Amasra paid campsites

We talked about the contact information, accommodation, service and activity opportunities of Amasra paid campgrounds.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-10
Amasra paid campsites

Although every corner of Turkey reminds of a different paradise, the Black Sea has a special place. There is a fascinating heritage in every city of the Black Sea Region, which is covered with a lush nature cover. No matter where you turn your face in the Black Sea, Bartın is one of the routes where you will encounter a unique beauty. Thanks to the oxygen rate you discover in Bartın, which is adjacent to the districts of Zonguldak, Kastamonu and Karabük, you can feel more vigorous than ever before. Amasra is one of the regions that managed to become one of the unique beauties of Bartın by getting its share from the healing oxygen of the Black Sea. The city of Amasra, located in the Western Black Sea; it manages to be the center of attention with its tiny streets, unique nature and original restaurants. Moreover, another interesting feature of Amasra is the Amasra campgrounds, which take your holiday to the next level with its service and accommodation comfort. You can meet with various accommodation alternatives in the distinguished camping areas of Amasra city, and you can feel yourself at home thanks to the service opportunities that are always developed. For our comfortable camping areas route, we have prepared the content of Çıralı paid camping areas recently. Today we turned our route to the Black Sea and asked "Where to camp in Amasra?" We tried to find alternative solutions to the question. Let's evaluate together.


Amasra Paid Campgrounds

1- Yakamoz Camping - Amasra

Yakamoz Camping

What are the accommodation fees at the facility?

The accommodation fees of Yakamoz Camping, which provides service in Amasra, may vary during the summer season when it is active. Therefore, you can contact us through the contact addresses to learn the current price information for the period you visited the facility.

How is transportation and communication provided?

There are private vehicles and Çakraz minibuses at the transportation point to Yakamoz Camping, which is located in the Amasra region of Bartın. You can use Çakraz minibuses when coming to the facility. Apart from these minibus services, there is no alternative public transportation that you can come to the facility. In addition, you can choose private vehicles at the point of arrival at the facility. After entering Yakamoz Camping with a private vehicle, you can take advantage of the parking facility, which is included in the accommodation fee.

  • Phone: 0 545 415 48 99
  • Website:

What types of accommodation are available?

  • Tent accommodation
  • tent rental
  • caravan parking area
  • apart rooms

What services are available?

  • Freezer
  • Hot water
  • Restaurant
  • Beach
  • Firewood

What activities can be done?

  • Swimming (sea)
  • Trekking
  • Gezi
  • Culture
  • Dive

Click for detailed information about Yakamoz Camping


We have come to the end of the Amasra campsites guide, which we have prepared specially for a holiday where you can feel physically and spiritually vigorous. Apart from the facilities in the list, you can do a comprehensive filtering of cities, services and activities on our “Campgrounds” page to shift your route to another region and browse through different campsites. For those who cannot tear their hearts away from the Mediterranean, we recommend our Antalya campsites and Olympos campsites guides. Specially for those who can't give up the Aegean, our Izmir campsites or Muğla campsites guides will provide comprehensive facility information. We wish you a good time in advance for a camping holiday where you will discover the healing atmosphere of the Black Sea.

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