC, fresh towels, mini fridge, barbecue area and garden for 1200 TL per night, including breakfast.


Second Hand Caravan Prices 2022

Second Hand Caravan Prices

According to the price information obtained from second-hand sales sites, the most popular motorhome models of the last period have different price balances according to the year of manufacture, brand and mileage.

  • According to the motorhome purchase price information, you can buy a 2011 Fiat model second hand caravan for 630,000 TL.
  • In the same way, you can buy a 2004 Mercedes-Benz model second hand caravan for a price of 295,000 TL, while you can pay 2,100,000 TL for a 2015 second hand Mercedes Benz motorhome.


Nightly Caravan Parking Area Prices 2022

Nightly Caravan Parking Area Prices

Nightly caravan parking area prices may vary according to the features and services of the facility.

  • You can park your caravan for 150 TL per night at Sahil Kamp Istanbul Caravan Park.
  • You can stay with your caravan at Cesme Cennet Vadisi Tent Campground & Bungalow facility for 250 TL per night.
  • At Adrasan Kubaba Camping / Tent & Caravan facility, you can benefit from the caravan parking area for 300 TL per night.

If you are looking for suitable routes where you can park your caravan after the guide we have prepared as Campalow, you can evaluate our page named "Caravan Parking Area Campgrounds". You can also take a look at the "Caravan Parking Areas" guide to take advantage of the caravan rental opportunities. We wish you a good time in advance.

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