7 essential items for a summer camper vacation

In the guide, we talked about the life-saving items that you should definitely put in your equipment bag when you set off for a caravan vacation in the summer.

Elif Aksüt
Elif Aksüt 2023-03-07
7 essential items for a summer camper vacation

Although the first glance may seem positive in a summer season when we meet the warm face of the sun, intense heat can cause many negativities. For example, when you are traveling with a caravan, you may have a hard time driving the vehicle at the point where you do not buy sunglasses. Likewise, forgetting a coolant at home means that you will drink your beverages very hot. Therefore, you should check your equipment bag at least twice according to the preparation list when you are on your way to the camper holiday in the summer. In general, "What are the necessary materials in the summer caravan camp?" We listed it in the guide. Today, we have compiled a list of vital equipment that you should pack first when embarking on a summer camper trip. We recommend that you pay attention to the steps we have listed against the burning heat of summer. Tell us.


What are the materials that should be in the caravan in the summer?

1- Portable Fan

Portable fan is one of the saviors to protect from the scorching summer heat in the caravan. Portable fans are very easy to carry and simple to use. Therefore, you can get help from the portable fan while you are at work or while watching your movie while lying on the bed. The portable fan is usually produced in a rechargeable way with the help of USB. Thus, you can enjoy the freshness all day long by charging the portable fan in the evening.


2- Sunglasses

Although the warmth of the sun may seem tempting for a summer vacation, its rays can reach an uncomfortable level. Especially when using the caravan, you may be exposed to difficulties due to the direct sun hitting your eyes. For this, we recommend that you have a pair of sunglasses in your bag. In addition, when you pull your camping chair in front of the landscape, you can wear your glasses and enjoy a postcard view more comfortably.


3- Thermos

We know that an ice-cold drink can feel like medicine when you are overwhelmed by the heat in the camper in the summer. Therefore, we want to have access to cold drinks whenever we need it, even when traveling by caravan in the summer. At this point, thermos is one of our life savers. Thanks to the thermoses that prevent the contact of the drink with the outside air, thanks to its advanced interior design, you can keep the coldness of your drink for hours or even days.


4- Solar Shower

The structure of our trailer can expose us to question marks about many of the subjects we dream of. For example, due to problems such as not having a shower in the caravan, we may find ourselves among negative thoughts at the point of setting off for the summer vacation. Solar shower is one of the saviors of this situation. The solar shower ensures that the water placed in it is heated by contact with the sun's rays. In this way, you can get rid of your question marks by using the solar shower with a water carrying capacity of up to 20 liters.


5- Camping Chair

A camping chair is one of the items that will double your holiday pleasure, even if it is not mandatory in the camper camp in the summer. Thanks to its folding structure, you can use its chairs, which occupy a reasonable place in the caravan, at any time of the holiday. Whether you want to sunbathe in front of the caravan with the first rays of the sun, or enjoy the view in front of a view you see. You can make a comfortable and enjoyable choice at any point where you keep the camping chair.


6- Suntan cream

Whether your camp is with a caravan or not, you must have sunscreen to protect yourself from sunburns in summer. Otherwise, the sun's rays hitting your body directly may cause local burns and cause your holiday to be interrupted. At this point, you can apply sunscreen especially to the face area in the morning before leaving the caravan. As a bonus material, you can carry a burn cream with you to instantly intervene against sudden sunburns.


7- Map

Routes can change abruptly on a caravan trip where we don't look back even for a moment. While the target we set is İzmir, we can suddenly find ourselves in the heart of Balıkesir. Therefore, you can keep a map with you to adapt to sudden route changes and to see the roads you will go on more clearly. Moreover, you can turn the map into a visual feast by marking the routes you go at the end of the journey. Free camping demands it too!


We have come to the end of our guide, where we include the materials you need to put in your bag when you go on a summer caravan trip in Campalow. You can evaluate our “Caravan parking area” contents for popular routes where you can park while you are on your way to the camper camp in the summer. In addition, you can take a look at the guide titled “5 steps to follow when going on a sea vacation with a caravan”, which we have prepared for the choices that will carry the quality of your caravan camp to the next level. Have fun in advance!

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