Canakkale travel guide

We talked about transportation route, food alternatives, accommodation opportunities, gift options and activities in the Çanakkale travel guide.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-01-28
Canakkale travel guide

On a wide route from the west to the east of Turkey, there is a history full of pure nature and culture that you will admire at first breath. Çanakkale is one of the unique routes where you can enjoy the summer camp while you want to find both together. You can create an unforgettable travel route where you can leave behind the stress you have accumulated throughout the year in Çanakkale, which is blended with the fascinating texture of both Marmara and Aegean. Moreover, you can make your trip full of adventure and pleasure by examining the routes of Çanakkale campsites, each more comfortable than the other. We have prepared a Çanakkale travel guide for the Çanakkale region, which brings adventure-loving holidaymakers together with both cultural accumulation and fun activities. In the guide, we talked about transportation details to Çanakkale, food alternatives, camping facility routes, activity opportunities and gift ideas. If you are ready, let's take a look at the Çanakkale travel guide together.


Canakkale Travel Guide

How to go to Çanakkale?

Çanakkale Map Information (Canakkale-Istanbul)

Çanakkale located in the western part of Turkey map; It has a convenient location surrounded by popular routes such as Bursa, Balikesir, Akhisar, Manisa and Izmir. Therefore, you can benefit from easy transportation when coming to Çanakkale from the surrounding provinces. When you choose Çanakkale for a sightseeing route from a crowded life center like Istanbul, you have to continue on a road of 308 km, approximately 3 hours and 50 minutes. For this, there are two different road alternatives you can use when you set off from the center of Istanbul. If you wish, you can go at this point via the E84 and Malkara-Çanakkale Highway/O-6 where there are tolls, or via the Northern Marmara Highway.

If you prefer public transportation instead of private vehicles for your Çanakkale trip, you can choose bus, ferry or plane services. To use the bus, you can use the shuttles departing from the city's bus terminal to Çanakkale. You can also prefer fast ferries when coming from cities such as Istanbul that enable sea transportation. Finally, if you prefer a luxury transportation, you can choose the plane and come to Çanakkale Airport comfortably.


What to Eat in Çanakkale?

Ogmac Soup (Image: Alamy)

In your Çanakkale travel guide, which has its share of the precious lands of both Asia and Europe, you can get to know unique tastes as well as cultural discoveries. Oğmaç Soup is one of the first flavors you should try as soon as you step into Çanakkale. The soup, which is made with ingredients such as flour, eggs, salt, onions and tomato paste, is frequently preferred in winter months due to its medicinal properties. You can definitely find Oğmaç Soup, which has become a symbol of the city as a healing store, on the menu of every soup restaurant you see.

Metez is another of the flavors where you can experience the privilege of taste in Çanakkale. Metez, which is found in the cuisines of many regions and is usually made with cheese; It is made exclusively with ground beef in Çanakkale cuisine. Metez, which is stuffed with main ingredients such as flour, onion, egg and tomato paste, is filled into the dough and closed in a half moon shape. We recommend you to eat this dish, which doubles its taste with a tomato paste sauce, at Hasan Tefik Restaurant, the famous business of Bozcaada.

Salted Sardines are among the most difficult dishes of Çanakkale, where you will feel special at every step with the smell of culture in its soil. This dish, which is made as a result of salting the sardines for weeks, is among the famous tastes of the region with its unique cooking method. You can visit Yalova Restaurant, one of the famous food routes of the region, to experience the most delicious version of Salted Sardines.


Where to Camp in Çanakkale?

Cuppa Beach & Glamping

With popular camping routes such as Ayvacık, Gökçeada and Bozcaada, your Çanakkale travel guide includes many routes where you can go on an adventurous camping trip. You also have the chance to enjoy a deep blue sea while staying in facilities that have been developed with comprehensive service opportunities and have comfortable accommodation units. If you want to camp in Çanakkale, you can check out our guide called Assos campsites, which we have prepared regionally. If you want to meet with more than one accommodation opportunity while enjoying the sea on Ayvacık beaches, you can choose Cuppa Beach & Glamping facility. You can stay with your own tent in the facility, or you can choose glamping and dom tents. In addition, you can taste rich local dishes in the restaurant of the property, as well as create your own special tastes in the communal kitchen. To evaluate different routes while camping in Çanakkale, you can take a look at the guides called Gökçeada campsites or Bozcaada campsites that we have researched before.

Another special recommendation for those who want to be enchanted by the pure oxygen of nature in Çanakkale will be the Gökçeada Surf Inn facility. You can spare plenty of time for summer activities such as kitesurfing and scuba diving, and there is a chance to stay in tents, bungalows and caravans. In addition, you can take advantage of the parking opportunity by entering the facility with your own caravan, or you can take advantage of the rental opportunity. Whatever your preference, while camping in Çanakkale, you can experience a comfortable accommodation as well as a fascinating nature atmosphere.


What Activities Are Done in Çanakkale?

Wind Surf (Gokceada Surf Inn)

Çanakkale is one of the cities that should definitely be preferred on the travel route with its cultural activities and summer activities. Cultural events such as the Golden Sardine Festival and the Troy Festival are regularly held in Çanakkale. In this way, you can have fun while having the opportunity to discover the cultural heritage of a city. To discover a cultural history of Çanakkale, it is enough to visit the old streets and see the structures that witness a historical heritage. You can also immortalize every heritage you see on this cultural trip by photographing it.

Other activities where you can integrate with nature in Çanakkale are trekking, shipwreck diving, boat and bicycle tours. You can also do Wind Surf activity in Çanakkale, which is in a very convenient location for the wind. There are many surfing schools in Çanakkale for those who want to experience windsurfing. During your trip, you can join a surfing adventure by getting information from the school.


What to Buy in Çanakkale?

Magnet (Image: Murat Karahan)

Among the souvenirs you can buy from Çanakkale are items that reflect the cultural heritage of the city. To buy gifts from Çanakkale, you can go to Aynalı Çarşı in the center and take a look at the objects symbolizing the Battle of Çanakkale. You can also evaluate Trojan Horse icons and keychains representing the city. While visiting the Bozcaada region of Çanakkale, one of the souvenirs you should definitely take a look at is handmade products. There are many ceramic shops in Bozcaada where handmade ceramics are exhibited. You can leave unforgettable memories representing Çanakkale to your loved ones by purchasing the objects you like here.

When we say souvenirs that represent a city, it is necessary to mention the delicious tastes. Ezine cheese, cheese halva, poppy sherbet, tomato jam and sherbet are the unique flavors you can buy for your loved ones while visiting Çanakkale. You can safely store the delicious cheese, which has become famous especially in the Ezine region of Çanakkale, in special cooler bags and present it to your loved ones. You should not return from Çanakkale without buying Ezine cheese made from sheep, cow and goat milk.


Editor Suggestion

While we have lost our heart to Çanakkale in the Western region of Turkey, I would like to end the Çanakkale travel guide with a few suggestions. From the moment you step into Çanakkale, you can witness lush nature and a cultural heritage from ancient times at every point you turn your face. You can meet the first hours of the day with a sea view in a fascinating city. Later in the day, you can visit the center and try popular soups or snacks. In the evening, you can find the chance to experience the special tastes of Çanakkale in luxurious restaurants. While leaving the day behind, you can sing under the stars, read your favorite book or enjoy sleeping in nature in a comfortable campsite where you stay. You can also evaluate our "9 glamping facilities in Assos" guide, which we have prepared before, for a luxury accommodation preference where you can feel the comfort of home in the Çanakkale region. As we come to the end of the Çanakkale travel guide, we wish you a good time in advance for your pleasant journey.

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