Adrasan travel guide

In our Adrasan travel guide, we talked about transportation route to the region, food alternatives, accommodation opportunities, gift options and activities.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-01-16
Adrasan travel guide

Is there a word to describe the peace we experience when the waves of the deep blue sea hit the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean? In our opinion, the sentence that best describes this feeling integrates with the words Mediterranean and camp. While on a camping holiday by the fascinating seaside of the Mediterranean, you can get rid of the stress and troubles you have been exposed to throughout the year in a very short time. When the Mediterranean is mentioned, Antalya's Adrasan district is one of the indispensable routes of campers. Adrasan manages to fascinate everyone who sees it with its majestic mountains reaching up to the sky and its fascinating nature. Therefore, it is possible to encounter a density that starts from the coastline and extends to the camping areas, especially during the summer season, and comes to life in the central region. As Campalow, our travel guides stop in Adrasan today and share our experiences with you about the meals you can eat while camping in the region, transportation route, accommodation opportunities and activities. If you're ready, let's start.


Adrasan Travel Guide

How to go to Adrasan?

Image: Raimond Klavins

The fascinating Adrasan region is located on the west side of Antalya. Surrounded by popular towns such as Finike, Demre, Tekirova, Camyuva and Kemer, Adrasan has a distance of 87.5 km, ie 1 hour and 18 minutes, to the city center of Antalya. When you set off with a private car from Antalya city center, you can continue on the D400. Even if your preference will be for public transportation instead of private vehicles, you can use the vehicles that go to Adrasan from Antalya Intercity Bus Terminal. When you set off from Istanbul to come to Adrasan, you can come via the D650 road. In this case, you need to travel approximately 773 km, ie 9 hours. After arriving in Antalya, you can continue the rest of the way by following the maps. It takes 10 hours and 45 minutes to get to Antalya by public transport from Istanbul. Therefore, you can first go to Antalya and continue the rest of the way in approximately 1 hour by bus or taxi.


What to Eat in Adrasan?

Image: Raimond Klavins

Of course, it is impossible not to come to Adrasan and experience the local delicacies. From the moment you set foot in Adrasan, you can encounter the healthy and rich green cuisine of the Mediterranean. You can find the opportunity to try delicious salads and vegetable dishes made with Mediterranean greens in many restaurants along the way. In addition, you should not return without trying the local production of tulum cheese, fresh village eggs and butter. While camping in Adrasan, you can enjoy a delicious breakfast with the first lights of the day. In Adrasan, you can enjoy organic products and healthy Mediterranean greens during breakfast as a privilege. For a sweet alternative for the rest of the day, you should definitely try the local flavor, cherry bread kadayif. When the sun goes down and evening comes, you can choose Arikanda River Garden Restaurant, the indispensable route of tourists, to have your meal accompanied by a fascinating view. If you prefer a snack instead of a large meal, you can go to the Chill House Lounge, which contributes to your peace with its soft air.


Where to Camp in Adrasan?

Adrasan Kubaba Camping / Çadır & Karavan

When you step into the city of Adrasan, you can come across comfortable areas where you can camp in almost every corner. If you want to make both tent and caravan camping without getting away from a deep blue sea, you can choose Adrasan Kubaba Camping / Tent & Caravan facility. The facility is approximately 10 minutes away from the town center of Adrasan. Therefore, you can reach the campsite from the center in a short time. While staying at the facility, you can also benefit from the common kitchen facilities for your needs such as eating and drinking. If you do not want to make an effort to eat, you can try the delicious snacks of the buffet or organize a pleasant barbecue evening. If you want to make a more luxurious choice instead of tents and caravans while camping in Adrasan, you can go to Evergreen Glamping. You can enjoy your stay in the comfortable glamping houses, which have been created with a special design outside the standards of the facility. Moreover, you have the chance to experience delicious grill varieties in the restaurant of the facility. You can evaluate our guide "54 paid and free campsites in Adrasan", which we have prepared before, to take a look at other facilities where you can camp in Adrasan.


What Activities Are Done in Adrasan?

Adrasan Boat Tour

Adrasan, the fascinating route of the Mediterranean, offers enjoyable activity opportunities where you can feel very good both physically and mentally. Of course, it is not possible to go to a unique paradise where green and blue meet and stay behind from a walk. If you are looking for an activity that you can do for yourself in Adrasan, our first suggestion would be trekking. While on a camping holiday in Adrasan, which is blended with the fascinating beauties of history and nature, you can go on a trekking tour where you will discover a very deep-rooted history based on the past. You can also take photos to immortalize what you see during this activity. Another popular activity you can do in Adrasan is boat tours. By choosing a tour company according to its route along the coastline, you can go on a boat tour where you will discover fascinating routes such as Suluada, Genoese and Sazak Bay. Even if you prefer a more exciting activity that will appeal to your sense of adventure, we definitely recommend you to experience paragliding.

Image: Nafi Durmuş


What to Buy from Adrasan?

Image: Raimond Klavins

Even if it is a small trip, we want to save a few moments that will make our loved ones happy when we change cities. When you go to Adrasan, if you want to buy a popular souvenir of the city and present it to your loved ones, we definitely recommend you to take a look at the center. In the center of Adrasan, you can find clothes made by hand or appealing to a certain style in authentic shops and hammers. Although the things you will buy from the city are mostly about food, you should visit Kumluca or Kemer Market. In these regions, you can buy medicinal plants or herbs grown by the local people in wet and dry form.


Editor Suggestion

As someone who has seen Adrasan and had the opportunity to camp a short time ago, I can say that this region is the right route for summer vacation. I can say that no matter where you camp in Adrasan, you can witness fun streets, a deep-rooted history, a fascinating nature and the unique peace of the Mediterranean. When we went to Adrasan, we set up our own tents in a paid facility. When it was time to eat, we sometimes prepared it ourselves in the common kitchen, and sometimes we preferred restaurants or buffets in the center. The most enjoyable time of the day for me was at night. In the Adrasan region, the stars appear very close and brightly. When night falls, we can say that many things will not give you the pleasure of going to the beach with your friends and turning on your soft music and chatting under the stars. In our Adrasan camping tour, the most disturbing thing for me was the direct sunlight on the tent. For this reason, I recommend that you set up your tent in a shaded area to avoid the same problem. Have a nice trip ahead!

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