10 essentials for a true camping experience

You want to experience camping. But if you don't know what steps to take, this article is for you!

Ergin Çelik
Ergin Çelik 2021-12-01
10 essentials for a true camping experience

You have decided to camp, but you do not have the knowledge and experience. For this, it will be designed in an inconvenient and inexpensive way to suit you for camping. Otherwise, there will be a product that you will never use again. Improve your bundling like this, this post is for you! It can be listed for those who want to be equipped with the following equipment and are not used in the equipped buler attempt. To have a real camping day, we suggest you take a look at the list before preparing your bag!

1. Tent

Camping tent

You can rent the tent for a short time. But this; It will cause you to skip the experiences such as setting up a hammer, collecting, fixing, attaching and removing hooks, positioning the tent on a flat place, hammering the hooks into the ground with a stone without a hammer. These experiences constitute the important thrills of camping. Going camping with our own tent is necessary to experience the excitement in question. Since the subject of tent selection has a very large pool of information, we cannot go into details. But we can give you a few wildcards. If possible, consider the tent as n+1 and if possible, have a higher interior height. So you can easily change your clothes inside. In addition, the tent you buy must be resistant to rain and wind. Thus, even in cold winter conditions, you can achieve the camping experience you have dreamed of.

2.Sleeping bag

sleeping bag
Sleeping bag

You can also sleep in the tent with an air mattress and blanket. But if you want a good experience, you can sleep without moving until the morning (if the weather is not too hot) with a sleeping bag on an inflatable mat. You can sleep on an inflatable mattress with a sleeping bag if you want. Moreover, you can take a look at the category of double sleeping bags.

3.Mat / Inflatable mattress


It is very important that you do not lie directly on the ground during the night you will spend in the tent. So you can eliminate the annoying size of the floor. That's why you should include either a mat (inflatable mats are also available) or air mattresses in the bill of materials. Do not forget that, although it is difficult to provide home comfort in the camping area, it is necessary to prevent situations that will harm your health.

4.Camp chair

camp chair
Camping chair

One of the elements that makes a camping holiday with your friends or alone is enjoyable. At this point, you can't sit on a stone by the campfire while having a pleasant evening. You can get a camping chair to eliminate the discomfort of the stone. When making your choice, look for a model with lumbar support and a cup holder, if possible. The camping chair should be easily portable because the places where you will put your chair are usually places that your vehicle cannot enter. If you are going to the camp by public transport, an easy-to-carry chair will save your life. Tell us!

5. Head lamp

head lamp
Head Lamp

It is generally considered that a headlamp is not necessary by those with no previous camping experience. But in the first camp, this thought disappears and it becomes clear how necessary a headlamp is. The head lamp is very useful both around the tent and when you go for a night walk. “The phone has a light, I use it!” you shouldn't say. At this point, you may find yourself in a difficult situation when your phone's battery is low or when you need to use your hands.

6. camping lamp

camp lamp
Camping Lamp

You don't just go inside the tent to sleep. Tent lamps provide dim light inside the tent (3-stage lamps are available) and can be used for ambient lighting outside.



A campfire is essential for an enjoyable camping experience. Although there have been some restrictions on making fires in campsites recently, at least a campfire can be lit over a forest fireplace or barbecue. The campfire you light should be controlled and make sure it goes out when you leave the area.

8.Hot water

camp stove
Hot water

You should have a camping kettle with you to heat water for tea and coffee. By heating water on fire or tube; You can drink tea and coffee. Drinking hot tea with friends and family around the campfire; It will both enrich your camping experience and increase your enjoyment.

9.Night walk

Night walk
Night walk

It will be very enjoyable for you to put on your head lamps and experience the regions you discover in the morning by taking a walk at night. If there is not much light around and the weather is clear, turn off your lights and experience what the stars in the sky look like in a dark environment. Thus, you can see more and more bright stars than you can see in the city.

10.Morning walk

Morning walk
Morning walk

You will probably wake up early on the morning of the first night. Come out of the tent and inhale the scent of the trees and the soil. Thus, you will hear smells and sounds that you cannot hear in the city. Depending on the camping area you are in, your experience will be much more enjoyable if there is a stream, lake or sea around. Especially if you are in a camping area by the sea, the sound of the waves is incredibly impressive.

The list above has the minimum requirements. Except those; You can also enrich your camping experience with many additional activities such as taking a nap in a hammock, swinging and cutting the dried trees around with a saw, swimming in a stream or in the sea.

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