Can a caravan be parked on the side of the road?

In the guide, we talked about the rules of caravan parking on the roadside and caravan parking routes where you can park safely.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-01-09
Can a caravan be parked on the side of the road?

The travels of those who prefer a free caravan holiday in camping usually do not stop. Campers can also get the chance to camp in different parts of the country while visiting that city, this city is yours, this city is mine. Moreover, the caravan parking areas and long streets of different cities can become a holiday route for them. If you see free camping experiences as an indispensable passion, you can evaluate our "Caravan accommodation guide" to make your job easier. At this point, of course, some questions arise that confuse campers. In the past, parking caravans on the side of the road, especially in holiday resorts, was not subject to any penalty. However, a few months ago, the issue of roadside parking started to become interesting due to the obstacles placed on caravans by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. Today in Campalow, “Is the caravan parked by the roadside?” We searched for possible punishment methods by answering the question. Let's evaluate together.


Is it illegal to park a caravan on the side of the road?

Regions such as Antalya and İzmir, where the summer season is at its peak, can be a frequent destination for campers. Moreover, when you visit these routes during the peak times of summer, you can see a small caravan parked on every curb. At this point, the issue of caravan parking on the side of the road becomes an issue that confuses caravan owners as much as we do. In recent years, there have been no sweeping or strict bans on roadside caravan parking. However, due to the increase in the number of caravans and the crowded summer resorts, some measures have been taken by the municipalities recently.

One of the last of these measures was taken by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality. The municipality collected the complaints about the increasing traffic density in the Konyaaltı region. Thereupon, the municipality took action on the prohibition of caravan parking on streets and streets by creating a caravan park. So much so that in the last summer season, the caravans were parked on the 11 km Konyaaltı coastline so that they would not be empty. There were even those who stayed with their own buses and minibuses instead of caravans. Upon this situation, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality sent a proposal by the Department of Real Estate and Expropriation to be included in the agenda of the Metropolitan Municipality Council in June. Then, as a result of the voting held under the chairmanship of Muhittin Insect, the bill was accepted.

Therefore, as a result of the complaints, special caravan parking areas were organized for holidaymakers to park caravans. Although there is no strict ban on parking the caravan on the side of the road on many routes of the country, especially the summer destinations, it can be seen that this situation sometimes negatively affects the traffic. We recommend that you make your caravan park at the municipality's private parking points and camping facilities, although the situation in question turns into a penalty possibility by activating the municipality authorities.


Where is the caravan parked?

Regardless of summer or winter, when the holiday season comes, the caravan drivers ask, "Can the caravan be parked where you want?" such questions can be asked. First of all, as we mentioned before, when you park your caravan on the side of the road, you may be exposed to the possibility of being removed, which may vary according to the municipality. There are two different routes where you can park the caravan in order not to be exposed to such situations on a holiday journey you take carefully. First, you can safely leave your personal caravan in the private caravan parking area created by the city municipalities. In addition, for a safe caravan parking spot, you can choose the sections reserved for this in special camping facilities. Campalow's "Caravan parking area campgrounds" list will help you with this choice.
As Campalow, we have discussed the curious park issue for your caravan camp. We wish you a good time in your camping routines, see you in our next article!

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